Romney, Bain Capital, Bail-Outs and an Un-Aired Kennedy Ad

Teddy Still Kicking Mitt Around

Back in 1994, when Mitt Romney was running for the US Senate in what would become a failed bid to unseat Senator Edward M. “Teddy” Kennedy, the Kennedy campaign put together one ad they didn’t air, and you probably haven’t seen. It covers the period of time when Mitt Romney was at Bain Capital, allegedly “saving the company” but what it reveals is something you might have guessed:  Bain Capital was the beneficiary of $10million in forgiveness from the FDIC.  In short, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation bailed out Bain Capital, and while you’ve been told what a swell businessman Willard “Mitt” Romney is, this un-aired ad from 1994 may tell us a bit of the truth:


Knowing this, it’s hardly any wonder that Mitt didn’t oppose TARP.  It’s hardly difficult to understand why he’s not against government bail-outs.  How could he dare be against them, having been the beneficiary of them?

I realize there are those who will argue that since this ad was put together by Teddy Kennedy’s campaign, it ought to have no bearing on the current race, because after all, Kennedy was a “big government liberal” in Romney parlance, but it seems back in the dark days when Romney took over the reins at Bain Capital, he wasn’t opposed to a little socialism either.

Say what you want about Mitt Romney, but if he’s the nominee, have fun with another four years of Obama, because while you may not wish to air Teddy Kennedy’s ad, you can bet Barack Obama’s outfit already has it updated and ready to go.  I can see it now, can’t you?

Dark, scary pictures, gloom and doom, and a narrator:

“Mitt Romney says he opposes most government bailouts of businesses, but did you know that in 1993, his company, Bain Capital was the recipient of $10 million in debt forgiveness from the FDIC?  At the same time, he profited from the deal.  Is this the kind of crony capitalism you want in the White House?  Tell Mitt Romney to keep his hands off your wallets, and tell the Republicans ‘No special deals.’ Help President Obama preserve change!”

Of course, since they’re liars, it will probably be embellished a good bit.

Nevertheless, if you nominate Mitt Romney, between this and Romneycare and a number of glaring scars on his record, there’s no chance he’ll beat Obama, but at least you’ll have had the privilege of the GOP’s “inevitable nominee.”

Good luck with that.

(Note: Video from a very left-leaning YouTube Member)

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4 Responses to Romney, Bain Capital, Bail-Outs and an Un-Aired Kennedy Ad

  1. mrfixit says:

    Well… of course Romney is easy for Obama to beat, they (Mainstream Media and beltway insiders) choose him for that reason, and the media has played the” inevitable” line to make it so, they never imagined a perhaps easier to beat Gingrich could ever gain traction at all, and when that happened they had an almost too good to be true moment, both of the so called front runners were easy to beat, or in worst case, Obama light as Republicans with serious progressive tendencies!
    It is worse when one can use the seething hatred of the big wig elites with all the perks screwing the little guy and it does not take much imagination to pin either Romney or Gingrich in that role, either born with silver spoon (Daddy Gov, and failed Presidential candidate Romney, or $500K Tiffany’s Gingrich!)
    Then we can top that off with Romney knowing that the Obama people will play and reinforce bigotry against the Mormon, knowing that polls show about 20% who will not support a Mormon, while only 5% that won’t support a minority race! They know how to play effective divisive politics and our making it EASY has got to stop!
    With all that said, if we are so dumb to pick either of these seemingly poor choices, we are duty bound to then support them as the only viable way to slow the train wreck that is coming, but that is not the way to motivate a victory, and the other side knows this well, why our side can’t get it together figure this out is perplexing, but it is what it is, like it or not.