Romney’s Lead Collapsing Nationwide


NewsMax is reporting the results of a Gallup poll that shows Mitt Romney’s lead nationally is collapsing.  It’s clear that Romney’s last two debate performances have hurt him, and Thursday night’s answer about whether he would follow his father’s example on the release of his tax returns is seen as a large part of his troubles.  He answered “maybe,” and this made him look as though he was hiding something.

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This couldn’t help Romney, who has been having difficulties gaining traction in South Carolina despite millions of dollars in media time purchased directly by his campaign, or by so-called SuperPACs acting on his behalf.  Romney may recover, but the problem is that he’s going to take positive steps to do so, and thus far, he’s maintained his lead by default.  Now that the race is tightening, that strategy may no longer work, and if the electorate senses he’s being evasive, it could cause him significant damage in excess of any his own negative campaign against Gingrich is now having.

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3 Responses to Romney’s Lead Collapsing Nationwide

  1. moonprinces says:

    NEWT all the way even sara palin agrees we don't need or want another mccain. please people he is the only one to defeat omuslim all his dirty has now been aired so omuslim can't use it. and they better start screaming about the pipeline and drilling our own oil wake up people we MUST get omuslim OUT

  2. Dave says:

    Don't worry. If Mitt looks like he might not win, the GOP establishment will fix the vote tally like they did in Iowa. Before I recieve hate mail on that remark, take a look at this link.

    The GOP establishment will get its way if even if they have to cheat.

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