Daily Caller: Tea Party Coalescing Around Newt Gingrich

Tea Party to Dump Mitt in Harbor?

The Daily Caller is reporting that in South Carolina, the Tea Party seems to have begun to coalesce around Newt Gingrich.  That’s an amazing change of things, and this further demonstrates why Mitt Romney is becoming desperate, and the leftist media that wants him to be the nominee for easier defeat by Obama in November is now conducting an all-out war on Newt Gingrich.  For Gingrich, this is great news, and for the forces of anti-Romney, it may be even better news, because as I reported late Wednesday night, one poll is now showing Gingrich in a clear lead in South Carolina, but until the votes are tallied, it may be too close to call.

What remains to be seen is what effect the bogus non-story story pushed by Drudge and ABC News on Wednesday evening will have on these numbers, or the Tea Party’s support, but I suspect there may well be a backlash against this garbage underway.  From the article:

“My sense is there is a growing coalition behind Newt Gingrich,” said Dugan, who organized a state tea party convention last weekend that both Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum attended.

Mitt’s in trouble in the Palmetto state, and this story explains it well.  The thing to remember in all of this is that it’s terribly fluid, with as many as 40% or more of South Carolina Republicans still undecided, even at this late date.  Hold onto your hats, because with all the shenanigans already ongoing, it’s likely to be a very wild ride.  If the Tea Party continues this trend through the remainder of the week, it may just tip things in Gingrich’s favor.  The probability of a backlash against media sleaze is increased, as I think voters are catching on and no longer seem willing to let the media choose their candidate any longer.


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  1. Right you are Mark…the TEA Party and the American people in general are sick of the left wing media and their twisted logic lies.

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