Note To Senator Lindsey Graham

What His Opinion Is Worth?

Of all the people in the Republican party who annoy me, none make my stomach turn more violently than Senator Lindsey “Camera-Fiend” Graham, (R-SC.)   Rush Limbaugh likes to refer to him as “Lindesy Grahamnesty,” which is fitting given his support of various forms of amnesty for illegal immigrants. He’s constantly at odds with the conservative base of the party, but he still manages to get elected.   In an article on RealClearPolitics about Romney’s opponents for the GOP nomination seeking to highlight the dishonesty of the “electability” argument, Graham is quoted as having said that a Romney victory in his state would wrap up the nomination:

“I think it should be over,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. “I’d hope the party would rally around him,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

I think Graham’s career as a guest on so-called news shows should be over, but I’m not getting my way on that, either.  As usual, Graham is wrong.  Why should three states amount to an end of the process?  It’s not as though they’re large states, and it’s not as though winning would give Romney anything near the number of delegates he needs to clinch the nomination.  Why is Graham in such a rush?  Why is the entire establishment of the GOP in such a rush to hold the coronation for Mitt Romney?  Maybe Graham is just looking for new funding sources.

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3 Responses to Note To Senator Lindsey Graham

  1. C.A. Bamford says:

    Sheesh. It's bad enough living on the left side of the country, and having election winners called before many of us have had a chance to vote. Now they want to cede the winner of our primary process on the strength of 2 or 3 eastern states.

    Think of the unintended consequences of this kind of thinking. The 600,000 illegals who are registered to vote in Texas won't get to cast a ballot..nor will the ubiquitous cast of Disney cartoons or residents of cemeteries.

  2. Winghunter says:

    Graham works in collusion with McCain. While one has a re-election to worry about, the other pushes as much Socialism as they can.

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    "Under the guise of ‘bipartisanship,’ Graham has signed on to one of the left’s most ambitious plans to impose a socialist agenda in America – government control of the formerly free market through implementation of cap-and trade…"

  3. Gwen says:

    "I think it should be over" Who cares what Lindsey Grahm "thinks"! Another politician frustrated with the democratic process getting in the way!