Epic Video – Not Romney

Turning 'Electability" on Its Head

Somebody has taken parts of the Ann Barnhardt video I posted last week, combined it with a number of other bits including movie clips and the like, and has  taken the case against Mitt Romney to a whole new level.  I’ve never seen a compilation quite like this.  It’s a political attack, but it’s also a work of art.  There are funny inserts, displays of rampant hypocrisy, and a basic contempt for Mitt Romney’s self-contradictory positions on a range of  issues.  This video is entertaining and while it is lengthy, fifty-two minutes, it’s probably the most thorough Romney critique of its kind that I have seen.  It describes Romney in brutally scathing terms. There are some outbursts of expletives, but it should be a worthwhile view:

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  1. While I appreciate the attempt this reedit won't change minds in my opinion. For one, most of the clips excessive political followers understand are too short for someone. For instance clip of Romney arguing with the reporter whether his campaign "is run by" lobbyists is incoherent to someone who hasn't seen that video before.

    Appreciate the effort whoever did it but PLEASE don't send to your Romney friends expecting a positive reaction… (yikes)

  2. eyetooth tom says:

    Notice when Jake K. Jones re-posts this blog. It gives "the Units" email address. Not ashamed of my comments, glad to meet you. Maybe it's just my laptop extra sensitivity.

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    Mark America, you been dormant for too long.
    No problem here. Keep posting for Franklin's representative form of government, if we can keep it. So far not snowed with email, like I said " nice to meet you."
    Why would they email me. Waste of time. Ole Unit is impervious and unswayed like a healthy eyetooth.

  4. eyetooth tom says:

    Sorry my bad. Didn't realize that when this blog was reblogged my email was transferred as well. So when I saw I could comment on the other site, without entering email I was surprised. Shows how little I know about all this internet business.
    So no… my email was not disclosed.
    Back to business.

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