Brokaw: Republican “Jihad” Underway In South Carolina

He Thinks You're Jihadis

Tom Brokaw is another liberal apologist, and always has been, but just once, I’d like him to use the sort of language against Democrats that he heaps upon Republicans.  Referring to the heightened pace of attack ads Gingrich and Perry are running against Romney, Brokaw said it was the “Republican version of a Jihad.”  That’s right, campaigns in the Republican party are like Jihadis, according to Tom Brokaw.  While polls consistently demonstrate that conservatives constitute twice as large a proportion of the electorate do liberals,the media in no way represents a similar diversity.  Watch Brokaw use the term “Jihad” to describe the Republican voters of South Carolina here:

The real Jihadis in the United States are people like Brokaw, who absolutely detests the US Constitution’s limits on the growth of government.  Nobody is more intent upon over-turning the country’s founding principles. It’s astonishing to see the media continue to pretend it is an objective source of news, because increasingly, more Americans are seeking information and news on the Internet, free of the restraints of a confining mainstream media that shows us the news they want us to see, and hides from our eyes that which they don’t  want us to discover.



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3 Responses to Brokaw: Republican “Jihad” Underway In South Carolina

  1. Gail says:

    I use to like that guy….now I detest him

  2. C.A. Bamford says:

    I never understood why Brokaw reminded me of Foster Brooks. Now I know why.

  3. kilt1iron says:

    How on Earth did Dom Blowjaw ever pull off "The Greatest Generation" book? I mean, everything my father and his friends did and stood for, this waste of oxygen rails against.

    F-ing incredible (pardon my surrendering-arse French)!