Shaking a Fist at God While Rooting Against Tim Tebow

Why Do They Mock Him?

I listen to leftists talk about Tim Tebow as if he is evidence that conservative Christians are mad. It’s not that Tebow himself makes a grand spectacle of his praying, but that others focus on it by bringing it to the attention of the world.  Leftists in particular hate all of this “prayer stuff,” and while they have no problem with Muslims facing Mecca in their regular daily submission before Allah, or a band of Wiccans dancing in the moonlight in their own form of spiritual celebration,  they recoil in horror at the sight of a man, one plain, Christian man, knelt in humble supplication before his God.  I’m not a fan of football, but I hope Tebow prevails, not because one should assume his winning or losing may indicate anything about God’s will, but because I’ve had more than enough of people of faith being mocked for merely being faithful.

Of course, the problem is that some of the Tebow-haters are just sports fans rooting for his opponents, but what I’ve discovered in pop-culture is that more often than not, those who cheer for Tebow’s opponents do so out of a rage against judgment.  It’s their form of shaking a fist at the heavens, and I’ve heard and read their comments enough to know that their jeers aren’t born of much else but a sort of seething rage against any expression of faith, but no such expression brings their rage to the surface like an American Christian who will not hide his or her faith for the comfort of these nagging ne’er-do-wells.

If they don’t share Tebow’s faith, you might well wonder, why must they rage against it?  Every time Tim Tebow takes a knee in prayer, these insecure people take it as an assault on the sincerity of the faith they claim but to which they have no strong attachment, or more often, no willingness to voice in public.  In effect, in their own minds, but not in Tebow’s, his silent prayer is a slap at their unwillingness to do so for whatever reason, be it a lack of humility or sincerity, or faith altogether.

These are the same people who cry out in shrill tone at the first hint of “judgment.”  Let me suggest to you that there is ample reason for their cries, but notice what judgment they fear most: It is the estimation of their own lives and actions that they wish to avoid.  This is a symptom of how insecure they feel about the nature of the lives they lead, and what they wish to avoid most of all is any reminder that all things are to be judged in one way or another, now and in the future.

When they mock Tebow, what they are mocking is not even God, or religion, or faith.  They will mock Tim Tebow, but they do so out of a fear and loathing.  What they angrily demonstrate is their fearful desire for a different form of absolution, through which even their fellow men might not judge them.  They seek an escape not from God’s law, but from the notion that there is any morality at all, and when they see the striking figure of a kneeling Tim Tebow, out in the open upon a field in plain view of the entire world, they are treated to a reminder that their days of avoiding judgment must inevitably end, and that such a judgment begins first in one’s own heart and mind.  At this stark realization, they shake their fists in rebellion, to no avail.

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16 Responses to Shaking a Fist at God While Rooting Against Tim Tebow

  1. Rogue Rose says:

    Your gift of words and expression is beyond amazing. "When all the people saw it, they also praised God." Luke 18:43b

  2. David Diaz says:

    Beautifully said, Mark…….

  3. rob hart says:

    Spot on Mark, thank you!

  4. bigmamas52 says:

    As my pastor said last weekend: You can be an active atheist or a convenient Christian….both are the same thing. If you are unwilling to stand for God, in all things, at all times, without shame…..than you are the same as the atheist that says there is no God.

  5. Dave says:

    I've been persecuted myself this week for expressing my Christian conservative values, being told that I'm looking for America to become a theocracy when that is so far from the truth or the constitution for that master… Names like insane were hailed at me even though I shared their opinion of not letting us fall into a theocracy but are headed down that road with a one world government and religion (Islam) lead by the main stream liberals. But I decided to check out their profiles only to find they were devout athiests.

    It totally amazes me how the left has been so hypnotized by the lame stream media's propaganda liberal socialist kool aid and love their freedom from religious persecution but in turn persecute Christianity.

    I'm so glad I don't stand alone,… Thank you Mark and Tim Tebow for defending the faith and standing firm to your convictions.

  6. kcyoungguns says:

    Great article. Tebow is an awesome guy and leader. Check out our site for more Tebow.

  7. You put so eloquently what I have told my fellow workers. (smile). It is in your heart you will first have to look at judgement day. What will be seen? Yes, I believe too it is the anger at their own failing, and recognizing this…. to no avail. They know moral and riteous actions toward yourself and to others, but society, news, peers leads them as the followers they are, and they don't like it when someone so visibily show them who they are.

  8. Bacon Sammich says:

    Personally, I mock him because he is delusional enough to follow some magical sky man that doesnt exist.

    • Bacon, I used to feel the same way at times. It actually takes more blind faith to believe we are all here by some accident than to believe in a divine creator, in my opinion. But either way, that is something you will have to discover for yourself I suppose. May I just suggest that you don't shut your mind to the possibilities. Ask God to reveal himself to you and then be patient. He will. He really does love you whether you believe it or not. Have a great day!

    • mrfixit says:

      I also was once a non-believer, but as already said it takes MORE blind faith to believe we are here by some unknown coincidence of events.
      I'm an Engineer, and as such I spend enormous effort, time and analysis working on what humans call complex systems.
      With that said, those systems and machines are crude and simple compared to the various forms of life that surround us in the natural world.
      To think all that complexity came from nothing, well you must have MORE faith in something like that than those who recognize a Creator, a God. But you are free to have that view I guess, I know I did that for about 3 decades also, but I wised up, hope you will too, Life is much better now as a believer, I won't go back.

    • LEWIS PEREZ says:

      In turn it's my privilege to mock you for being such an A-Hole

  9. hey_sherm says:

    I've studied the science of the closed mind. When you refuse to venture in thought beyond the bounds of social consciousness, portions of your brain are literally closed to the higher frequencies of thought. The reason someone knows things you do not know is because he's opened his mind to the what-ifs the outrageous thoughts the brilliant high frequencies thoughts. To leave God out of your thoughts is to leave out your purpose in life.

  10. Something someone said long ago still rings in my mind:

    I would rather believe and be wrong when I die than not believe and be wrong when I die.

  11. LEWIS PEREZ says:

    What father would not be proud if his daughter brought home a man like Tim Tebow. That young man is the Salt of the earth, I, for one i'm most happy to see that in this day and age there's still hope for humanity despite the Atheist and others envious individuals. GO TEBOW!!! P.S. His Mom has to be one of the proudest and happiest person in the world and may God Bless her also!!

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