Allen West Says Election 2012 Will Be “Bloodbath”


Congressman Allen West

NewsMax.TV conducted an interview with Allen West(R-FL) in which West questions Mitt Romney’s credentials as a true conservative, and he points out several of Newt Gingrich’s best accomplishments, referring to Gingrich as “the smartest person” among those now in the contest.   West wasn’t willing to endorse any candidate yet, but he sees the race coming down to Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich.  He also described at length why it remains important for the GOP to battle against Obama’s illegal “recess appointments” that weren’t, but he wouldn’t commit to the notion of impeachment.  Representative West also pointed out the need to take great care in any cuts to our national defense.

While he said he likes Ron Paul’s views on economic liberty, he expressed serious concerns about Paul’s foreign policy positions.  He went on to severely criticize Barack Obama’s lack of leadership, and he made several excellent observations about the reckless behavior of the Obama administration.  West remains a very popular Congressman nationally.  You can watch the entire video at NewsMax.


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7 Responses to Allen West Says Election 2012 Will Be “Bloodbath”

  1. I love this Guy, I wish he was running for president.

  2. juneau says:

    Beck said today that he loves Ron Paul's economic policies but not his foreign policy. He said, "You have to dig into it." Can someone please point me in the right direction to 'dig into it?' Everything I've been hearing RP say (especially in the NH speech), I agree with (and Beck said the same thing, which is why he said you have to dig into it). What do these other people know (Rush, Beck, Levin, Ingraham, Palin, markamerica, Allen West, etc.) about RP's foreign policy that I'm NOT hearing or understanding? I'd really like to be educated so I can speak to the topic intelligently.

    • Dave says:

      Beck still thinks Ron Paul is anti-israel because he wants to remove all foreign aid (Never mind that foreign aid is unconstitutional). That is what he thinks is wrong with Ron Paul's foreign policy. He also agrees with Bachman and Santorum that we need to pre-emptively attack Iran to ensure they don't acquire nukes (again unconstitutional).

      The problem I have with Beck lately is that he spent sooo much time educating all of us on the Founding Fathers (founder's Fridays) and their genius in developing our constitution. But now he ignores that document and the founders' intent because, on the surface, it does not appear to support Israel. He refuses to have Ron Paul on his show to discuss the issues. Instead he has Bachmann and Santorum on his program. Neither can explain how their policies are constitutional because they are not. Every policy Paul has come up with is derived from the constitution. Very frustrating, to say the least. Beck used to say how frustrating it was that the rest of the media "didn't get it." Now, ironically, it appears Glenn "doesn't get it."

  3. Ed says:

    I can fervently sense a high level of respect for this man every time I listen to him or read about anything that he's verbalized. I'm grateful to the Almighty that He's allowed my core to discern genuine leadership!
    Glory be to the highest for being one with men like this.

  4. Tracy says:

    Here is a congressman who sees what's going on but takes no action. I have no time to listen to any of these people anymore. Not until I hear something of purpose come out of their mouths will I pay attention to anything they have to say.

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