Conservative Revolt Under Way?

Conservatives Ready to Stomp RINOs?

After Monday nights Fox News GOP Debate in South Carolina, it seems that a fair number among the conservative base of the GOP is on the cusp of open revolt against the party establishment that keeps shoving Mitt Romney down our throats.  His insistence on delaying disclosure of his tax returns until April signifies the fact that he has some weakness there he doesn’t want exposed until after he expects to have the nomination locked up, but he didn’t even firmly commit to that time-frame.  This is something we must demand of all the GOP candidates.  None should escape our examination.  The last thing we need is a candidate with warts that will be exposed later, once nominated, that will cost us the election and shaft us with another four years of Barack Obama.

It’s bad enough that the party establishment has pushed up the schedule in the early states in order to close off debate sooner, but I don’t think they planned on this reaction by the base.  People are now starting to ask: “Hey, what’s in those tax returns” or “why are we being told this guy is inevitable?”  As this goes on, it’s becoming clear that there is a portion of the media, even non-traditional media, that is pushing certain polls at us relentlessly showing Romney way ahead, while the truth on the ground in South Carolina and elsewhere may be something else entirely.

Suddenly the “inevitable” emperor has no clothes, and people are beginning to seriously questions Romney’s electability.  The entire question of his tax returns is an indictment, and while some pro-Romney hacks are trying to dismiss that as some sort of attack on capitalism, it has become clear that this is now their canned defense for any criticism. You can’t talk about Romney’s stammering answer on disclosing his tax returns in the name of transparency and openness without somebody trying this lame defense of Romney.  This has nothing to do with capitalism, and everything to do with Romney’s willingness to submit to inspection by the people from whom he wants financial and voting support.

Is the conservative revolt now getting under way?  Is it too little, too late?  Will Romney succeed in stealing this nomination process with the assistance of a willing media establishment?  Time will tell, but I have begun to notice that many people are no longer taking this sitting down. Rise, conservatives! Rise Tea Party! Say “No” to candidates who will not disclose their tax documents!  The New York Times, in crediting Sarah Palin for pointing out this problem, went on to state the following:

“Mr. Romney also can look to his own father, George. He released a dozen years of tax returns when he ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination in 1968, leading Richard Nixon to follow suit.”

I will not vote for any candidate who refuses to disclose his tax returns.  Nobody should.  This election is too important to the future of the country to wind up stranded in September or October with a damaged candidate who cannot win.  We need to see this information now, before we choose.  It’s our country, and it’s our choice!

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19 Responses to Conservative Revolt Under Way?

  1. Gail says:

    Damn Right the Conservatives want the RINOs OUT our business and out of Congress.
    I will Vote for Newt because I give a hoot about my country.

    • Maybe YOU should actually LOOK at newt's record…it is anti-Conservative & pure big government Progressive. Oh, & Newt isn't releasing his either.. so what is he hiding? Funny that Gov Perry is ONLY one that HAS released his tax returns & stands by his record. The Rest & their supporters are trying to rewrite their records, fake history & hiding their income sources. Newt denies being a lobbyist let's see it. We already know he is a liar & thief ask Tiffanies. Guess maybe you love the Dept of Education that his vote (& yes it was that close)created, or you love how he fought to preserve it even raising its budget 2 times to more than Clinton asked for, or I know it was his GROWN up behavior (not) of the tantrum he threw when Clinton snubbed him on Air Force one leading to a shut down of the Govt…..or I know when he raised Medicare premiums & bragged about it, or all those escalating budgets with increased funding for planned parenthood.

  2. Hey, hey, hey…leave it to Gov. Sarah Palin to pierce to the core of the issues and stick the knife in Romney asking for the tax returns.

    This is HUGE. People notice this stuff and NONE of the current crop of announced candidates have done so much in so few words as Gov. Sarah Palin has. They are pigmies compared to her.



  3. carm says:

    Great article Mark! I think you are so right. The more they keep pushing Willard the conservatives are beginning to to push back and that's a good thing.

  4. Mike says:

    "it’s becoming clear that there is a portion of the media, even non-traditional media, that is pushing certain polls at us relentlessly showing Romney way ahead, while the truth on the ground in South Carolina and elsewhere may be something else entirely."

    We were warned about this in 08 as well. And the pollsters ended up right….not wrong. What would happen to pollsters like Zogby,Gallup,Rasmussen if the #'s that they feed us are very wrong as you suggest? They'd go out of business and no one would hire them again. …I think that it is more, much more cynical.


    (edited because video does not display properly in comments.)

    • dnr says:

      Why would they go out of business, if they are being financed by those who have a vested interest in skewing the polls?

  5. IwjwI says:

    Romney has something to hide. We need transparency. The good ol' beltway boys, GOP elite, and the LSM are up against a majority of Americans who have seen what we ended up with when a candidate's record was not exposed. We ended up with the great destroyer of the U. S. A. way of life and the chance to succeed in growing our own personal prosperity. We will be nothing more than viable tax slaves, or be sent to the "Death Panels" if BHO is re-elected. Romney will certainly loose to BHO.
    Conservatives need to revolt and demand sudden and relentless reform beginning with the mantra, "Throw Them All Out," and doing just that.

    If Romney can't be up front with us about a little thing, then he can't be trusted to be up front with us about bigger things. We don't need another BHO in the Oval Office.

  6. jan says:

    I think that people are starting to see this and not happy. It is about time the republicans got off their duff and start protecting our country. I suspect BO will run Hillary as her VP which will, make him more winable. Winable because the people do not understand what she stands for: one world government; Agenda 21, Sustainable Development: Bigger Government and higher spending. This is very serious and we are in serious trouble because most democrats vote their pocketbook and Hillary will make it more palpable to them.

    • I agree, Jan! It's looking like BO wants to get Hillary as his VP and it will be up to all of US to make as much noise about her progressive/marxists agenda as we possibly can! I believe there is NOT on iota of difference between her and BO! And I know there are many, many videos and sound bites out there that have her saying about herself she is a Progressive! We MUST have a TRUE Conservative win this election or America as we've known it and grew up in is going to be history! I for one do NOT want to have to explain to my grandchildren what a GREAT country we USE to live in!! I'm ready……so LET'S ROLL!!!!!!

      • jan says:

        We can no longer be politically correct but learn a way to talk about politics without offending them….Very difficult, we have the same problem with religion. I was just watching the panel on critiqueing the debate last night on Fox News and the comments from Republicans how demeaning it was that Newt was when suggesting that kids' first jobs could be doing janitorial duties. How rediculious. Kids like to make money and if you present the job well they will be proud of cleaning bathrooms. You can't start out as a President. I am beginning to think that people have lost their way. I own my own business, a resort, and I will do anything to make a customers visit successful, including cleaning toilets. This message of being too good to do a job is way left.

        I did talk to someone else who was for Romney and after the debate last night she is not for Romney but for Newt. I do recall that when one listens to the media that it doesn't necessarily reflect what the people are thinking. Maybe that will be true for this election.

  7. thedrpete says:

    I'd prefer that NONE of the Republican hopefuls made their tax returns public. The federal tax code is in excess of 70,000 pages and has been changed since 1986 on average three times per day that congress is in session.

    Romney undoubtedly has lots of "other" and "unearned" income, capital gains against some losses, and has had accountants reduce his tax liability to the lowest-possible LEGAL level. About 95% of Americans — and especially those in the press corps — will be unable to understand it.

    Democrats will demagogue every Republican regardless, with truth or lies, doesn't matter. Hey, we can't even get a look at Obama's birth certificate or a social security card that's legit.

    What do you, Mark, and commenters expect to find in the Romney returns that the IRS didn't?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      It's not about what I expect to find. In fact, it's simply a matter of transparency for me. If there are ugly things in there, fine, if not, fine, but I think it's perfectly reasonable to suggest that people who will be passing laws to govern me, and punish me if I step out of line in some fashion ought to make it clear to us by this simple disclosure that they're living by the same laws as the rest of us. That's all. Nothing diabolical on my part. I just think it's the right thing to do, but I am not willing to vote for anybody who holds off until after I've voted in my primary. Sorry.

      • thedrpete says:

        Are you, Mark, and your readers and commenters hereon going to read through and analyze the tax returns of all of the candidates? Are you sufficiently-schooled in the 70,000+ pages as of the date of filing for each candidate to understand?

        The Obama supporters don't need to be. They merely have to take a snippet here or there or make up a snippet, and demagogue the bejeebers outa it.

        If there's something legitimately-shaky in a Republican's tax filings, the IRS will let EVERYBODY know it.

        Now, of course, since other candidates have been stupid, as undoubtedly advised by their consultants, the call is for universal Republican stupidity.

        • MarkAmerica says:

          I disagree with you, and I'm fairly certain there exists no shortage of people in the Republican party, myself included, who would like to take a look. I don't see anything wrong with that, and frankly, I don't like the notion that we're all just a bunch of dumb hicks too stupid to make sense of tax returns. I can't speak for anybody else, but I would like to see them. I don't see anything wrong with that. After all, he says he is going to release them anyway… So why wait? What's the motive?

      • thedrpete says:

        After just a coupla days, I rest my case. Misinformation about Romney's income and taxes is dominating the news.

        FYI, I am NOT a Romney fan!

  8. Rick Perry has the leadership skills it shows being Texas Governor for 11 yrs. No one can beat his t rack record he is a true leader

    Rick Perry!!!