Ann Coulter Flails; Implies Conservatives, Tea Party Stupid

Ann Coulter Loses Mind

Another so-called conservative lost her mind in public again today, this time on Fox and Friends. It’s funny to see Ann Coulter attempt to pass herself off as a mainstream Republican.  In New York, maybe.  She puts forward a pair of contradictory premises.  On the one hand, she says that the voters who Republicans need to attract for the general election are those who trend more to the center, or even a little left, but on that basis, Gingrich isn’t the best choice.  Then she attacks Gingrich for being to the left of Romney.  The fact that Coulter can’t see this contradiction before she proposes it is all the evidence you need to know that she has now become completely unhinged.

The war against Newt continues to escalate.  The GOP establishment is clearly terrified.  Here’s the video:

The fact that Coulter dismisses the plurality of the South Carolina electorate who voted for Newt, or the vast majority that didn’t support her guy, Mitt Romney, is a key to understanding that Coulter has now left us.  I’m certain there will be future instances in which she will say something conservatives and Tea Party folks like, but in the main, Coulter has demonstrated repeatedly throughout the last year that she is now irrevocably committed to the GOP establishment.  She’s grown comfortable among them, and is now one of theirs. Of course, as she offers you her contradictory premises, she assumes you’re too stupid to notice, so her dismissal of conservatives is not surprising.

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23 Responses to Ann Coulter Flails; Implies Conservatives, Tea Party Stupid

  1. Don Purser says:

    Is she a law-bound lawyer, committed to the law, against the principles of right and wrong, or the goal of justice? That is what she sounds like…folks who will absolutely commit evil because they think some man-made law somehow overrides truth, justice, and the American way.

    She has obviously left the plantation. She should get out of NYC more – LOTS more!!

    • Pat Chandler says:

      In the past, I considered Ann Coulter to be one of my heroes. Lately she has begun to show her true colors. Her stinging comments about Newt Gingrich winning in South Carolina just shows, if things don't go her way, she pouts, shouts, and belittles everyone within her shouting distance. Her snide remarks are no longer admirable nor are they to be praised as 'telling it like it is'. Somewhere down the line, Ann has created a rift between herself and the American people; a disconnect, one might say. She's a smart woman, but then, so am I, but I don't have to go around 'castrating' men to prove it. Go home Ann, and get in touch with your 'inner child', and don't forget to give 'her' a good spanking. It's overdue! ps. Your 'inner child' could also use some 'time in the corner' away from the political arena.

      • sanmaz says:

        I totally agree. When she is on tv I turn it off. Can't take her anymore. She'll vote for Obama instead of Newt if he's our candidate.

  2. Winghunter says:

    She's determined to commit the same mistake over and over again – Elect RINOs who do nothing more than advance treasonous and suicidal policies as we've so clearly watched happen before our very eyes.

    Ann Coulter Could Not Be More Wrong

    RINOs are the great compromisers:

    "In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromiser is the transmitting rubber tube." – Ayn Rand

  3. mytorpor says:

    If we get all those who voted just for McCain we might win Arizona…if we get those who voted for Sarah Palin we will expand those numbers quite a bit! And those who voted for Sarah Palin LOVED her ability and courage on exposing the real Obama on the issues that conservatives care about! It is not that we do not care about Newt Gingrich's past mistakes, it is that we understand that we have no flawless candidates and a history of divorce is preferable to a candidate who is just a less egotistical version of the person being replaced!

  4. I used to love Coulter. Now I'm forced to admit the left is right about her though the things they say are for the wrong reason. I can't stomach her any more.

  5. dnr says:

    Ann has jumped the shark.

  6. Coulter has been bought by the Romney machine, Christies glowing endorsement (her man amonngst men) and her disdain for reality among voters. Further, Ann Coulter no longer represents conservatives, in fact, they have disowned her. Her bogus rants against Gingrich and anyone but Romney are proof enough that objectivity is lost with her and she is firmly situated on the status quo bandwagon.

  7. Greg Zotta says:

    Let's not forget, Ann Coulter wanted the RINO Chris Christie to run for president. Coulter lends credence to the stereotype of blondes and intelligence.Now she is for the Establishment candidate Mitt Romney, claiming and rightly so that Newt Gingrich is not a Conservative. Rick Santorum is the one closest to a Conservative left in the Republican race for President.

  8. SheilaK says:

    You know I used to really respect Ann, but she has gone over to the dark side. Does she not recall saying that whenever the GOP ran a conservative, that conservative WON? How she can believe the Mittens is 'more conservative' than Newt is beyond me.

    I don't like his baggage, that 's for sure. But in this climate, I would take Newt at his worst than what we have in the White House now. I think that Newt is a genius that happens to do stupid stuff from time to time. IE, sitting on the couch with that hollow eyed hippie, Pelosi. But I think that in the main, his heart is with this country and his policies would be more for the good. No more bowing to Saudi Kings….I kinda like that.

    BTW, my pick was Rick Perry. Other than having poor debate skills that guy is pretty sharp. But whomever we run on the right, I am confident that clown in the white house will be GONE.

  9. Tony says:

    Ann Coulter lost me when I found out she was hanging out (and some say sleeping with) Bill Maher. She also proved she was no true conservative when she started bad mouthing Sarah Palin just like liberals and the GOP establishment have been doing for 4 years.

  10. FalconTinker says:

    Coulter doesn't realize that she is the one who is totally emotional. The author points out an excellent contradiction.

    Romney's new ad's are just as off base, in one he mocks Newt for claiming to be an outsider, and in the next he points out that Newt was kicked out of Washington by his own party…. doesn't that qualify him as an outsider?

    Ann Coulter and all of the MSM want Mitt as the Rep. candidate.

  11. A.Men says:

    Ann Coulter is nuts, crazy, insane, off her meds… She has lost me and the American Tea Party Conservative.

    Sadly after her Rock — her dear Mother died — she has been going off the deep end.

    Ann, please get some medical help and maybe you return to the SANE!

  12. wodiej says:

    I've never liked Coulter anyway. She is hateful and mean spirited. However if she was at least conservative and objective that would give her some points-but she isn't. She reminds me of Madonna in the sense that Madonna rose to fame with her brashness but eventually just got too full of herself and never had a moral core. Coulter thinks Bill Maher is just great. Anyone with a moral core would not feel that way about vulgar, hate filled Maher.

  13. brucefdb says:

    She looked uncomfortable delivering the same rant on Oreilly. Generally there is logic in her barbs. In this case it is insanity. I suspect Maher has tapes on her. Either that or the networks wont let her sell her twice a year books if she doesnt do as bid.

  14. imannee says:

    Wow, she is RIGHT ON! This is what I've been saying for a week now, yet all my conservative friends have fallen for the Gingrich BS hook line and sinker. It's maddening, b/c there is SO much evidence of Gingrich's bad policy ideas, liberal hanky panky, and character flaws yet all are turning a blind eye, including my heroes Limbaugh and Palin!

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Bad policy ideas? You mean, like Romney-care? Does it get worse than that? Oh, yes, it does: Obamacare is its child. Same mother, different fathers, neither legitimate. Of course, I wouldn't be the first to point out that socialism is a b…h

  15. Joel Poynter says:

    The cheese has finally fallen off your cracker.
    Put on your helmet and take your meds. Everything will be all right.