Todd Palin Goes On The Record With Greta

Endorses Newt Gingrich

Todd Palin caused a significant stir today when it was announced he had endorsed Newt Gingrich.  Todd Palin, ever his own man, was a guest by telephone on Greta Van Susteren’s On The Record on FoxNews.  Conservatives have been abuzz with this news, and some are taking it to imply something about who Sarah Palin will support.  The theories today have been wild and untamed, from the preposterous to the vaguely feasible to the outright maniacal. Facebook and Twitter are likewise jumping with activity, as people try to figure out why Todd is making an endorsement, but Sarah has not.  Meanwhile, Gingrich was quite happy with this turn of events.

Anybody who follows the Palins knows that by their own accounts, they don’t always agree, so maybe it’s that, or maybe Sarah Palin simply hasn’t made up her mind.  Whatever is going on, it will be difficult to ignore that Todd Palin has come out for Newt Gingrich.  I expect that this will be the subject of much discussion on the eve of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Still Palin supporters are scrambling to understand the meaning of this announcement, but it’s likely to be precisely that which it seems: Todd Palin prefers Newt Gingrich at this juncture, and Governor Palin isn’t ready to endorse a candidate just yet.

What some conservatives are wondering is if this is some sort of proxy endorsement on behalf of Sarah Palin, but I wouldn’t read too much into that.  Todd Palin said during this interview that he was glad Sarah decided to “sit this one out.”  It seemed to me to be a simple, straight-forward endorsement of Gingrich. Mr. Palin cited Newt’s credentials as a reformer, and that he thought Gingrich was best-suited to take on Obama.  Thinking about Gingrich, it’s true that he was the architect of the mostly successful “Contract With America,” and he did  lead to the first Republican majority in the House in more than four decades. Watch the video below:

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Whatever Gingrich’s other flaws may be, it’s clear that in Todd Palin’s view, Gingrich is more inclined to lead the kinds of reforms Mr. Palin finds important to the nation’s future.  Whether this is a hint at Sarah Palin’s thinking is anybody’s guess.  Maybe we will get a better indication of Governor Palin’s thinking when she delivers the keynote address at CPAC on the 11th of February in Washington DC, if not sooner.

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2 Responses to Todd Palin Goes On The Record With Greta

  1. Pat Cashman says:

    I hope Newt gets enough of a bump so that it slows Mitt down a bit. But Newt will never climb back to the top. I think this is phase one of the unconventional cycle that Sarah has talked about. Since when has a spouse of a politician ever endorsed another candidate? Maybe you know Mark. But I think it pretty odd at this stage. Phase two? Herman Cain's announcement next week. Good luck Mark and thanks for keeping up so diligently.

  2. jerseyflash says:

    My wife and I just finished up on MY decision to by the NEW SUV. Yes we talked about it for a long time around the dinner table and both went to the dealership together…listened to the sales pitch…went for the test drive…went back into the dealership…and MY wife say's " I'd like to think about it for a day or two "…she excuses herself…leaves the sales office…and I SAY " GET IT READY, I'LL HANDLE HER " ( But Mr Palin, do you think that Mrs Palin will approve ???? ) I said this before…this does not pass the SMELL TEST !!! Is this a Palin " Trail balloon " This is getting funkeeeeeeeeee. Why is the beginning of the Palin talking points always FIRST about the BILLION $$$ and the media that Erkel is going to have. REALLY…didn't Erkel spend over $$$ 700 million on his first hopeeee/ changeeee….Hillary took him right down to the wire…
    Someone try it…you may find out that it will not take a lot of money…