CNN: Perry Goes Home(UPDATED-Endorses Newt)

Going Home

USAToday is reporting that Rick Perry is suspending his campaign.  The Texas Governor is coming off of his best debate performance, but he was dealt some real set-backs after poor-than-expected performances in earlier debates.  Perry is the longest-serving Governor in Texas History, and his entry into the race last August was greeted by anticipation of a vigorous campaign.

Whatever else you might say about Perry, he certainly provided some moments of entertainment on the campaign trail, and in the debates, and not everything funny about what he said was at his expense.  I personally enjoyed when he took on Mitt Romney a little.

Update: National Journal is reporting that Perry will endorse Newt Gingrich

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3 Responses to CNN: Perry Goes Home(UPDATED-Endorses Newt)

  1. Phil Zieber says:

    I fear we are sacrificing the bold, in this campaign, in favor of milquetoast.

    He had a pretty good track record in Texas, for solving the kind of problems our country is facing as a whole. Although I couldn't warm up to his position on border security and immigration, I thought his idea for cutting the Congressional Session and commpensation to be unique and sorely necessary.

    I'm a little concerned as to what this leaves us: An isolationist, a closet liberal, an ego maniac and Charlie Brown.

    Ronald Reagen. Where are you?

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