Texas Santa Claus Killer Was a Muslim

I wondered about this story because it had seemed so bizarre: Somebody dressed as Santa Claus killed his entire family on Christmas.  Now comes the awful disclosure: The killer was a Muslim man, and this was apparently an “honor killing” in which he murdered his estranged wife and disobedient 19yo daughter, along with other family members, before killing himself.  Police aren’t discussing motives, but the investigative reporting seems to reveal one anyway.

There’s really little else to say about this tragic story.  Draw what conclusions you wish to draw. For me, it’s abundantly clear that he was just another average guy down on his luck who lost his mind and offed his family and himself.

The Obama/Holder Department of Justice would agree, I’m certain. I also have some ocean-front property in Kansas I’ll sell you…

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16 Responses to Texas Santa Claus Killer Was a Muslim

  1. Tracy says:

    No surprise here.

  2. David Powell says:

    ALso no surprise, if true, that this is the only place this fact is getting out.

  3. Roger says:

    It's too bad Mohammed couldn't find a way for this servant to martyr himself without dressing in the garb of western decadance greed and voidism.

    praise be to Allah.

  4. Lee says:

    Somebody has always got to spoil it for the kids.

  5. Robert manning says:

    You guys have reached a new low with your, so called, reporting. Simply because the man was a Muslim, you purposely misinform your readers in the interest of sensatiolism and xenophobia.
    "Apparently it was an honor killing". Exactly how did you reach this conclusion? How do you know he was not clinically depressed? You also failed to mention that the man was having huge financial problems, had declared bankruptcy and his mantion had been foreclosed on a year ago.
    "Draw your own conclusion" you say? Here is mine: A five year old could do a better job of balanced journalism than the person who wrote this dribble.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Robert, I want you to read closely, because I do not want you to misunderstand: In this case, we had a Muslim man, dressed as Santa Claus, on one of the most important Christian holidays, killing his estranged wife, disobedient daughter, and a number of other close family members, before killing himself.` If that seems the least bit un-newsworthy to you, I'd suggest it's only because you have an agenda.

      Here's a clue: More and more Americans are becoming fatigued with the sort of political correctness that permits the DOJ to categorize the Ft. Hood shooting as "workplace violence" and other instances of covering-up of misdeeds in association with a so-called 'religion of peace.' If it's so damned peaceful, why the body count?

      In other words, take your contrived indignation and stuff it.

      • Tracy says:

        Fatigued, Mark? I am absolutely exhausted by the sheer stupidity and naivete of Americans. It makes my brain hurt. At least what's left of any brain cells I have left after the many little explosions I have all day long reading crap like the above.

        Love the "stuff it." giggle

      • Silent Warrior says:

        I'm in favor of running ALL muslims out of this country – Let them live where they belong (not here) under the rule of their home country – ALL AMERICAN MUSLIM (crap I say)

    • Tracy says:

      I knew it. I knew someone would eventually make the sort of stupid politcally correct comment that you did. When oh when will you people open your eyes and see what's really in front of you? I know when. When the muslims come after you for doing what they think is wrong. Even then your blindness will probably still not be lifted. I feel sorry for people like you.

    • johnannegalt says:

      LOL.. are you joking? Are you really so eager to defend a blatant murderer? Even if he HAD been "clinically depressed", that would supply no excuse for MURDER.

  6. John Johnson says:

    I thought Islam was a peaceful religion. Oceanfront in Kansas you say, hmmmm. Sounds good!

  7. Before I go reporting this to anyone else, where did the information come from that the killer was a muslim and it was an "honor killing" of his daughter?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      John, Follow the link in the article over to Jihadwatch.

      • Sorry, I missed the link in the article. At the risk of being branded of engaging in stereotyping, I will say a strong case can be made that this was indeed a muslim "honor killing", perhaps set off by intense hatred of the celebration of the most significant day of Christianity. Thanks for posting it.

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