Bachmann SuperPAC Defects to Romney


Where's the Love?

The Daily is reporting that Citizens for a Working America, a so-called Super PAC that had earlier backed Michele Bachmann has now launch an ad campaign backing Mitt Romney.  This is extraordinarily convenient timing, with the Iowa caucuses only six days away, and it’s more evidence that the Romney crowd has things all sewn up behind the scenes.  Here, we have a PAC shifting from Bachmann to Romney.  It makes you wonder what other surprises are in store.   You might wonder how much CWA has spent so far in supporting Bachmann, but according to, they’ve spend $0 in the 2012 election cycle.  That’s right, they said they would support Bachmann, but according to OpenSecret, they’ve spent exactly nothing in support of her campaign. Last year, the group ran ads against Rep. John Spratt, (D-SC.)

There’s not much published about this Super PAC, but thus far, I’ve found that Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, is supposed to be the chair of this Super PAC, and David Langdon, is listed as treasurer of the group in SEC filings.  What’s a little disturbing to me is that a group that was allegedly going to be supporting Bachmann has yet to show any expenditures on her behalf, but now seems to be throwing support to and making expenditures on behalf of Romney. With supporters like that, who needs opponents?


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7 Responses to Bachmann SuperPAC Defects to Romney

  1. Stephen Czaja says:

    Seems like we are acting like Democrats to me.
    I love Mchelle.
    Looks like the fix is in and I do not expect Newt Romney to do anything to repeal Obamacare!
    We have been stabbed in the back by Brutis.
    "Then fall Caesar"

  2. Marlin Rice says:

    So who took the payoff. :-)

  3. What I wonder is if Bachmann herself is in on the fix. She rarely criticizes Romney, who should be her natural enemy given her opposition to Obamacare. I've thought all along that Bachmann either was a stalking horse for Romney, or was hoping to be his VP pick.

  4. Puma for Life says:

    I just watched Ron Paul's Rally for Veterans and Bachman's Iowa chairperson just defected to Ron Paul.

  5. fred johnson says:

    Mark good write. I am not sure if I should say thanks or not though Gen Rove has done his job. Like they say THATS ALL FOLKS. Like it or not America as we have known it is gone.

  6. framistatTom says:

    And her Iowa campaign chairman Kent Sorenson has jumped ship to RP.

    How do you make a connection like that unless you are schizophrenic? I am sick to death of weak spined voters.

  7. I don't trust Romney…and I doubt he will repeal Obummercare….As for Bachmann, sometimes she is very impressive and other times she can't answer a direct question if her life dependent on it (recent example is her interview with Eric Bolling on FNC–it was painful to watch her dodge his questions)…I pray the good people of Iowa and other early caucus states see what is in front of them and vote for the most conservative and least dishonest–I realize the word "dishonest" is a relative term – (Gingrich, Perry or Santorum)….God help us if Ron P is the nominee…that guy is gonna get us all killed.