New Jersey Blowhard: “Newt Gingrich has embarrassed the party”

New Jersey's Bully Pulpit

New Jersey Governor Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie appeared on Meet The Press Sunday as Romney’s surrogate to continue the attacks on Gingrich.  There’s something unseemly about Romney’s continuing strategy to keep his own hands clean while sending out his attack pitbull to do his dirty work. In the video clip below, Krispy calls Gingrich an embarrassment to the Republican Party, but looking at him, this may yet beg a question he probably wouldn’t care to prompt on the subject of embarrassments. It’s true to say that Gingrich has had his problems, but this statement by Christie is obnoxious. It would be great if Romney had the…intestinal fortitude to make these attacks on his own.

Watch the video:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.1010817&w=425&h=350&]

This man is full of…himself, isn’t he?  Frankly, to say that Gingrich “has never run anything” is a dishonest statement, unless the windbag from New Jersey considers the US House of Representatives insignificant.

I reported to you earlier Sunday morning that the war on Gingrich would begin, and that the establishment and media would work together to destroy Gingrich. That didn’t take long.

I can only imagine a Gingrich response: “Only among the entrenched establishment of the GOP is it possible to view a land-slide victory in a South Carolina primary as an ’embarrassment. This is what is wrong with that wing of the Republican party: They don’t know how to win.”

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23 Responses to New Jersey Blowhard: “Newt Gingrich has embarrassed the party”

  1. Marlin Rice says:

    GOP elite mouthpeace. Chris Krispy Kream Chhristi is the disgusting one.

  2. carlirwin12 says:

    well if Newt is a embarrassment then what Christi has done makes him a idiot, and the reason I say that, is Christi has just said the majority of voters in S. Carolina just voted for a embarrassment to their own party, so what are the voters to think of what Christi feels about them? Maybe contempt?

  3. C.A. Bamford says:

    This unconscionable, and unsupported attack on a front-runner in the GOP primary race by an established member of the GOP is just one step away from shilling for Obama.

    He is not just belittling Gingrich. He is dismissing the people of America who have had enough of both the marxist left and the righteous right party "elite". Neither group has been looking out for the American people.

    Christie did himself harm with this sore-loser bit.

    I have found, however, that pinning a picture of Christie next to my fridge is an effective deterrent to snacking…so thanks, Gov Chrispie

  4. jerseyflash says:

    Tell KK Christie to look at a pattern that is going on in this country…AND THE TEA PARTY hasn't started to PARTAAAAA…the year was 2000 and the voter turn out in SC GOP 573,000…2008 voter turn out SC 445,000…2012 voter turn out in SC for there GOP guy…READY…MORE THEN 600,000 voters…ask KKC if SC doesn't have a favorite flavor…ask KKC if has a problem saying his guy just lost in a LANDSLIDE

  5. carm says:

    Christi wants the limelight and wants to be a player as well as VP. He is another one who does not like the fact that when Governor Palin speaks she gets more media than anyone; when she speaks people listen. Get over it Christi you don't have political savvy she has and never will.
    Thanks mark for putting this out.

  6. gengm7 says:

    I have never been impressed with Chris Christie, I have no idea what all the fuss is about, the man has no control of his, speak before he thinks mouth, he is confrontational and needs to grow up, The idea that anyone person ,could actually have a vision, let alone, to actually have the insight to choose a person that could run Our America, and he has no self control, you can see that by his weight, if he can't take care of himself, and has no want to, Why on earth would you ever trust him with our Country, Trust me, Christie is no man to lead you anywhere except listen to him,do as you should, what he tells you, and he will tell you what he thinks, with no real direction. he is the through darts to impress others you should think, wow he's the man who likes to mouth off, not exactly a mature man in my view.he is rather immature, something you would expect from a young non experienced, shoot from the hip, no, I would never, ever vote for, let alone be impressed with, this ingrate. I am afraid I have much more life experience to fall for this mouth piece.

  7. Mark says:

    It wasn't a $300,000 fine Chris! He was found NOT GUILTY but had to reimburse some costs to the tune of $300,000…..everybody knows this and you do too!

  8. Kathleen says:

    I like Chris Christie but I have become disappointed with him along with a few others.

  9. Dave says:

    When Christie won the Governorship of New Jersey and started taking on the big unions there I was pretty impressed with him. I watched some of the YouTube video on him and his no BS, direct attitude with the media and voters. Again I was impressed. But then he started with the global warming stuff and more big government, I started questioning his conservative credentials. His endorsement of Romney was the final nail in the coffin. Christie is a big government progressive like the rest. His attack on Newt is just the pot (a big pot) calling the kettle black. Newt and Mitt are two sides of the same progressive, flip-flopping coin. Neither has the country's best interests at heart.

  10. Gail says:

    Mark Levin doesn't like Chris Christie…now I know why. and I have read he, Christie is part of the GOP establishment .

    However he is doing a better job as Gov of NJ than Corzine ever did!

  11. gengm7 says:

    Ethics Violations for Newt Gingrich Truths

    In short the charge an 75 ethics violations by Democrate David Bonior and other democrates after Newt successfully caused the resignation of the former Democrate speaker jim Wright, of the 75 charges, were found to have no merit what so ever, to get the correct history and back ground and even though Newt did pay 300K fine for the 75 charge after 31/2 years charge It is clear that the Republican establishment does not want newt and have labled him as an
    Undisciplined based on this past history and for exactly the same reason they don't like tea paryt candidates, theThey cant control them, in Feb.16 1999 Newt gingrich was cleared (Bob Dole loaned Newt funds in 1996)

    charge ….weather Newt funded…. his college class….. Rrenewing American civilization" , the issue was to complitated an issue for the committee to investagate on its own so they brought in an tax expert out of this investigation, the first charge from ethics commmittee is that he may have violated tax law by using tax deductible contributions from Non profit organizations to teach an allegdly partisan college course, the lectures never mentioned the words " Republican or Demorcrate, and one entire session was spent prasing FDR "is that partisan?. Not only has a former commissioner of the IRS come forward and SAID THAT NO TAX LAWS WERE VIOLATED< But an ethics committee lawyer even gave approval for the class before Newt Startd, GO TO THE SITES I HAVE PROVIDED YOU, READ FOR YOURSELF AND KNOW NBC CBS ABC NONE OF THE NEWS MEDIA WOULD NOT TELL THE TRUTH NOT ONE, SO YOU ARE SAYING AND TELLING LIES AND YOU SHOULD BE HELD FOR SLANDER CHRISTIE BECAUSE YOU ARE A LIER.*******PLEASE TETWEET THIS OVER AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE POST IT ON YOUR BLOGS TELL ****THE TRUTH PLEASE*****

  12. The very quality that can often be so endearing for Christie will also be his downfall. He has no filter.

  13. sanmaz says:

    Birds of a liberal stick together.

  14. Thank you mark for articulating so well, showing us the facts about the backgound behing the false ethics charges way back when against Newt, and the fact that you brought 4 cahrges of abuse against the guy going after Newt.

  15. Christie is as worthless as romney. He's playing cheer leader so he can become vp. If they win we would go from a leftist obama to a pandering centralist.

    Mark, why are you the only one that gets it? Why is every other network including including your buddies riding the romney train?

      • Rush, Hannity. At least Hannity is trying to sound neutral. Rush hammers Newt, then tries to change his tune after he won sc. Im disappointed. When Newt went after romney after Iowa, and everyone was throwing a hissy fit because their golden boy was being attacked, you were the only one mentioning that Newt was attacked first in Iowa.