This Is No Time For Crying

What Stinking Constitution?

Barack Obama’s tyrannical actions must be challenged.  This is going to be in the form of what Donald Rumsfeld once explained when he said to cat-calls: “You go to war with the army you have – not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.”  We are now in that sort of fix.  John Boehner is a weak leader, at least in terms of his willingness to make waves or engage in battle, but this is no time for whimpering.  President Obama has openly declared by his actions of Wednesday that the Constitution is fungible, and that he has no need to obey it due only to a technicality otherwise known as the law.  This cannot be permitted to go without challenge, and whether the United States Senate will take it up or not, the Speaker of the House must move to begin impeachment proceedings on the basis of Barack Obama’s willful disobedience of the US Constitution.  Members of Congress must assemble to denounce him, and this must be brought to the light of day.  What Barack Obama has hereby argued is that the constitution only matters when he permits it to be the controlling legal authority, but that in all other cases, it is secondary to the whims of his willingness to enforce or abide by the law.

If you haven’t kept up with this issue, or like so many, haven’t heard a peep about it, let’s make it simple to understand:  What’s at stake is our constitutional form of government, and the checks and balances about which you may have been taught when you were a child in school.  Those checks and balances provide that presidents do not possess unlimited authority to act without reference to the other co-equal branches of government.  What the President has done in this case is to make a “recess appointment” without the Senate actually being in recess.  In so doing, he is violating the law, and he has more than one motive with this plot.  Obama intends not only to give a new hand-out by virtue of mortgage write-downs for qualified persons, but also to set the precedent for undermining all law.

This is extraordinary, and for the President to undertake this action is a treason against the United States Constitution.  What he is attempting to do is to pull the rug out from beneath his opponents by buying off enough of the electorate to swing the vote in his direction, and he’s willing to violate the law to carry it out.  This sort of reckless indifference to the rule of law is unprecedented in American history, and it cannot be stated loudly enough or often enough that it must be opposed by every American, but particularly our political leadership.  This demonic assault on the separation of powers embodied by our Constitutional Republic must not be permitted.

Congress must act.  We haven’t the luxury of waiting for an election.  Every member of Congress must stand and in one voice denounce this violation of law. Every American should be upset by this, because what it means is that one man, Barack Obama, has arrogated to himself the power of law.  Ladies and gentlemen, let none persuade you that this had been a trivial matter.  Presidents swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, and here, Barack Obama has taken it upon himself to simply ignore the law.  At the American Center for Law and Justice has an excellent piece on the specifics here.

Let none be mistaken:  Your lives are under attack by this action as surely as by the act of a foreign aggressor.  If you’re not writing and calling and raising a ruckus, what you’re doing is to participate in the surrender of our nation.  This isn’t just another act by Obama in defiance of some statute, or some judge’s ruling, all of which are bad enough to impeach him, but instead a direct head-on assault upon your US Constitution.  Why do so many shrink from this?  I realize the media is downplaying it for the most part, so it’s not really caught on with most people who aren’t even aware of the situation, much less its details.  This, I submit to you, is when you can be most effective if you’re inclined to fight for your country.  Pick up the phone, call your Representatives and Senators, call your friends and family, and call anybody you know who will give you a few minutes of their time.

Explain to them the simple facts, direct them to the ACLJ link above, and make it known that this is a serious issue with which we must contend.  I read many oaths in the comments section, some of which do not get published because they’re too profane, but a constant theme is how you will fight for the country.  This is one of those times.  It’s Friday, and the press is putting the week to bed, but if you wanted to, by Monday morning the country could be a sea of uproar over this issue, with or without the media’s reporting.

I have long feared that for too long, this nation has suffered a surplus of sports fans and a dearth of active citizens.  I would hate that my surmise had been proven correct over an issue of such glaring national effect.  Will we have the rule of law, or the rule of one man?  It’s time for you to decide.  It’s time for you to place those calls.  It’s time to make the start of a resistance to a growing, grasping dictatorship.  Unopposed, he will grow to love his newly discovered power, and he will make ever greater use of it.


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21 Responses to This Is No Time For Crying

  1. patriotsoul says:

    Yes. I will. I cannot think of anything else I can do, yet.

    • Anton says:

      You actually quoting RUMSVELD in your opening statement ? WHY.. you think he was good at something…. The Constitution ? People voted for OBAMA to bring America back to the constitution.. Obama even received a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE because the international World thought, Obama will come back to adhering the INTERNATIONAL law. So I am not sure who is calling the Kettle BLACK here .. because for anybody that has been following the history in the country, this article of yours is HORSE MANURE

      • MarkAmerica says:

        Anton, Clearly, you need to pull back a little. Obama received a Nobel prize because he's a leftist, and the Nobel committee favors leftists, and because they felt like he deserved it due purely to his race. Think of it as an "affirmative action Nobel prize," because otherwise, the award to Obama is inexplicable. He had done nothing to earn it.

        As for Rumsfeld, my reason for quoting him was because of what he said, and its usefulness in the article I was writing. I take it most other readers of my site were able to grasp that concept. Since it's clear you were somewhat confused, let me see if I can help: I was making the point that although Boehner is a weak leader, he's the leader we have in the House of Representatives, and when you are compelled to confront an issue, politically or militarily, you must engage with what you have at the time. That was Rumsfeld's point about the Army at the time he made that statement, meaning he may have wished to have a different composition of the force structure, but you don't necessarily have the luxury of retooling your forces as you go to war. In short, you "go to war with the Army you have."

        Now, as for Obama and international law, he's done nothing of the kind, since, as you've noticed, G'tmo is still open. Now please take your sycophantic support for Obama and leave. He's currently engaged in treasonous disregard for the rule of law, and apparently, you support it. Bye!

  2. THAT is the warrior I've come to see on these pages. GREAT rally cry and I am with you!!

    And we will prevail!

    (RT'ing now. Permission to reprint partially on PolitiJim?)

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    Wish I could say more than…don't hold your breath.

  4. Tracy says:

    Already emailed my friends and hopefully they will pass it on. I do not have high hopes. The majority of people just don't care, Mark. How do we fight apathy? I will call my reps but expect the same.
    This is being thrown right in congress' face and nothing from them. What in the world are they getting for this? I just cannot come up with a reason for why they are letting Obama get away with this unless there is something huge in it for them. Can we believe that every single one of them is too cowardly to fight this? I just don't know any more what the answer is to this.

    • patriotsoul says:

      Tracy, it has been my thought before and now, that , either they are getting a bundle of fake money, or are being threatened.
      The "revolutionaries " have said before, those who will not adjust to new ways will have to die.
      They are capable of anything.

      • Tracy says:

        patriotsoul, I'm wondering about threats also. I keep hearing that they don't dare because of charges of racism. It just seems that all they're good at is curling up in a corner and covering their heads. Disgusting! They're all treasonists as far as I'm concerned.

    • patriotsoul says:

      Live Free or Die.

  5. C.A. Bamford says:

    Some of our reps are alredy on it. Let's make sure we support them.

  6. CPB says:

    Just emailed Louie Gohmert and John Cornyn's offices. (Not sure if Kay Bailey is even working anymore – have not had much luck getting anything out of her in the past so I didn't bother with that one….) Sure hope somebody does something. Gohmert is a lawyer, former judge and a very conservative constitutionalist. He will usually stand up and fight for what he thinks is right regardless of what people think of him too, so maybe he'll take this on.

  7. Now (smile) This is the Mark that has me coming back over and over to read his words. Yes, all of us should be angry, MORE than ANGRY! email, call and fax our congressmen, senators and friends of this Constitutional offense!

  8. RebinTexas says:


    Hope your challenge here gets the response it should. I'd already called and sent emails to a number in Congress, though my particular Rep is a democrat, so I don't expect any help there – which is why I've contacted a number of others, incl both our Senators.


    PS – I've already long thought our leaders should have challenged bho and his administration on a number of things and that our courts should have as well. I am mightily displeased with many of our supposed leaders.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Bob, With good reason sir. We should be asking those who claim to support the Constitution and the rule of law when they will begin supporting them when they are under direct attack.

      • Tracy says:

        Remember, Mark, these are just claims on their parts. When they take the oath I doubt more than 10% support the Constitution anymore. If they were Constitutionalists they would be fighting the dictator wannabe tooth and nail. If they don't support it and we can't get them out what then?

      • dnr says:

        Yes, what is the point of sending our young men to fight and die for freedom overseas when we so callously ignore assaults on our freedom here at home?

  9. I have long feared that for too long, this nation has suffered a surplus of sports fans and a dearth of active citizens.

    Or playing the latest video games. Ugh.

  10. patriotsoul says:

    It is my hope , the men / women who have returned will also defend us against the onslaught of criminals in our government.
    I have seen posts of attempts will be made to indoctrinate them against us.
    We must work more quickly.
    They waste NO time.

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