What’s More Frightening Than A Teenager Packing Heat?

A Mom With a Gun

In my view, the case of 18-yo Sarah McKinley is a perfect example of why we have the second amendment. The media coverage has likewise exemplified the typical  out-of-touch attitudes that demonstrate little knowledge of the culture, while pontificating endlessly about it.   24-year-old Justin Shane Martin, armed with a twelve-inch hunting knife, was killed on New Year’s Eve as he tried to break into McKinley’s Oklahoma home along with an accomplice.  His accomplice, Dustin Stewart, fled, calling 9-1-1 to report the shooting.  While some in media thought this story was another example of the horrors of firearms, on Thursday, Sarah Palin made mention of the case, making plain the cultural divide, telling the National Review:

“I’m all in favor of girls with guns who know their purpose.”

She went on to say:

“She fulfilled a purpose of the Second Amendment. I’d advise my own daughters to do the same. This mom protected an innocent life. Kudos to the 911 dispatcher, too.”

You and I are apt to nod in grim agreement with that sentiment, surviving out here in fly-over country where the intelligentsia cares not to tread, but where they have no problem spewing their disdain for us while taking ad revenues based on our reading and viewing.  In this case, Suzi Parker, writing for the Washington Post, seems less than comfortable with the whole notion.  Writes Ms. Parker:

“There’s something a bit frightening about teenaged girls running around packing heat. Where I live, it is very common for girls to go hunting with their fathers as a rite of passage. As my colleague Lori Stahl wrote earlier this week, it’s not even uncommon in the South for suburban moms to carry a gun.”

Note to dingbats everywhere: Women living in the suburbs are not immune from attack by violent felons.  More, to suggest that there’s anything wrong with the fact that women are arming-up with greater frequency merely speaks to Ms. Parker’s woeful ignorance.  This young woman wasn’t “running around packing heat.”  She was home alone, a recent widow, with her infant child.  Parker seems most upset by the fact that this woman was a teenager, and she worries very much about the maturity of young people who might have guns:

“But I know more than a few teenagers of both genders, and they should never be near a gun. In Teen Land, everything is traumatic. You try to dye your hair blue, it turns green: “I’ll never leave the house again!” the teenager screams.

“Imagine one of these drama kings or queens post-break-up, grabbing his or her rifle.”

Does Sarah McKinley have green or blue hair, Ms. Parker?  Even if she did, would it mean she is somehow inherently incapable of taking seriously the possession of firearms or their use in the defense of herself, her home, and her child?  After all, do we really want to call her a “teenager,” lumping her in with the 13-yo who is more prone to such moments of exaggerated trauma?   This young woman is a widow and a mother, meaning she has more practical life experience than some women twice or even three times her age.  Losing her husband to cancer on Christmas day, Sarah McKinley has every reason to be considerably more mature than some of her contemporaries.

Of course, this may be part of the problem for Ms. Parker, since she seems to scorn the whole idea of guns as a means to self-defense, but I wonder if it’s cultural.  After all, Parker is from a different world than McKinley, as I’m betting that young Sarah McKinley was never a writer for such wellsprings of erudition as Penthouse, like the wise Suzi Parker, but I suppose that’s okay so long as you only write the articles. (To get a better sense of Ms. Parker, you can read an interview with her here.)

The point is that Ms. Parker has a thinly veiled contempt for a culture with which she seems only vaguely familiar.  She seems to sneer at the notion that a young woman would defend herself, as she writes:

“In Oklahoma, McKinley has become a hero. A fund has been created to help out the “pistol-packing mama” as she’s been dubbed. Some women’s groups are heralding McKinley as a woman who refused to become a victim in her own home.

“I understand where they’re coming from, but not everyone is as cool and collected as Sarah McKinley. It’s natural to celebrate the successful defense of hearth and home. But for every gun-brandishing hero or heroine who blows away the intruder, there are many more that get shot with their own guns during a struggle.”

That not every person successfully defends themselves from an intruder doesn’t imply the intruder wouldn’t have harmed them even without the presence of the gun.  I suspect Ms. Parker has never faced a felonious attacker armed with a twelve-inch hunting  knife while unarmed.  It’s as though Ms. Parker seems to think that everything would have gone just fine if only Ms. McKinley hadn’t been armed with a shotgun and pistol.  Then we get to the real point of the article, which is a an attack on gun ownership:

“Hopefully, McKinley won’t inspire thousands of young mothers, fathers, or any teenagers who want guns – to buy firearms for their homes without, as Palin said accurately, knowing their purpose.”

She seems to suggest that there might be a real danger posed by young parents seeking to defend themselves and their families, but she should also know that teenagers younger than 18-yo cannot purchase long-guns, and in most jurisdictions, a person cannot purchase a handgun until attaining 21 years of age.  I suppose it would be a worthwhile exercise for Parker to acquaint herself with the laws in question, but why bother when you have a story to write?  What frightens me more than a teen-aged mother with a gun is one who is without, because some do-gooder(?) like Parker agitates against it.  How many young mothers will be brutalized and murdered for lack of a gun, unarmed because such allegedly thoughtful persons as Parker have cautioned against it?

In my view, the infinitely more dangerous concept is another liberal with a keyboard, because the damage they do in the world is nearly always more offensive.  Being something of an expert on “Sex in the South,” one would think she’d more easily grasp the concept of guns as a prophylactic.  For journalists, of course, the backspace key works well too.

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3 Responses to What’s More Frightening Than A Teenager Packing Heat?

  1. Yes… Right in her 2nd amend rights to defend herself and her child. It is shameful (first non demeaning word that come to mind) to write such an article using someone in the right to further a personal unconstitutional agenda. We already know liberals have no morals or ethics.

  2. Thomas Dixon says:

    Ya' know, I remember back when I was as good as Suzi Parker. Back when I knew those old guys were just tobacco spittin', outhouse usin', story tellin', tarnation babblin' has beens that couldn't accept the new way of doin' things. I was so damn good. And they just kept spoutin' you're gonna' learn someday, young'un and cackled to each other and noddin' their head my way.

    Then…I grew up. Somewhere in the dodging bullets, hunkerin' down with my a$$hole puckerin', watchin' those old guys go forward in the dark, scared to move yet even more scared to stay put, gettin' a medal for something I didn't deserve, people asking me about the ribbon for which I had no answer – somewhere in there I grew up.

    Suzi writes well and tells a good story ~ not the truth, but a good story. Wish I could be there when she grows up. Hope it isn't traumatic ~ I mean, needing a gun to defend herself and all that. But, in the meantime, she's pretty smart and gets alot of awards when she writes. And she can probably imagine how mature someone should be to decide to arm themselves and what she would do if that ever happened to her.

    Hope it doesn't ever happen to her. But, if it does I hope she's smart enough to be packin' heat. Might look at that little 18-year old a little differently then.

  3. Tracy says:

    I thank God that Sarah McKinley had a gun. I thank God that she knew how to use it. Her baby might be growing up without a mother and a father today. The baby still has a mother. Thank God!!!
    My husband started teaching me how to shoot last year. A neighbor was murdered about two years ago. I live in a "safe" rural area and these strangers were just passing through on a crime spree. I was home that day so it could have been my house they decided to invade. I will forever regret that God didn't put me in a position to help my neighbor. It breaks my heart to see this house everyday. I will never forget what that poor woman went through. I will forever regret that she didn't have a gun to blow them away.
    God gave us the means to protect ourselves. I will damn well use these means to protect me and my own. All others who don't believe in guns. Well, good luck to you. I pray you're never in the situation that you will need one because those situations where you won't need one are becoming more and more rare everyday.