New Poll: Gingrich Now Leading in South Carolina


A Little Lead

According to NewsMax, Gingrich has pulled ahead in South Carolina, and now we know precisely why the desperate media shills for…somebody else…ran with the phony Gingrich non-story story earlier this evening.  It remains to be seen how much damage that story will have done to Gingrich, but hopefully with a couple days for the responses to follow through behind the initial hit-piece published on the most-viewed link- aggregater on the Internet, maybe he will maintain his advantage.  Better yet, maybe there will be a backlash against the media and the guy who would have been the beneficiary of a smear story.  From the Newsmax article:

An InsiderAdvantage poll conducted Wednesday night has former House Speaker Newt Gingrich now leading the Republican primary race in South Carolina.

The poll of likely Republican primary voters has Gingrich with 32 percent, ahead of Mitt Romney who trailed close behind at 29 percent.

The results are a significant reversal for Romney, who had led polls before Tuesday’s Fox News debate. A poll conducted by InsiderAdvantage last Sunday showed Romney with a double-digit lead over Gingrich.

Yes, this is the reason for Wednesday evening’s media hit-job. Let there be no doubt that the media sees its role as pushing you like cattle.  Maybe it’s time to stampede them instead?


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8 Responses to New Poll: Gingrich Now Leading in South Carolina

  1. Stand Taker says:

    It appears to me that Romney is in a cutthroat state of mind to win the nomination, maybe the presidency, at most any cost.

    Note that I didn't say he's driven to succeed in order to serve us well.

    The by-product of that is his power lust is complicit with the 4 More Years media. The media will "help" Romney weaken his primary opponents so that eventually they can weaken him against Obama.

    Mitt doesn't see it, or if so doesn't care.

    Who knows if this whole process is too little too late but at least there's some open and effective resistance now to Mittle within the true conservative ranks.

  2. Linda Shepard says:

    I think everyone expects Newt to do better in SC simply because he is from the south. Maybe he will but then again, maybe he won’t. I personally think it is just a levelling of the field.

    • Wabbit says:

      "simply because he is from the south." Nobody expects him to do better in SC SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS FROM THE SOUTH. For the most part, we expect him to do better in SC because A) everyone is wise to the ad fraud situation and won't fall for it. B) The south is much more aware and combatant of the liberal/moderate/progressive politicians, and C) Newt is a kickass debater who made romney wet his underoos on stage.

  3. jan says:

    romney is very smart. How much money did he and his supporters give to S.C. Gov. Haley for her campaign and many others. He has been buying votes for 4 plus years. Too bad. I liked her. But it is hard to have confidence in someone who took thousands of dollars from Romney and his coharts to win Governor. she would have won it without him.

  4. CPB says:

    Kind of sad that you have to run for President for 5 or 6 years to win these days. I think Obama has been setting up the class-warfare mantra for the last year or more in anticipation of running against Romney. Not sure Romney would be any more successful against Obama than McCain was. Sure would be great if we could manage to thwart the media and GOP establishment "plan" and kick Romney out of the running. Not sure Gingrich is the one that can do it but it looks like that's all we have right now. Sigh.

  5. Jamie Snow says:

    well anyone at this point will be better then we have now but it is not just the WHITE HOUSE YOU HAVE TO CLEAN OUT IT IS ALSO THE OTHER BIG HOUSE IN DC SO AMERICA WAKE UP AND CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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