Mitt Romney’s Remarkably Dull Sense of Humor – Video

As a Crutch

From the campaign trail in New Hampshire, we now have another great sample of Romney being funny – in his own mind.  Romney tries to be cute about his narrow Iowa victory, but rather than laughing, his audience either didn’t get the joke, or it was simply too lame.  Of course, we’re not looking for a President to do stand-up comedy, but Romney comes across as shockingly wooden.  Many pundits have noted Romney’s plastic personality, and passionless presentation, but this video offers a flop to accompany all his flips:

[wpvideo k5GN2ckE]

Naturally, he failed.  There’s something odd about a person who tries to aid poor humor with a self-generated laugh-track.  People wonder why Romney is widely-regarded as phony and plastic?  This is who the GOP wants to put up against Barack Obama this November?

Now that is a laugh. I’m sure they’re laughing uproariously at the White House, even now.

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