Bachmann Holds Fire Against Romney for VP Slot?


Some Explaining to Do?

Politico has published a lengthy article about Michele Bachmann’s slide from being momentary front-runner to bottom of heap, minus only Huntsman. It’s a scathing review of her campaign, but that’s not entirely unexpected from Politico.  What makes this particular story so interesting is what it reveals about Bachmann’s intentions, and it’s interesting that so many folks had thought she was merely acting as a stalking horse for Mitt Romney, and it turns out that according to Ed Rollins, she had been holding her attacks against Romney because she had been angling for the VP slot.

“There was some talk early on between her and her husband that she could end up as the vice presidential nominee,” Rollins said.

That’s a stunning disclosure, and it should make every Bachmann supporter wince in pain. To have placed their hopeful support in a candidate who was merely making back-up plans out of presidential campaigns.  Slowly but surely, Bachmann’s campaign is breaking down, and she’s now having a substantial credibility issues, as people are abandoning her campaign.


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12 Responses to Bachmann Holds Fire Against Romney for VP Slot?

  1. WOW. That makes so much sense. I couldn't figure out why a "true" conservative would only attack OTHER conservatives like Gingrich and Cain so viciously, yet not go after the clear front runner. POLITICALLY I understand the principle to knock out your competition, but principled conservatives don't play primarily by the old political rules.

    It explains A LOT. Reich said yesterday that Hillary would swap places with Biden and be on the ticket. It DOES make sense for a woman to be on the ticket, but Bachmann would be far after Palin and Martinez.

    I'm not surprised by the Santorum move but I suspect the minute the field narrows to JUST Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Paul and Santorum – people will again have doubts about the "gravitas" of Santorum and abandon him after Iowa.

  2. Laurie says:

    Makes sense to me.

  3. Terry says:

    Why would ANYONE believe ANYTHING Ed Rollins says?

  4. C.A. Bamford says:

    Could be. I'm sure Bachman means well, but sometimes she comes across like a conservative version of Nancy Pelosi. I don't think she ever really thought she'd capture the top spot.

    That being said, I would trust Rollins about as far a I could throw him. He has a history of saying stuff like this.

    I'm glad that conservative voters, unlike the left, are vetting their own candidates, but I hope we don't turn that process into one of personal destruction.

    Thanks for you excellent and informative articles, Mark. I read 'em all.

  5. Thomas Dixon says:

    I'm sorry. I may perhaps be a wide-eyed optimist; but, my take on Michelle Bachmann is honest conservative. Ed Rollins, on the other hand, seems to me is an 'inside the Beltway', conventional opportunistic political game player ~ a RINO, if you will. And Politico … well, let's just say there's a composite of former NY Times/LA Times/WA Post and other 'finely balanced' journalistic media former employees involved in their data compilation and reporting.

    So, although I truly value your fact reporting, Mark, and evaluation of events, on this one I'm going with my gut. I don't think the Vice Presidency to Mr Willard (Mitt) Romney is Ms Bachmann's idea of the best vehicle to alter the course of this Republic. She'll have much better opportunity in the House should the Presidency be out of reach.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Thomas, Thank you, but forgive me sir if I disagree a bit on this one: Bachmann's house district may well be gerrymandered out of existence, and there is a fair chance that path will be closed off to her, or at least made phenomenally difficult:

      Given this, she may indeed be looking for other opportunities.

      I agree with you about politico, and expressed those doubts in my piece, but given the testimony of two campaign aids, one that left for Paul's camp, and the other who quit afterward because he said the first hadn't been lured by money, contrary to Bachmann's statement, her veracity does begin to come into question.

      It's true I've been wrong before. I was wrong about Palin entering the Republican race, much to my chagrin, and to the disappointment of many. When I err, I try to make sure it is due only to something I could not know, and rather than something I hadn't been diligent enough to discover. As always, Thank you for your loyal readership Thomas!

  6. AKRNC says:

    Bachmann in the V.P. slot is a losing proposition for any nominee. She appeals only to a small portion of the RWNJ's. Whoever the nominee is will have to swing closer to the center during the general election to gain Independents and moderates, that's the problem with the primaries where they cater to the far right and fundies in the party.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      AK,Don't come onto this site talking about RWNJs. (Right Wing Nut Jobs) This primary season for the Republicans has hardly 'catered to the far right and fundies' in the party. I guess that's how it looks if you're viewing things from so far on the left-wing that you've slid off the edge of the flat earth on which you live.

  7. Hilda says:

    Good ideas and good writing are making me a regular reader of your blog.

    Thank you,