South Carolina Poll Results: And the Winner Is…

Palmetto State Poll

As the polls close in South Carolina, and we wait to find out about the returns, we have a clear winner in our own poll.  This suggests good things for Newt Gingrich tonight, but because this poll is a small, unscientific sample, it may not be representative of anything beyond the readership of this site, and I do note there seems to be a definite bias there, based on comments.  I also learned a lesson: I should have kept the poll a sticky post to keep it at the top, because the number of respondents diminished rapidly once it went further down, and then off the front page.  My apologies for that.

Here are the results(of all of them, I find the last question’s result the most interesting:)

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3 Responses to South Carolina Poll Results: And the Winner Is…

  1. jan says:

    If Newt truely wins tonight, it will be a huge confidence builder for our nation.

  2. juneau says:

    Why would Newt winning build confidence? I don't understand. Thanks.

  3. Dave says:

    Another win for the Big Government Progressives. If this continues our country is doomed. Anyone who thinks Newt is going to change anything is smoking the stuff they accuse Paulies of smokin'.