Why Romney Can’t Win: It’s Obama-care, Stupid!

Romney Will Do His Dirty Work

One of the problems with our current Republicans field is that its putative front-runner effectively nullifies the entire issue of Obama-care as an effective election issue on which to defeat Barack Obama.  This is because Mitt Romney’s own Massachusetts health-care reform law, known widely as “Romney-care,” is essentially the forerunner of President Obama’s own signature legislation, known widely as Obama-care.  I need Republicans to listen closely:  If you want to defeat Obama in November, and have any chance of repealing Obama-care, you need to focus on this as an electoral issue in the primaries.

You can talk about the economy, jobs, and all the rest, but there is no single issue on which you have more clear-cut support, and no other issue that has two-thirds of the American populace behind you.  To nominate Mitt Romney is to mute yourselves on this issue, because Romney-care is essentially the same thing.  You won’t win with this lousy contradiction stalking your every step, and until you confront the fact that your best winning issue is Obama-care, you’re doomed.  If in 1992, as James Carville then said, “It’s the economy, stupid,” then in 2012, the refrain must echo in the rafters, if Republicans are to win: “It’s Obama-care, stupid!”

Of course, as Doug Brady over at C4P writes, there’s reason to believe that some in the GOP establishment are increasingly comfortable with the idea of Obama-care remaining the law.  Once you consider that companies contributing to establishment Republicans are happy with the arrangements provided under Obama-care, you start to realize how the fix might well be in.  Ann Coulter has offered that repeal of Obama-care will never happen if Obama is re-elected, and she’s right, but she offers this as rationale for why you should support Mitt Romney.  The problem with this argument on her part is that it is precisely the Romney-supporting establishment wing of the GOP that really wouldn’t mind if Obama-care went into full effect.  Even if they did oppose Obama-care as thoroughly as do most Americans, Mitt is the wrong person to make this case since he actually implemented a plan on the state of Massachusetts that is every bit as crippling to that state’s economy as Obama-care will be to the entire nation, and similarly dictatorial with its individual health insurance mandate.  How will Romney argue with Obama over this?  The simple answer is that he won’t. He can’t. He’s neutered on the issue, and if you pick him as the party’s nominee, it’s over.

Some of you are hoping the Supreme Court will ditch Obama-care, but as Brady links to an article by Andrew McCarthy, it was McCarthy who pointed out back in November that Obama-care may well pass muster before the Supreme Court.  If that disaster occurs, then there will be only one way to overturn that piece of tyrannical legislation and it will be by full repeal by Congress, signed into law by a president.  If that President is still Obama, you can forget it, and if the program stays in place through its full implementation, you can forget it, because nobody will repeal it seven years after-the-fact, just like there was no stopping the other entitlement programs once they were up and running.  This truly is your last chance, and it will depend upon defeating Obama this coming November with a candidate who is a credible opponent to Obama-care, and who will make that a focus of the campaign. Anything else will leave the GOP picking around the margins of a host of issues, but if any of them happen to break in Obama’s favor, he’ll win the day.

There’s no way around this: If you select Romney as the nominee of the Republican party, not only will you never repeal Obama-care, but you will never win the election in November.  Obama has it in his power to rig job numbers, and the expected vote fraud of his legions of illegal immigrants will undoubtedly help him in the fraud at the polls.  Romney will not be able to make the argument against Obama-care, and by last measure of which I am aware, over 60% of the American people want it repealed.  Nominating Romney is Obama’s great hope, because it enables him to neuter the Republicans across the board.  He may even re-take the House, since a losing Romney would certainly offer no coat-tails.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to shake the trees and rattle the cages: If Mitt Romney is permitted to win the nomination, the country is over.  It’s really as simple as that, and the sooner you grasp how badly Obama wants Romney to be the nominee, the better the chance you will be able to change that outcome, and give Obama something he does not want:  A candidate who will be able to oppose him effectively on his signature legislation, that the vast majority of the American people hate, and want repealed. Just as we shouldn’t permit 20-30% of political thinking in the country dominate our health-care choices, neither should we permit 20-30% of the thinking in the Republican party dominate our electoral choices.  It’s time that we stand up to the threat posed by Romney’s timid, evasive posturing as a conservative, and remind the establishment of the GOP that we are the deciders.  Not them.  No to Obama-care, and no to Romney.  The two go hand-in-hand.

Or hand-in-glove…

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16 Responses to Why Romney Can’t Win: It’s Obama-care, Stupid!

  1. I have watched every debate and I heard him say he would have to look at obama-care and fix what didn't work. It surely sounds to me that he will not repeal it, but look at all the different sections of it and decide what to do with it. We need someone that will repeal the entirety of it.

  2. eyetooth tom says:

    It's a done deal. Squirrel is shot, skinned, cleaned, fried, and Momma ate the brains. Wash your plate. Shut up and go to bed. Just a figure of experience(speech)…not directive toward webmaster or readers.

  3. Matt says:


    Seriously. Who is the conservative messiah who will do everything you purport here Romney will/can not do?

  4. Matt says:

    "Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to shake the trees and rattle the cages: If Mitt Romney is permitted to win the nomination, the country is over. It’s really as simple as that, and the sooner you grasp how badly Obama wants Romney to be the nominee, the better the chance you will be able to change that outcome, and give Obama something he does not want"

    Really? Over? What a sanctimonious load of crap. You need to stop listening to Rush and drinking his Koolaid. I think the flavor is sour grape.

  5. carbonyes says:

    Mark, pretty much agree with your comments, or instructions now what? We really don't have a strong conservative in the field. I like Santorum, but definitely supported some things that I'm not sure will get him over the hump – money spender, probably doesn't mind spending more money, raising debt limits, ad more taxes, at least in the past. Don't doubt that he would at least temper those areas of destructive policies, but would it be superficial or real. Pro life is a good thing. Certainly would not term him a RINO, but can he stand against the Republican establishment and still get that support. It's probably needed. Gingrich, if he had an epiphany, a real one, could go toe to toe with Obama, but that may be wishful thinking on the epiphany. Can't afford wishful thinking. Perry, I like the gut, but he has stepped in it too often, although he seems to be doing a bit better there. Ron Paul? Got a lot of good points domestically, but can't buy into his foreign policy.
    Where is our candidate? Is it too late for Sarah to jump in? I am very concerned where we are now. I am not one to give up the ship no matter how bad it looks, and I am not a pessimist, but where do we go from here? Appreciate your thoughts!

  6. Okletmehaveit says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Romney say he would repeal Obamacare the first day in office?
    That's good enough for me.
    As for the fraud and Chicago style campaign, we're going to get that no matter who wins the nomination.
    Mitt Romney is our only hope for beating Obama.
    If Obama is re-elected America is truly finished. Obama will complete his fundamental transformation of America. Then as George Soros likes to say – America will find its place in the new world order.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Here's the problem: He's not credible, and he's waffled on this. He says he will modify it. He's not committed to repeal. He said he will issue waivers to states that want them. What you don't realize is that there's nothing in the law that permits waivers at all, and it seems Obama has been issuing waivers illegally.

      • Okletmehaveit says:

        Mark no one is perfect and the others (except Santorum) have too much baggage. I don't think Obama care will define the election. Its the economy, energy and security. If Mitt allows states to opt out it will mean the end to Obama care.
        The single most important thing for America at this point in time is to insure Obama is defeated this November.
        The Republic is at risk. People don't realize the seriousness of the dangers posed by the Soros/Obama agenda.
        I enjoy reading your blog and agree with a lot of your ideas but on this one I strongly disagree. I believe Mitt is a true American patriot that has America 's interest at heart. Obama/Soros doesn't have either of those attributes.

        • MarkAmerica says:

          Okletmehaveit, Thanks for reading. The Republic is at risk, and Romney won't save it. I think Mitt Romney has only one person's interests at heart. That's my view. Mitt won't probably be permitted to let states opt out. There's no such provision in Obamacare, and Obama and the Democrats know it, which is why if they were to lose in 2012, they would immediately file suits to end all waivers. Bank on it.

      • Matt says:


        Romney has said repeatedly that he will issue a waiver on day one to all 50 states, then "work w/ congress to repeal it" all together. What's not clear about this?

        • MarkAmerica says:

          Matt, maybe if I say it a fourth time: The waivers may be illegal, as there is no apparent provision for them in the law, and you can expect them to be challenged. Romney won't raise Obamacare in the general election campaign because…of Romneycare.

          Now, if you'd like to tell me that Mitt Romney isn't a rule-of-law guy, and will issue illegal waivers just like Obama, I'll be happy to listen, but then you'll have made my point, right?