Victoria Jackson Claims Islamic Infiltration of US Under Way

She's Back!

There are those who will argue it’s hard to take Victoria Jackson seriously after her career as a comic on Saturday Night Live.  She’s been taking on more serious subjects for some time now, writing columns for WND, and also taking on the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  In this case, she claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the US federal government, and she’s goes to some lengths to make her case. It’s a serious charge, and she goes further, ultimately suggesting that President Obama is tied to all of this.  While it’s hard to dispute that Obama’s policies have certainly been favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood, her other claims are somewhat more difficult for most Americans to accept.

In the video below, she’s on, and she discusses the details of a briefing she attended.


It’s hard to deny that the mainstream media has been doing its best to cover up incidents involving Muslims.  The ridiculous classification by DoD of the Fort Hood shooting as an act of “workplace violence” comes to mind, and Tuesday’s disclosure about the Christmas day shooting in Grapevine, TX are only two examples of this sort of reporting.  With the Obama administration’s actions on the Fort Hood shooting, and its Department of Homeland Security head referring to acts of terrorism as “man-caused disasters,” it’s not hard to understand why some Americans are beginning to ask questions of their government and a media that seems institutionally devoted to covering for radical Muslim terrorists.  At the same time, we have the DoD allowing the wearing of the hijab by JROTC cadets, leading some to question what is going on behind the scenes.  Still, some will have difficulty accepting at face value what Jackson alleges because of her comedic past, but I think such an out-of-hand dismissal is a mistake.  In any event, it’s certain to be a matter of continuing controversy, and you can count on the media to sweep it all under the rug.

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8 Responses to Victoria Jackson Claims Islamic Infiltration of US Under Way

  1. She's accurate in what she's saying.

    But how much credibility does she have?

    Frank Gaffney is doing very important work. But even the conservative media are shutting him out! For the most part, anyway.

  2. Bruce O'H. says:

    Victoria will be brutally "Alinskied", and devoured, by the Left's hyena media. Uninformed citizens will buy into the media's meme, and everyone will call her stupid…but she is right.

  3. David Diaz says:

    Y'all better take Miss Jackson seriously, what she says is going on……don't put anything past this deceptive WH crowd!!!

  4. mellow says:

    did anyone see the MUSLIMslug in the white house christmas address, not one word about our SAVIOR but on the EVILmuslim day he jus t slobbered all over the bombheads

  5. OlgaCentura says:

    I think she is more akin to the truth than most of the LSFM.

  6. christianne shell says:

    Victoria is risking all to tell off on these people. Everyone needs to pray for these women bold enough an brave enough to "blow the whistle"! We all need to back her up and anyone else willing to speak the truth. If not now, then when? It will be too late then. I do not like guns,but everyone should own one now to protect you an your family from what is comming down. We are being over run daily at so many levels that we will clearly not be able to defend ourselves from these brainwashed Islamists an even Communists that are undercover now for the most part. This president looks out for the world and for us last,if at all. His actions speak louder than his rethoric! If anyone doubts that he is not a Muslim/Socialist from Kenya then you are deceived too. All you have to do is some simple "homework" because the evidence is out there. He gets a "free press" from the govt. controlled media. Why do you think we have had so many advances pro-Islam agenda since he took power? No other president would get away with as much as he has if people were not fearful of being "PC". I applaud Victoria for being "Politically Incorrect"….she is the true patriot. We should STAND with her and support her. She an these ladies will definately come under scrutiny an possible attack at many levels. Freedom of speech is on the chopping block. I wish our leaders were as sincere an truthful as she is. Yet there is a lone wolf still standing! His name is Ron Paul 2012!!!!! Listen to him as much as possible. He speaks the truth even though we may not want to believe it. Forget the RINO's running. Gingrich is not what he appears either. He has NWO leanings an is in The World Futures Society that is Socialist!!! He endorsed a Socialist book in the mid 90's he would not want brought to light.

  7. Logan says:

    I give her credit, she managed to put aside all the brainwashing by the MSM and indoctrination by the schools and universities to see the the truth, the facts, the light. Now she has just engaged the biggest & most important fight of her life. If you''re smart, you'll join her & us to fight the islamization of America and the West, before it's too late for you and your children, especially your female children.