Newt Admits Error – Pulls Back on Bain

Reaching for the Reset Button?

Despite the fact that the media continues to ignore the millions of dollars in dishonest or at least disingenuous ads that were run in Iowa and New Hampshire against Gingrich by Romney and his various Super PAC surrogates, Gingrich seems to have seen his Bain-centered attacks on Romney as unsuccessful, and perhaps harmful to his own campaign.   In an indication that Newt Gingrich is turning away from his attacks on Romney on the basis of the “vulture capitalism” theme, Politico is reporting that Newt said on Wednesday the following in response to an Army Reservist in Inman, S.C., who said this to Gingrich:

“I’m here to implore one thing of you. I think you’ve missed the target on the way you’re addressing Romney’s weaknesses. I want to beg you to redirect and go after his obvious disingenuousness about his conservatism and lay off the corporatist versus the free market. I think it’s nuanced,” said Dean Glossop, an Army Reservist from Inman, S.C.

Gingrich seemed to step back from the brink:

“I agree with you,” Gingrich said. “It’s an impossible theme to talk about with Obama in the background. Obama just makes it impossible to talk rationally in that area because he is so deeply into class warfare that automatically you get an echo effect. … I agree with you entirely.”

Now some will rightly note that Gingrich isn’t entirely backing down, but he’s admitting that at the very least, this was a bad approach to the question of attacking Romney’s record.  As I’ve written over the last two day, Gingrich is better off focusing on the things Romney has done in governing if he wants to go negative, or at least focus on those aspects of Bain that won’t come off as, or be reported as some sort of attack on capitalism.

I also think Gingrich would do well to point out that among the politicians now entered, Gingrich is the only one who ever accomplished real cuts in government spending.  This would require that Gingrich accentuate the positive again, and I think that’s a smart move as he certainly fared better when he was talking in positive terms about the country, but also how he is substantially different from Barack Obama, and perhaps how Romney really isn’t so different.  Gingrich is now campaigning in South Carolina, a state neighboring Georgia, from which he served in Congress.  As he works to try to regain momentum, he’s probably should consider changing this theme entirely for the moment.  It’s bound to land him on firmer ground with the electorate.

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  1. I am new to your blog and really enjoy it. With the exception of that “sit out the election" thing, I find myself agreeing with you on every post. You have a great ability to express yourself. This might not be the place to do it, and it’s presumptuous for me to do this, but I would like to make one suggestion. Would it be possible to narrow the text so it stays off the graphic on the left side? When the white type is over the white graphic, it's really hard to see. I have to keep moving the text up so I can read in the narrow unobstructed area.

    1. Gene, I will see what I can do. The style sheet is designed for a screen resolution of at least 1024×768. I'll see, since I'm considering an overhaul, if I can either correct the issue for you or perhaps change the page layout altogether. Thank you for your kind words and reading. I still hope to fight through this primary and not be faced with such a decision. Thanks!

      Please, reply to this with your screen resolution and I'll work that consideration into my redesign.

      1. I have no idea what my screen resolution is, or where to find it. Just looking at this page, this reply section fits comfortably on the page between the graphic on the left, and the links on the right while the post above is 30% longer and has to be moved left to fit the whole line on the screen. When doing that, the first 30% is over the white graphic and hard to see. Maybe I have the computer set wrong, but these old eyes don't like it if I make the print any smaller. This reply section is about 10-12 words per line while the text above is 17 – 20 words long.

        As far as the primary goes, I firmly believe we will once again have to hold our nose and vote for the establishment choice. Instead of going through this every 4 years then laying silent between, there must be a coordinated effort to take over the party machine from the ground up. The party leaders don't listen to the people so it's time to change them. Maybe then we will get the candidates we want. Time for the Tea Party to stop being cheerleaders and start being leaders.

        lI have an anology I would very much like to get your opinion of but it is lengthy and this might not be the place to put it. Is there another way to send it to you?

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