Dan Riehl: “Maybe It Would Be Better If Romney Lost The General Election”

Blogger Dan Riehl

Fellow blogger Dan Riehl posted an article this evening, and it’s short and to the point.  His thesis is that if Romney wins the nomination, we might be better off losing in 2012.  This is a viewpoint for which I have some sympathy, and I know any number of people who are considering sitting this election out if Mitt Romney is the Republican Party nominee.  Before you leap to shout down Dan Riehl, or me, I’d like you to consider what Riehl offers as justification for this position.  He links to an article over on LegalInsurrection.com that explains what the Romney camp is trying to do in South Carolina now that it seems Newt is on the march again, and may be reversing things.  It’s another case of Romney and his folks doing and saying anything to win, and it’s disgusting.  I don’t think we should ever reward this kind of under-handed politicking but as Riehl suspects, it may be influential and effective. From LegalInsurrection:

Although I can’t find a link yet, Fox News reported a few minutes ago that Romney is rolling out former Senator Jim Talent, who led the smear campaign in December.

Is this some sort of theater of the absurd? I’ll modify my prior explanation of clarity:

We are on a path to nominate someone who campaigned against Reagan, campaigned against the Contract with America, campaigned against those who are pro-Life, campaigned against 2d Amendment rights, campaigned against conservatism, and designed and enacted the precursor to Obamacare from which he will not back away, yet may successfully convince Republican voters that he is the most reliable conservative.

Operation Zany is working like a charm … on us.

This all goes back to early December when, as you’ll remember, Newt was riding high.  Suddenly, his numbers began to crater, and if you missed their earlier article on it, you really ought to read Romney’s Strategy of Crazy, and what this article details is how Mitt Romney’s campaign set out to wreck Newt by painting him as unhinged.  This is the slash-and-burn political character assassination in which your “inevitable” nominee and his army of flacks, shills, and SuperPAC contributors engage beccause they have only one cure for every ‘problem:’ They throw money and public relations at it.

In truth, as a matter of justice, there is no circumstance by which we should ever permit Mitt Romney’s brand of dirty politics to come to occupy the White House.  While Barack Obama is indeed disgusting, and he is absolutely wrong for America, I have a similar judgment about Mitt Romney that I’d be prepared to render.  I can’t help but think Dan Riehl is right about all of this, and as we see Mitt’s campaign firing up “Operation Zany” again in South Carolina, I think it’s clear what we must do.  I think that Sarah Palin even offered us a clue, not only as a matter of postponement, but also as a matter of justice.  What Mitt has been doing throughout this campaign is sleazy, and we should call him to account for it.  It’s bad enough we must tolerate this sort of thing from the other side, but to see it inflicted on our side is quite another thing.  I have serious questions about the character of anybody who supports this sort of disgusting slash-and-burn form of politics, particularly on our side.  In this light, it’s somewhat easier to understand how Gingrich got lost in the moment too, because frankly, I’d be throwing some verbal bombs myself if somebody said these things about me in a war against a concocted caricature of my person.

It’s true that this is politics, and it’s a full-contact sport, but I also think there must be some limits imposed by a sense of decency that Romney’s camp surely exceeded by any measure.  It’s time that we stopped looking at this as some damned football game and conducted ourselves as adults, realizing that this isn’t fun and games, and we can ill afford to let such smears dominate the process further.  How many good people must be destroyed before we admit that this has gotten out of hand?  Think of them all.  Bachmann was portrayed as a wild-eyed, unblinking kook, and it’s unfair in the extreme.  Palin’s been bashed relentlessly since 2008, in part by the same people still working for Mitt in one capacity or another.  Cain was taken down by claims that have evaporated in the wake of his withdrawal.  Perry’s been portrayed as a good old boy, and flawed though any of them may be, this whole thing now takes on the look of a circus.  Now we have Newt, who is clawing back after a similar campaign of destruction waged against him, and we wonder why we’re in trouble, and in danger of nominating a world-class jerk?

You might claim not to know about Romney’s maneuverings and strategies behind the scenes, and I could forgive that, but once you know what this guy is about, I don’t understand how you permit it to fester any longer in your midst.  South Carolinians are said to be more savvy in some ways than others, and I have no idea if that’s true, but I think the evidence will come when the votes there are tallied, and we find out if they too can be suckered by Romney’s professional propaganda machine.  If so, I may wind up siding with Riehl on this one, because to me, what Romney has done is detestable. Every additional piece of information that floats in about him or his operation just makes me wretch in nauseated convulsions.  There’s something quite wrong with this man, and he seems to lack the moral underpinnings to see that what he’s doing here is wrong.  That he’s assembled a campaign to carry this out speaks as ill of they as he, but I still hold out hope that the American people can react and get wise to the ploy.  It will be a dual tragedy if they don’t.

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5 Responses to Dan Riehl: “Maybe It Would Be Better If Romney Lost The General Election”

  1. eyetooth tom says:

    And legalinsurrrection offers the opposition research on Mitt by John McCain in 2008. Guess it is legit. Suppose somebody has the same research on all the candidates. Would love to see it.

  2. I absolutely deplore the idea of Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee and even less as President. It is certain to me we will make little headway in actual reform. His policy will be just enough to get the economy rolling and an anesthetization against real reform. He certainly will abandon ANY and EVERY campaign promise when the media or circumstance dictate it for political self preservation. (Get it> – i don't like him)


    Let's look at what happens with an Obama win.

    First there will be even more constitution shredding by the march of socialism and tyranny across every area of our life. The scariest of these is the military where there are already seeds being planted to unionize. Obama is actively pushing for felons and aliens to get placed into it who are loyal to him.

    In Chicago he was a master of manipulating political systems to fall in his favor. Can't get a board to give you graft? Become chairman, eliminate enough seats until you control the board- then have your way.

    If you thought Obamacare was bad, just wait until he ignores court judgments to start using physical violence and intimidation power against his enemies.

    The result of this is likely not just a third party but a fourth. There will ALWAYS be GOP members who don't want to rock the boat. Not liberals – but they aren't going to follow a Palin or Allen West.

    We will then end up with a European electoral system where only moderates of each extreme group agree on narrow overlapping interests – and nothing gets done.

    Look at Greece.

    I will do EVERYTHING in my power to stop Romney. And if (God forbid) he is elected – I will look at electing TRUE conservatives at every level of local, state and Federal powers to keep him in check – and even confront him if necessary.

    As conservatives, in 2010 we got the House, but not the Senate. (And then not fully). In 2012 we may get the Senate but not the Presidency. I am talking CONSERVATIVE power here, not GOP vs DEM.

    We need to be unrelenting in a military attack to keep taking over GOP power structures one at time and use the leverage we have there. Ask any entrepreneur if it is easier (and cheaper) to buy an existing company with distribution already set up – rather than build it from scratch.

    Hang in their Dan. We will win this battle. If not in SC, then in FL. IF not this year, then in 4 years.

    Ideas ALWAYS win but they often take their damn sweet time to be fully realized.

    • CPB says:

      Agree – PolitiJim! We cannot afford another 4 years of Obama. I think he's holding back right now – only a little – because he wants to be re-elected. The next four years – not so much – I really fear that all hell will break loose. Obamacare would never go away. I'm afraid we may end up with Marshall Law and our Constitution will mean absolutely nothing.

      I have been, and will continue to be, an outspoken "Anti-Romney" voter. None of the other candidates is ideal, but all of them are infinitely better than Mitt. I think many people who have always had lots of money are used to buying their way in to and out of all sorts of situations, especially when they involve some kind of power. These underhanded, sleazy, nasty smear campaigns are prime evidence of this. It will be very difficult to defend this kind of person in the general. I sincerely hope that the others will stay in long enough to get this out in the open so voters can see what an abomonation the media and GOP establishment are attempting to saddle us with. We, the people, need to take charge – and NOW!

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    Thank goodness we have information available so readily to us to learn about what's going on. But it can be mind boggling. Reading this blog and others like PolitiJim and those who respond here is like a full time job. But thank goodness for the opportunity.
    And yes extend out this period of finding out all about those who would like to lead (or rule) us.
    Let's not jump to conclusions…example…on Friday, November 22, 1963, while in a microbiology class, the student assistant came and informed ole Dr. Michaelson of the shooting and death of JFK… ole Doc Michael said…"God Damn Southerners!" Let's see, listen, and learn.

  4. hey_sherm says:

    This is not an endorsement for Romney. But Romneys brand of dirty politics is what it's going to take to beat Obama. Conservatives need to separate there personal values from there politics, don't forget politics is a game. The democrats will control the narrative until conservatives figure that out.