Remember Ann Barnhardt? She Had Some Thoughts On Romney

Woman on Fire

You may remember her from a previous article in which I reported to you that Ms. Barnhardt closed down her company and effectively “went Galt” over the manipulations in the futures markets, and the entire debacle of the disappearing client cash from the funds of John Corzine’s MF Global.  Apparently, Ms. Barnhardt’s opinions extend to things other than brokerages and markets, because she’s also put out a video about Mitt Romney.  She spares no criticism, and she doesn’t spare the invectives, but neither does she attack his Bain Capital record, but instead, his record as governor of Massachusetts.  In this video, she’s on fire, referring to Obamacare as “Romney-care’s demon-spawn.”  What she focuses on is the fact that Romney isn’t really a free-market capitalist when he’s governing:


The question remains whether Ms. Barnhardt’s criticisms will find a larger audience, or instead will continue to be downplayed by media.  I suppose that’s up to you. I actually think this one should go viral.

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  1. WOW! Great find Mark. Thank you.

  2. gengm7 says:

    Mark, WOW, This is a Gold mine, This woman is the epitome of conservatism, She is the best, Thank you.


    NO ROMBABA 2012!!!


    NO ROMBAMA 2012!!!

  5. oldtexasgal says:

    Thanks, Mark – You did it again!!! I coordinated the first Tea Party in our area and am forwarding this on to all the Texas Tea Party Coordinators just in the event they did not get your email. Please, everyone who reads this, send this on to everyone on your email list and request they do the same. Powerfully stated!!!

  6. This is a great video please send it to fox and cnn, the video will go viral.

  7. Tracy says:

    "ignorant uninformed masses" My biggest fear. It is our reality.

    I love Ann Barnhardt, but sadly, she is preaching to the choir. This could go mega-viral and what will it change. Damn, I hate to be such a pessimist. Looking at the damage that has been done with no end in sight has made me that way. With a corrupt press the masses will never know until it's too late.

    Mitt Romney will not go home. If there is an election he will be the Republican nominee. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. We all know that. The masses will vote for Romney but no matter what Obama will win. We are too far gone for the train to stop on its destructive path.

    Deep down we all know this.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      I'm not ready to surrender just yet, Tracy.

      • Tracy says:

        Don't get me wrong, Mark. There will be no surrendering on my part. I am a realist though. We cannot fight what we don't see and the masses do not see what's right in front of their faces. We NEED these people to see to have a chance in fighting this and I don't see this happening in the near future. The hard thing to swallow is we are not only fighting a corrupt government but we are also fighting fellow citizens.
        When I see these kinds of videos all I can think about is that only a select group of people are watching them. It's soooo hard to be optimistic about anything these days.

    • GREAT !!! Is it too late for her to run?

  8. Tom says:

    I don't know about the gay marriage thing but Ann is way off base on the Romney care. 1st: there is a big difference between a state doing something and the Federal government doing it. State rights are important because a person can move to another state if the do not like the laws, Much different than having to leave he country.
    2nd the dems have takeen Romney care to levels that romney never imagined. The mandate states either sign up for insurance or pay your own. The insurance is done through private companies. Anyhoo we need smaller Government I agree.Ann needs to do nore reasearch so that she can be taken more seriously. Go Ann you are a great American.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Tom, your theory on Federalism with respect to Romneycare has been addressed:

      She's spot-on about Romney-care

    • Tom, I agree with Mark's earlier post on the Federalism argument not standing up to scrutiny but rethinking what YOU yourself are saying.

      Forget what you think about gay marriage. Santorum first confronted Romney EXACTLY her argument that Romney PUSHED THROUGH something that even the majority of the state did not want, let alone conservatives. He is also on record of telling BOTH the gay, environmental and abortion lobbies that he will be a "stealth candidate"

      How can you ever trust ANYONE who is on record not just of lying – but who TELLS an anti-conservative constituency that he WILL LIE TO CONSERVATIVES in the future? He could have had a change of heart I suppose but you never know.

      With regard to RomneyCare he ALSO advocated for it as a national model directly following OBAMA's election and in his book, which again, he OVERTLY lies about every time it is brought up.

      And if that isn't enough for you, he is on record LAST YEAR as saying he would still keep parts of ObamaCare FEDERALLY.

      There is NOTHING incorrect in Ann's analysis in the context that his talk is cheap against not just his actions of the past – but his CONTINUED lying.

      • gengm7 says:

        Thanks Jim, I avoided the argument with Tom, you just can't tell someone, something, they want to know, nothing about, Lost sole, Blinders, This guy has made his mind up, Tom, does not care to know the truth.

        • You are probably right.

          I forgot where it came to me, but I realized the PaulBots's ObamaBot's technique is not to win the argument but simply to let the sheer volume of their clutter to overwhelm the narrative. It dawned on me that someone seeing ONLY their posts, might think that we all agree with their (often insane) point of view.

          I think you're right about Tom, but let's hope the HONEST seekers can evaluate the arguments and determine the truth. And let's keep posting truth to counter both the intentional and unintentional deception. I know sometimes even reading counterpoints help me to clarify my own.

          I have always wished for more negative comments on my blog – just so i would have the chance to fully support my argument on points I missed. LOL.

    • Brdatwork says:

      Louis – You are SPOT ON with your assessment. 5 minutes of research debunks any of her claims about Romney. It's clear she has an ax to grind with Romney.

      To all who don't believe me, do some research about the Gay Marriage issue. She's TOTALLY WRONG about how it all went down.

      For those who don't know where to start try Wikipedia it's an excellent resource for this.

      • Jason Wharton says:

        I don't think Ann was trying to argue that Mitt had no right to do what was done in Mass. wrt. heath care. Her complaint was to criticize the philosophical basis of it regardless of its setting and also that in her opinion it was a disaster for the citizens of that state.

        What I see that Ann touched upon that I think most people miss is Mitt Romney fancies himself as so intelligent and capable that there can always be a ruling class of people like him that can always be there to make people do what's best. This wasn't the principle our nation was founded on. People like Mitt Romney who want to manage everything instead of simply protecting our individual and unalienable rights so that we can manage ourselves do indeed need to find a new home.

      • You know that just by repeating a lie doesn't make it true right? #1 Wikipedia only reflects the views of ROMNEY who has the right to delete anything negative to him and put in anything he desires. It is also a left leaning owned site. Don't you even know facts about the sources you quote? Sheesh.

        #2. i suppose lefty – THINKPROGRESS would satisfy you that Romney had PRO GAY literature in 2002 (

        #3 Homosexual marriage exists in Massachusetts today solely due to Romney’s executive actions. he rejected the advice of some of America’s leading constitutional scholars, who were nearly unanimous that the Goodridge decision was unconstitutional and thus shouldn’t be acted upon. Some gave informal opinions in the press or in various writings and some actually met with Romney face to face. This group included such scholars as Hadley Arkes, Mary Ann Glendon, Dwight Duncan, Scott Fitzgibbon, Jan LaRue, and Mat Staver.

        If you like Mitt Romney that's your right as an American. But quit reflecting the outright deceit of your candidate and try to promote documented, accurate TRUTH if you expect America to survive a current Commander in Chief who does the same.

        Don't come back here with out SUBSTANTIVE arguments instead of campaign slogans and intellectually dishonest crap like this. Or we will assume you actually work for the Obama campaign.

      • One other little note for your dishonest attempt to portray Romney as "misunderstood" instead of the creeping liar he that he is:

        Even the liberal Attorney General of Massachusetts, Thomas Reilly, told the media that the Goodridge decision “does not require the state to issue traditional marriage licenses to gay couples.” Liberals, including former Governor William Weld and Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe, also weighed in, saying the legislature must codify the Goodridge decision before same-sex marriages could be performed.

        Why don't you GOOGLE that before trying smear a patriotic American?

      • Cheryl says:

        Let me tell you about Wikipedia, it's not a valid source for anything! I could go on there and change it,anybody can, unless they've changed their policies. My English teacher at college wouldn't accept it as a source for any of our papers we had to write because of that.

  9. CK1 says:

    Love it!

    • Louis says:

      Couldn't watch more that a few minutes of this lunitic. She just looked like an angry women spewing off a bunch of unsupported opinions. She may have a chance at a career at PMSNBC.

      • Tracy says:

        Do your homework, Louis. These are not opinions, they are facts. And, you're damn right she's angry. We all are. So call me a lunatic and keep burying your head in the sand.

      • johnannegalt says:

        Wow, what an utter sexist. Do you think that increases the validity of what you have to say? Sick.

  10. Jason Wharton says:

    How incredible! Well said!

  11. DJ says:

    Then who do you endorse to be our Republican nominee Ann?

  12. shooterjr says:

    I Love a woman who tells it like it is and lets the chips fall where they may…Sarah Palin and Ann Barnhardt would make the best President and Vice President this country has had in the last 25 years…Thank You Ann for telling it like it is.

  13. dnr says:

    Ann's website is Lots of gold there.

  14. fullblownjackass says:

    the 10 million dollar home in NH or the 12 million dollar home in La Jolla, we the peasants… Ok that was as far as i got because it sounds like some OWS crap! Made me want to throw up. Whoever this woman is she needs to get some midol and a clue. She isn't conservative and she isn't sane

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Well, at least you got YOUR NAME right.

    • dogswife1969 says:


      Please go educate yourself on Marxism and you will understand what she is referring to. She is being sarcastic and referring to how they think about us.

      I totally agree with her. Most of us don't understand the scope of the problems we have. Marxism is an appropriate assessment.


  15. Darin S. says:

    I apologize, but I'm having a difficult time taking her seriously. Despite others on this page pledging to vote for her if she runs for anything, I don't think I could. Not even in a caucus ;-) And because she's wrong on a couple key issues in her video I find the rest of her opinions lacking credibility. And then I went to her blog and learned that she's a raving Elvis fan, so much so that she gets a spiritual high from listening to his music!? Huh!?

    I wonder who she supports if not Ron Paul or Romney (and Elvis isn't on the ballot).

  16. RebinTexas says:

    I will gladly do what little I can to help see that Ann's great piece here does go viral………..FANTASTIC…………she sure speaks for me…..and had me laughing so hard as she took it to good ole Mitt. What a pleasure Ann was – and so true!!



  17. Wyoming says:

    Hmmmm. Now WHY has this been removed???