Hand-Wringers Whine About Marines Urinating on Corpses of Taliban Fighters

Who's "Deplorable?"

There are those who simply cannot avoid rushing in front of a camera, expressing their outrage at the behavior of the Marines in this video that surfaced, showing graphic footage of four Marines in Afghanistan urinating on the corpses of three dead Taliban fighters.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called the incident “deplorable” and “inappropriate,” but I think the administration’s outrage is inappropriate.  These Marines, when captured, are subjected to far worse at the hands of the Taliban fighters, and frankly, it’s time to stop being a bunch of whiners about this. War is Hell, and while we shouldn’t encourage this, it is a natural result of the stresses of combat, but some of us clearly need to harden up.

Was it dignified?  No.  But to entertain the complaints of people like Afghan President Hamid Karzai as though his chief concerns about the inhumane nature of this act is in any way relevant is a sham.   The Department of Defense is investigating, and it is now being reported that the Marines have been identified as part of an ongoing Marine Corps investigation. You can view the video below, but as the still frame indicates, it is graphic:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.1010216&w=425&h=350&fv=allowfullscreen%3D]

I cannot believe Senator John McCain came before cameras today to condemn this.  As those of you who follow this blog will know, I’m not given to fits of profanity and I don’t generally resort to such things, but to the senior Senator from Arizona, Campaign Suspender and Self-Saboteur of 2008,  RINO-endorser, and perpetual Republican thorn in the side, let me say this: STFU!  And Senator, if you don’t know what this means, ask your delightful daughter who regaled the MSNBC studio with an odd statement about an “emoticon of privacy.”  I’m sure she can tell you.  As an unrelated sidebar, for those who don’t understand, watch Mehgan McCain’s brilliance.  Apparently, like father, like daughter in this case:


Meanwhile, I have only one remaining question: How is Obama going to handle this?  When he issues a statement, will he say that the Marine “Corpse” is investigating?


If you want to know why we’re losing in Afghanistan, you need only consider that we’re more interested in prosecuting Marines who used poor judgment in directing their streams of urine than we are in prosecuting our war.  If this is to be considered some sort of “atrocity,” then I think we all need to consider who’s really taking the piss, and at whose expense.

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15 Responses to Hand-Wringers Whine About Marines Urinating on Corpses of Taliban Fighters

  1. If McCain's Father and Grandfather (honorable warriors that they were) saw him now, I'd bet they'd rescind his right to use their name.

    Be nice if their bosses would, just once, support the troops.

    Well Said, Bravo Zulu.

  2. hey_sherm says:

    The soldiers were just following Muslim tradition of washing the body before burying them .

  3. skeeter says:

    Granted, its not something you would normally see on the streets of New York, but where is all the hand wringing, over reaching appauling expression of concern for our boys who over there getting their sh.. blown away? I am sick and tired ofeveryone bending over backwards worrying about what the Arabs will think. Screw them all. For once, why don't we make them worry about what we think……

  4. C.A. Bamford says:

    I have, upon occasion, been known to continue to beat the hell out of a spider after I killed it in my house or office. Guess that makes me an atrocious person. Worse, I'll probably be a repeat offender.

    I agree with Col. West, respect Sen McCain for his service if not his kow-towing to good old boys politics, and think that Meghan McCain should show an "emoticon of respect" and understanding for those who sacrifice to protect her right to speak even when it is "more better" that she not speak and expose her inarticulate, ungrammatical, and barely literate ability to do so.

  5. PFC Underwood says:

    HOOAH!! From Afghanistan!

  6. Tom Burrell says:

    Unless you were there, you most likely don't know the full story. What I saw was the Marines threw a grenade and the bodies were burning. rather than use there own drinking water to put out the burning bodies, they did the next best thing.