The Truth Many Would Rather Not Know

Food for Thought?

To read the remarks of a few of you on my posting about walking away, one might think I’d stirred a hornet’s nest.  Good!  It’s not that I am after controversy for its own sake, but I think some of you have been lulled to sleep by the sweet song of surrender that is being sung by the carolers for Romney.  One of the problems I notice is that some of you argue that Obama must go because he is effectively an enemy of the country.  I agree.  My question for you, and the thing you must be willing to ask, as a few of you shout your shrill denunciations of me for my stance on all this is:  If that’s what Obama is, why isn’t the candidate you tell me can save us from Obama willing to say it?  Given the opportunity even to call him a “socialist,” Mitt Romney demurred and instead said of Obama: “He’s a big government liberal.”  Do you think he can win with that?  Do you think telling people Obama is a “big government liberal” conveys the treachery of his agenda?  What basis is there for these complaints about my unwillingness to support Romney in the general election, hurling at me a virtual accusation of treason for my unwillingness to participate?  Meanwhile, the man being held forth to conquer this vast evil named Obama is a candidate who portrays him as merely one more “big government liberal?

By your descriptions, Barack Obama is a monster, and while I will not quibble with you about that, I nevertheless wonder why you would send a disarmed fellow to engage him.  Disarmed, I say, because the reason Mitt Romney dare not call Obama a “socialist” is that it’s also an apt description of Mitt.  You see, he’s neutered. If you offer him up as your candidate, so will you be.  Let’s imagine Ronald Reagan, confronting the horrors of the Soviet Union, but unwilling to call it an “evil empire.”  Can you imagine any scenario by which the American people would have signed on to arm up to fight against an “empire of big government liberals?”  The complaint seems to be that I should get in line for this “motivating” appeal by Mitt Romney to come out and do battle with “the big government liberal.” I ask: “Which one?

One of the problems I have long observed on the right side of the philosophical aisle is this perpetual practice of describing the behavior of the opponent as a devil, but accompanied by an unwillingness to call him by name.  You think Obama is horrible?  You think he is attacking the country’s foundations?  You think he’s capable of destroying the nation, but more, that he seeks to do so?  If all these things are true, and I have no doubt that they are, why do you shrink from candidates who will point this out, and now turn to candidates who dare not say it?  How do you expect to defeat him with a candidate who helps Obama to conceal his true intentions, because to criticize Obama’s is to open that candidate to similar criticism?  How is this a winning strategy?

You don’t want to read this or hear it, but the truth is that we face a very dangerous situation in the world, from which Mitt Romney has not the ability, courage, foresight or wisdom to save us, even if he were somehow elected.    Why pretend?  Why carry out this fraud upon yourselves, when you know that with a Romney candidacy, 2012 will be a replay of 2008?  At best, Romney will pick a VP who might trend slightly more conservative to try to energize the base, but that’s not going to get him through.  You know it, and I know it, but you stubbornly refuse to admit it because you’ve begun to see him as your only option, and you’ll dutifully accept it once all the others have been cleared away.

Say it with me, and embrace the horror openly: As it stands, Mitt Romney is likely to be the GOP’s nominee, and he cannot defeat Barack Obama, in part because he is so much like Obama that he cannot effectively criticize him.  That’s the truth, isn’t it?  That’s the thing all these protests about my “unpatriotic” abandonment of the GOP in light of a probable Romney candidacy are intended to disguise.  Sure, yell at me.  I’ll, listen, but what you’re arguing is absurd in the extreme.  You say I will cause Romney to lose, but I ask you:  If he’s such a sure-fire candidate, why should my vote matter?  He should win by acclaim!   No, your real terror comes from the fact that you’ve realized it’s true, and all of your protests against my position condense down to this:  “I don’t want to lose [again.]”   If you don’t want to lose, you’d better go out and find a more suitable candidate right now, and whoever that may be, you’d better stop being dishonest with yourselves.  I am unwilling to provide you that comforting dishonesty.

In 2008, as in many cases before, Republicans nominated a soft moderate RINO, who subsequently picked a more conservative VP candidate to try to motivate the base.  Sarah Palin, even with the thundering applause to which she was greeted was not able to overcome the shortcomings at the top of the ticket.  What in the world makes you think Mitt Romney will be any different?  Who will he pick?  Nikki Haley?  Chris Christie?  Rick Santorum?  We also tried this in 1996 with Bob Dole, and Jack Kemp, if you care to remember.  In 2000, we did the same with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and it succeeded only because of Gore’s wooden ineptitude.   We came a hair’s breadth from “President Gore,” and he wasn’t the sitting president.  Don’t count on that sort of luck with Obama, because he is the sitting president, and he is already using the full reach of his office to buttress his own electoral fortunes.

I’m satisfied to ignore the presidential race, as I skip on to the down-ballot elections in November.   For twenty years, I’ve asked the Republican party to give me somebody to whom I could give my affirmative support.  For 20 years, they’ve given us moderate “big government liberals” with an “R” alongside their names, who choose somewhat more conservative VP candidates intended to entice us along.  Before you descend upon me with complaints about my patriotism, or my loyalty to a party, or any of that, I’d ask you to explain to me in concrete form what it is about Mitt Romney that will make him substantially different from the rest of the losers, all who have endorsed him, by the way.  It’s time for those of you who think I’m abominable for my willingness to walk away to show me in logic how Mitt Romney will defeat Barack Obama.  I don’t think he can do it, and the truth of the matter is that neither do most of you.  Don’t worry.  You don’t have to admit it publicly.


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29 Responses to The Truth Many Would Rather Not Know

  1. patriotsoul says:

    Great post

  2. Well said! There has only been one person willing to call him out for the last 3 years! Sarah Palin. God bless her.

    • oldtexasgal says:

      There are a lot more Conservatives who feel as you do than you realize, Mark. Listening to Sarah Palin on Hannity, I really feel she isn't absolutely opposed to still throwing her hat into the ring. Also, we need to wait and see what 'the Donald' has to say in the next couple of days. We just do NOT need Ron Paul (my congressman from my district) deciding to run on a third ticket; nor Rick Perry (my Governor) as most Conservative Texans I know would not wish to see him running (pretty bad – my Congressman and my Governor both running and I wouldn't vote for either of them.

  3. awpearson says:


    The problem with this posting is that you have simply begun a new writing, propounding additional rationalizations for the position you took in "Walking Away," and making further attempts to defend that position.

    You've done this, instead of effectively answering all of the objections raised on your original posting. I even had a second response, to which you promised to respond, but instead of doing so, you've added this posting

    Sorry, Mark, but this is a fail, since it is just more of your rhetoric, as opposed to satisfactory answers to the objections previously raised.

    I'll stay with my previous stance: "I'll leave you to your opinion."

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Andrew, and the problem with this response is that you're merely restating your objections to my last one. Feel free to do so, as my next chore was to answer your last one, but since you feel this was that answer, so be it, and I won't bother myself with it. You seem now to be arguing merely for the sake of arguing. You keep saying you'll leave me to my opinion, but then you never do. Odd, isn't it?

  4. tamminator says:

    I get what you're saying, but until you read Trevor Loudon's book, "The Enemy Within" you will never realize how much President Obama is involved with bringing communism to this country.
    Just get it on kindle.
    Lot's of research. Lots of footnotes.

    I'd take any Republican with a pulse over this commie in chief.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Kindles are for rich people who live close enough to cell towers to get signal…LOL How's that? I'm practicing my class envy spew…

      Just kidding, I understand you. I understand the danger. I also understand what happens if we don't change the nature of the people we elect on our side.

  5. its what ive been Saying!!! Why replace one Democrat socialist with a Gop Socialist..our country is sinking, Obama will do it fast and Romney will bleed us slower ..its better that it all go down or stand your ground for a real conservative ..Ill not vote for that slow death and no one will guilt me into it.. I am not a Brainwashed sheeple of the GOP I am something that America used to be..I am not a republican or a democrat nor a independant nor a LIbertarian. and damn well am not a socialist….I am a American and we had all better damn well remember who we are!

  6. Stand Taker says:

    As has been stated plenty, we need to stay laser focused on the down ballot stuff. We need the House and Senate.

    Then again if Obama 2.0 is inevitable, why not let him own the whole thing.

    It's his mess anyway.

  7. debbi higley says:


  8. vaquerogirl says:

    No, Romney, no Perry, No Gingrich…we got nuthin'! The GOP is like a tiger with no teeth. He growls fiercely, but there is no blood in the bite. Unless a game changer strides in to the mix we are all doomed to have a repeat of the last four years- only worse.
    Just give us something we can use!

  9. Denis Hardiman says:

    Dear Mark,

    I come from the Land Down Under and would like to compliment you on your blog.

    For what it is worth your commentary, and that of William Jacobson's, gain a 10 out of 10 from me.

    We live in distressing times and I pray to God that enough people have the ears to hear what you have to say.

    Thank you and all the very best to you and yours.

    Denis of Perth, Australia

  10. juneau says:

    I publicly admit it. And I have that same feeling of terror I had the night of the 2008 elections when I remember saying, "God help us. Barack Obama may be our next president."

    Perhaps it will take Divine Providence to show this country its new leader. Poor Sarah. I LOVE her. I just think that, for all of those who hate RP, she has the same effect on people. She turns off the female independent who wants to sit on the 'life fence.' We need to win the independents, so who is that answer to that? Is there any true conservative out there who can do that??!! Show me that person, and I will pledge my life, fortune and my sacred honor to get them elected.

  11. Diane Comer says:

    Mark as usual you are right, we must not settle for the same thing that got us in this mess we are in… We must stand tall and be bold and and march right through this sham of a president and turn America back to God and the people. If we settle for less than that we might as well roll over and play dead.. The fruits of a man should tell you what is good and what is evil… OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA , take a closer look at the men and women who say they represent you…

  12. carbonyes says:

    Pretty much agree with you. Romney is just another big government type. Obama has to be stopped. We can not afford to put another RINO up against Obama, even if the RINO should somehow win. I do believe Santorum, though not a pure conservative, has the ability to cut back on his support for Bush type programs, particularly in light of the state of the economy, which is worse than dire if one is truly truthful.
    I also believe that Santorum has a good shot at beating Obama, even though Santorum has a few issues. The press is going to be on him like a barracuda, especially after his showing in Iowa.
    Is Romney a socialist? Not nearly to the degree that Obama is, but Romneycare was about as socialist that one can get, and one thing that is for sure, if Romney should be nominated and perchance get by Obama, the elitists would neither be upset, nor lose a beat in implementing their one world globalist agenda, for dear Romney would be right there in line with them. You can take that to the bank.

  13. Tracy says:

    I have been in a war with myself about voting in November. I cannot in good conscience vote for a person for whom I have no respect for and feel nothing for but complete distrust. I believe Romney is no better than Obama. I believe he is as radical but will just move a little slower. I'm tired of of people dreaming about Palin all of a sudden stepping in to the race. All fantasy in my opinion. How can anyone even believe that they will let her win let alone run. We are dealing with a different, more evil, more corrupt bunch of people than we could ever believe. Remember, to these people, the end justifies the means. Nothing will stop them from moving on their agenda and their agenda is to rule and control. Their agenda is to bring this country down by any means.
    Will I put in a vote for the GOP nominee (it will be Romney) for president. No. Even though everything in me that has been taught that it is my duty to vote is fighting this decision. My vote for the GOP nomination will mean nothing more than voting for a slower decline of the United States of America.

    • zeroczars says:

      @Tracy= If you do NOT cast a vote for any of the GOP candidates, you are casting a vote for Obama. We have choices in our lives, sometimes we have to choose the lessor of evils. If I want to buy a house, but my choices are not my perfect house, then I have a choice to buy a less expensive, not so perfect house.
      Personally, I think any one of them is more viable than Obama. Just as important, we need to take the SENATE.

      • MarkAmerica says:

        You also have the choice to rent an apartment instead. Your point about the Senate is correct, but the notion that we must choose among evils is nonsensical.

      • Tracy says:

        Zeroczars. Sorry but I'm tired of voting for the lesser of evils. Look where that has gotten us so far. As far as I'm concerned we have too easily accepted what's been handed to us. I can't do it anymore. If it's a vote for Obama than so be it. A vote for the GOP candidate (and it will be Romney) means nothing.

  14. dogswife1969 says:


    Unfortunately, I also agree with you. I have voted in almost every election since 1990 when I was 21. If Romney is my choice, I may sit it out. But then I ask myself what will happen if Obama is re-elected. But I also know that Romney will do whatever is popular and not what's right. That is what Romney is about. I say he's not a flip-flopper, I say he's a flat out LIAR. I say he's about whatever voting ideology he's trying to gain.

    I've been speaking to my children about Mr. Romney. We go to church with the family of one of his son's wives. Apparently the mother has been speaking with my children about Mr. Romney (wrong). I've made my children understand why we can't vote for this man. I've shown them the videos with his statements and explained to them about what it means to have character and integrity. If he had either, he would be saying the same thing no matter what. I hope they stand up to her next time and tell her that her in-law stinks.

    Fear eats me inside because of what I see happening.

    We, our nation, is in trouble. I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel is looking longer and bleaker.


  15. Wraith says:

    I'm encouraged, angry, frightened and hopeful all at once.

    I see a groundswell of true conservatism awakening in the land. Folks are realizing that DeceptiCons are worse than open Communists–at least with folks like BHO, you're getting what you asked for. American patriots are grabbing for the barf bucket at the mere thought of pulling the lever for a Cocktail Party insider like Mittens.

    OK, how about this: If (when) Romney becomes the nominee, go to the polls…and WRITE IN 'SARAH PALIN.' Seriously. The Governor has said she'd accept the office if there were a sufficient 'earthquake.' Let's make it happen!!

    Maybe it won't mean anything, maybe it won't work…but maybe it will. It sure as hell beats doing nothing, ie; sitting out the election. We're at the point where we really don't have anything to lose, and that's when we become the most dangerous force our opponents have ever encountered.

    (Governor Palin, if this plan of mine somehow works, I apologize. You and your family have been through more hell than anyone though possible, and it's not right of us to expect you to go through more. But if you find yourself in the White House through the harebrained scheme of some dumb trucker in Arizona, then it HAS to be because you're needed there.)

    If things turn out unexpectedly, and you find someone you can vote for without consuming enormous amounts of beer and drugs first and beating your head against the wall in shame afterwards, go for it. But if your only options are Barry, Mittens or a write-in vote–use that vote wisely.


    • dnr says:

      I'm planning to write in Sarah. I can't vote for Romney. That would make me no better than he. I won't contort myself to do this, because I can't justify voting for someone who is only in it for himself. He has absolutely NO principels whatever, and I can't bring myself to affirm that. I won't affirm it in myself or my children, and I sure won't do it for him.

      Even if my write-in vote is "wasted", it will be added to the millions of like-minded people who could make a difference if we stand boldly and firmly. Bush won Florida by just a couple thousand votes. Imagine if those voters had listened to the LSM and not bothered to vote since *Gore* was being proclaimed the winner before the polls even closed!

      Also, I agree with Mark that even if someone doesn't want to vote for President if they can't stomach the choices, PLEASE vote for the rest of the candidates down ticket!! We need to reclaim America NOW, while we still can.

  16. CPB says:

    I posted a response to your previous article, not realizing that this follow-up one was in my email box. I said that I completely agree with you that all of the GOP candidates are unacceptable, including Romney, but, as difficult as it will be, I will not choose to sit this election out for two major reasons – ObamaCare and probable Supreme Court justice appointments. As bad as Romney is, I don't believe that even he would have the guts to veto Obamacare repeal legislation and that any SC appointment could not possibly be as bad as another Obama appointee. Both Obama and Romney would eventually run this country in the ground but if we don't get Obamacare repealed before the socialist-style benefits kick in in 2014, it never will be. And if we get any more liberal lifetime SC justices, we'll never be able to make changes to any policies in the future, even if the rest of the country wakes up one of these days. I spend a lot (way too much!) time reading on several conservative sites like this but unfortunately, most of the voters in this country are incredibly uneducated and uninformed and operate on sound bytes perpetuated by a liberal media. Hence – the reason we have Obama and the unacceptable Rep candidate list. I am really depressed about not seeing a solution to that problem – it's getting worse by the day. As much as I like Sarah Palin, she is not the solution – she has way too many powerful enemies, including the media, that truly despise her and working against her. She would spend all of her time fighting them and would never be able to accomplish anything. We need another solution…..