Allen West Agrees With Newt Gingrich

On Newt: "He is Absolutely Right"

Allen West appeared On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News.  He was asked about his opinion on Newt Gingrich’s statement about the question of work ethic, and the matter of unemployment and job creation.  West gave his unreserved support for the notion, and when Van Susteren called it a “touchy subject,” West immediately said:  “It shouldn’t be a touchy.”  Van Susteren asked West what Obama could do to address the high unemployment, he pointed out taxes and regulations, and Dodd-Frank as various sources of trouble for job creation. He focused on the state of the economy and the role of work in lifting oneself out of poverty, warning against making a safety net into a hammock.  In his usual no-nonsense manner, West took on the issues.

Watch the video:


One of the points West made is that we shouldn’t have conversations limited by so-called “touchy subjects” because of race.  He’s right. The destructive results of the Obama administration’s war on wealth and work knows no racial boundaries.  It’s time to discard these faulty, racially charged notions of politics and economics.  It’s time to set aside any claim that one party has the interests of any race at heart, and Allen West sees this. It’s time for our President to see this as well.



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4 Responses to Allen West Agrees With Newt Gingrich

  1. joe says:

    Mark, sure wish you could fix that video feed…. guess you can't. So I will continue to forward your blog and tell my readers to scroll down and hit the 'see all comments' in order to display the actual video on your blog.

  2. eyetooth tom says:

    Back in mid '90's there was a radio talk show guy in Florida named Chuck Harder who said it would be the elderly old folks who would turn this country around.
    Looks like the best chance will be Americans…which we label as to color. Unfortunately there are still lots of young folks of various colors who will suffer. Not just black kids with pants below ass, or white kids with all the tattos. I see both every day.
    Perhaps West and Rubio can begin a change…it will not be quick…many already lost.
    But a beginning.

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