Newt Being Assassinated; Public Being Suckered; Gingrich Must Call Bluff

Perfectly Timed Political Hit

Let me start by saying I am speculating, but anybody who assumes the left is behind this character assassination is smoking dope.  If you think this was instigated for any reason except to combat the story that I reported earlier, you’re mistaken.  There will be no linkage back to the real culprits, of course, just like in the Herman Cain case, but you had better know the real reason:  Newt was beginning  to pull even with Mitt Romney.  If you haven’t noticed the convenient timing of these stories throughout the campaign year, I have news for you: You’re being led by the nose, and on the day that a story comes out about Romney’s offshore investments, what you’re actually seeing is a well-coordinated smear.  If you don’t understand, I’d like to explain.

The story about Romney is a set-up, and by the time they’re done “investigating,” it will be shown that Mitt Romney had done nothing illegal, which we could already guess. This is to give ABC News plausible deniability for being in bed with Mitt Romney.  In this manner, it looks as though Romney is just the lesser victim of this ABC News’ “diligent investigation,” but it’s much worse than that.

The story that Drudge is now pushing is a sham.  The very idea that ABC News wouldn’t run with this story in order to wreck Gingrich prior to South Carolina out of ethical concerns is a laughable hoax. ABC News has no journalistic ethics of which to speak, but in any case, we’re taking this no better than third-hand from a master head-line delivery artist named Matt Drudge.

How do I know the Newt story is a set-up?  I don’t, but let me explain why I think so:

If this was real, and if Marianne Gingrich had something shocking and new to disclose, the story would be running right now.  On the other hand, if the story is garbage, and what the former Mrs. Gingrich said was really not news, you would release the fact that you had the “dirt,” and you would withhold it while letting it “leak” that it was explosive and damaging.

For all we know right this moment, this is no more than the laments and disclosures of a jilted spouse.  I don’t mean to minimize the pain of divorce and all the things that lead to it, but if ABC News can dismiss Linda Tripp as a disgruntled former employee, it’s reasonable to suspect they could likewise dismiss Marianne Gingrich as a “disgruntled former wife.”  The only reason not to do so is that she has something so thoroughly damaging to tell that it would wreck Gingrich.  It could be anything from pillow-talk about political adversaries, or even friends, to something of a personal nature, but it could also be the complaints of an ex-spouse.  (Again, to ex-spouses, I am not dismissing your feelings, but let’s try to be objective about this, and admit that ex-spouses frequently aren’t.)

So why withhold it?  Because the speculation will be more damaging to Newt in the South Carolina primary if it’s a big unknown than if it were something less than catastrophic.  It is for this reason that if I were Newt Gingrich, I would insist that ABC make the footage public out of a “sense of ethics” for the candidates because an unknown looming negative is always worse in the imagination of voters than the facts of the allegation, short of murder or other gross illegality. If I were Newt, I would demand it, and I would demand it now.

I also suspect this will be used in an attempt to damage anybody who has endorsed Gingrich. After all, the argument will be, if they would throw their votes behind Gingrich or vote for him, how can they be trusted? Expect the media to immediately begin making the rounds of all those who have endorsed or in any way supported Newt Gingrich for comment, hoping to show them on camera or play the audio of them backing away from Gingrich.

I don’t think the former Speaker of the House reads this wee column, but if he does, the thing I would suggest to him is to demand it be released to clear the air before the election, particularly if he suspects that this is a trumped-up hit-job.  Speaker Gingrich, you should call ABC and Drudge’s bluff: Insist they put it out now, rather than damaging you by delay.  The damage being done to your reputation by this impeccably-timed leak is greater than the story is likely to do, because it will almost certainly come down to a he-said-she-said between former spouses.  Of course, it’s your campaign, and your life, but that’s my thinking.

Update: As I prepare to take this to press, Breitbart is reporting that ABC now “intends” to release the story on Friday night, the literal eve of the election.  It is either damaging or nothing, but it is the anticipation of the story that will do the most damage.  I still believe that Newt must call ABC’s bluff, because at present, he has nothing to which he can respond, and Friday, it will deprive him of time.  For this reason, I suspect the story is garbage, and when it’s disclosed, it will likely be nothing, but the whole thing is cooked and really, with the damage this will do hanging over his head, Newt would be better to demand it be released.  Even ABC couldn’t sell the “ethics” angle for withholding it, so it will go to press at the last possible moment when Newt won’t have time to refute it or anything of the sort, while the anticipation of the story is permitted to build right up to the eve of the election.  This is scandalous “journalism.”


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  1. Very possible. Good analysis.

    I can't imagine there is ANYTHING verifiable as the Democrat party (and GOP establishment) were out to kill him in the Clinton years when it looked like HE was running the country.

    I think it's a great idea to have Gingrich demand them to release it now. It will blow the heads off everyone in the Romney campaign if Santorum and Perry actually withdrew and endorsed Newt in demonstration against this kind of ambush – but even if Perry would, Santorum I dont believe is capable of it.

    But you're right. They know if Newt wins SC, Romney is in trouble.

  2. bjspence says:

    Right on Mark:

    Thanks for taking the time to write this excellent composition.

    It's unfortunate that so many Americans will buy into anthing people say to further their own agenda.

    Right now Newt is the most feared nominee the Republicans have to offer. Equally feared .by the Democrats, Progressives, Communists, Socialists, Jihadists, One-world Advocates, etc…..

    God Bless You,


  3. Dave says:

    This sounds alot like what Obama did to his competition. He could not compete on the issues or his record, so he destroyed his opposition with allegations bad that it caused his opponents to drop out of the race, leaving Obama unopposed. Unfortunately, this is what happens to people who run for office that have made any mistakes in their private lives. Shameful! Another reason not to vote for Mittens or Obama – sorry same thing.

  4. So the Story goes this is McCain's 2008 play Book on how to beat Romney and page 11 has Romney's business problems that stink , but there is so much more ……
    Romney sat on board of directors of Bain portfolio company Damon Clinical Laboratories, which in 1996 was fined over $100 million for Medicare fraud committed during Romney's tenure

    BUSINESS RECORD on Page 11 ,

    Romney spent most of his business career as CEO of private equity firm Bain Capital – as of June 2007 he maintained an investor’s stake in the company.

    Bain Capital has been criticized for relentless focus on bottom line at expense of workers and jobs.

    Romney describes himself as a “business legend” in his campaign ads and once said of himself: “I’m basically in the investor’s Hall of Fame.”

    Bain Capital and Bain & Co. employees donated at least $171,000 to Romney’s presidential campaign in Q1 2007 and gave tens of thousands more in support of his previous political activities.

    Bain Capital financed 1988 buyout with junk bonds issued by Drexel Burnham – when SEC filed charges against the firm and CEO Michael Milken, Bain Capital maintained their business relationship; Romney later reminisced about “the glorious days of Drexel Burnham.”

    In 2004, Bain & Co. received a multi-million dollar contract from the National Iranian Oil Company.

    Romney sat on board of directors of Bain portfolio company Damon Clinical Laboratories, which in 1996 was fined over $100 million for Medicare fraud committed during Romney’s tenure.

    Bain Capital owned company named Ampad that purchased an Indiana paper plant, fired its workers and offered to bring them back at drastically reduced salary and benefits – the firings became an issue in the 1994 Senate race when workers blamed Romney for their situation and appeared in Kennedy campaign ads.

    After Romney became governor, Bain Capital teamed up with Chinese appliance maker Haier Group in 2005 in effort to purchase Newton, IA-based Maytag Corp. and send jobs overseas.

    At least two Bain Capital companies – Stream International and Modus Media – focused on outsourced

  5. Actually, this has Sen. Jim Talent's name all over it. Jim Talent, of Abramoff -Foley fame… who runs the Romney superpac. Sen Talent, who was so obviously bought, that he lost to Clair McCaskell? He and Santorum both lost at the same time… for being corrupt. Yup.. that one. …. Part of the Foley scam ????

    You know…the Christian Conservative funded by Coors and Bush? You know, Sen Talent who is a registered lobbyist that worked on Romney's campaign during the Iowa Straw poll, but running the super Pac by the Caucus? You know… the P-rick who took Clair McCaskill to task for not filing her FEC reports when her aid had died??? (Not defending Clair, but the body wasn't even cold yet).

    Yes, That Sen. Talent… and his handiwork on this is just like the "Josh" ad. Perhaps Sen. Talent is not aware that two can play this game? Hum… what was the name of the girl who died in Romney's car wreck in Bordeaux while the Tet Offensive was underway????

    You know… Peabody Jim who sold Peabody out to be Nuclear Jim? (Dirty Coal, Dirty Coal?)
    I guess now he is Romney's Nuclear Jim.

    Yup, only Mitt Romney would destroy a family, and a woman for his own personal ambition. This will boomerang. You reap what you sow… and Romney is sowing bad seed.

    Nice article, Mark America. That can't beat his economic plan, so they will try to smear the man. True Patriots, aren't they?

  6. jmanuola says:

    The timing of releasing it Friday night is targeted at making sure Newt has no time to refute or defend himself against the comments made by his ex-wife. Which, btw, are probably just a rehashing of things she has said in interviews years earlier. But most people have not really heard those accusation…so it will APPEAR to be new to them.

  7. Peg Gentle says:

    I agree that by releasing the story on the eve of the primary is their strategy to not give Newt time to dismantle any threats it poses. It's obvious that there's probably not adequate dirt to smear him totally. So, the hope is that by not giving him any time to gather up his rebuttals and to have friends, pastors, etc. to affirm who he is today, they will succeed in doing enough damage to keep him from winning the primary. I say ABC needs to be bombarded with mega emails, letters from all who know Newt to be a decent, repentant Christian. It's time WE STAND UP FOR NEWT before this onslaught of hateful claims even come out!!!!

  8. mytorpor says:

    The reallly sad part is that Obama and Romney's tactics are so similar we will probably never know which team did the dirty work against Newt or Cain…but we CAN ignore them and vote for Newt anyway! I personally do not care what his ex has to say, I respect him for not trashing HER given how much opportunity he has had to do so.

  9. Gail says:

    I doubt anything his ex wife has to say will make any difference and especially since it is coming from ABC …I wonder what ABC promised to give Newt's ex wife for an interview. She is soooo special as the churchlady used to say. LOL

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