Where Are Drudge’s Big Red Letters Now?

Foxnews.com has just published a response from the Gingrich daughters on the latest smear of their father. Of course, they’re daughters, so you’d expect them to take his side against a former spouse, particularly one not their mother, but while that point will be stressed in the media, you can bet that none will question the objectivity of an ex-spouse of whose claims about which we know neither the contents nor the nature.

This is the context of our times, and it speaks to the lame-ass reporting we get under the guise of “ethical journalism.”  There is nothing ethical about this, and anybody who doesn’t recognize an election-eve smear is too stupid to be entrusted with a vote anyway.  I haven’t endorse Newt, but at the same time, I think what is being done to him in this case is abominable.  He has nothing to which he can respond, and nothing to refute, and no context but mere expectation of some grim disclosure.  It’s garbage.

Even if the story of the interview with Marianne Gingrich turns out to be explosive, which I doubt, I am going on record as saying:  It no longer matters to me about the substance of this story. It could be horrible, or it could be nothing, as I am inclined to suspect.  The problem is, there are no grounds on which to form any conclusions, and that’s the tip: It’s all too vague and indefinite, leaving too much wiggle-room for the media to re-write history at a later date.  It’s the form of this disclosure that bothers me, and not even so much about Marianne Gingrich, who is being used in this case, whether willingly or not, and I refuse to attack her.

This is a shameless hit-job, and ABC News should be ashamed, but since they have no shame, I don’t expect it. Now it’s being reported the story is being moved to Nightline on Thursday. This is the best indication yet that this may be nothing but a combo ratings-grab/smear story at Gingrich’s expense, because Nightline has fewer viewers than some blogs these days.

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8 Responses to Where Are Drudge’s Big Red Letters Now?

  1. Dave says:

    I'm frankly surprised that Newt did not anticipate this. He has been in DC forever and has had to deal with this kind of crap his entire political life. How could he not anticipate this story coming out. As smart as he appears to be, he must have a game plan to counteract this mudraking. Will be interesting to see how he responds.

  2. Ed Morrisey is reporting that an insider says it's nothing she hasn't said before. I agree that the Nightline time slot GUARANTEES there is no bombshell. ABC wouldn't have a 3 night – primetime – 20/20 expose' if they had something that would stop a major candidate – former Speaker from running for President.

    Perry knows he's not going to win this. HE would earn a lot of points for a future run if he withdrew over this and endorsed Newt saying we will fight together….etc.

  3. uheardme says:

    This reminds me of another hit piece not too long ago about a word painted on a rock 30 years ago, even before the Perry family owned the property. This kind of blatant manipulation by the media is really getting old. We're all sick of it. . . . Dan Rather learned the hard way after his extreme attempt at character assassination portraying George Bush as a draft dodger.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      That's a very good example of a concocted story made of nothing, turned into violently hyped garbage, and used to absolutely wreck a candidacy. It was sickening.

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