Flash: Newt Wins; Credits Palin for Surge!

Victory in South Carolina

Gingrich wins in South Carolina. Pick the media outlet. Meanwhile, he also credits former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the surge.

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5 Responses to Flash: Newt Wins; Credits Palin for Surge!

  1. Dave says:

    Hopefully, this will take Mittens down a few notches. Also hope this is the only win for Newt. We don't need more government. We need a return to the constitution. Evidently SC is too used to suckling from the big government teat to vote for the constitution.

    Newt and Santorum don't believe in the constitution. I will reserve judgement on Sarah until she makes an official endorsement, but, so far, it isn't looking too good.

    Obama aided by his allies in the media, will absolutely destroy Newt or Romney if they get the GOP nomination. Santorum will be only slightly less vulnerable. Athough it pains me to say it, the only chance we have to save this country from collapse.

    • Ok Dave, you are probably listening to all the Ron Paul or Glenn Beck rhetoric. Perhaps you should really listen to the candidates own words.

      Compare and Contrast Tea Party Activism

      Their View on Personal rights are different:

      Santorum believes rights should be regulated

      • Then of course you can compare Santorum to Obama.. how will that work out? They will both stand there and argue that individualism never works, and you will have a choice between an Islamic-Secular Humanist theocracy of Obama or the Inquisition of Santorum.

        <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VecvKDqLVMY

        href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VecvKDqLVMY” target=”_blank”>

    • bowe says:

      Dave sounds good but I'm not sure mitt can beat the liberal machine playing the Race card!