The Myth of Gingrich “Unfavorability” Exposed

Not Electable?

In a story certain to raise a few eyebrows, and sure to anger the GOP establishment, CNSNews is reporting on the results of a poll that show Gingrich defeated the media by a margin of 54% to 14% in what must be considered a refutation of the latest media theme on Gingrich’s “questionable electability.” The PPP poll reflects what most of us have suspected all along:  A reasonably conservative candidate who will stand up and take on the media will gain the overwhelming support of conservatives in particular, but will also tend to gain support from independents and moderates who share the general skepticism about the media’s agenda in every political event or issue.

This is indicative of the problem for Mitt Romney, because while he tries very hard to avoid offending the media, what he’s really doing is annoying those voters who believe the media is out of touch, or even “in the tank” for Romney.  Romney continues to get somewhat more favorable treatment from the media. This too-cozy relationship is something Romney ought to sever, because it’s actually hurting him more than it will ever help him, particularly among conservatives who already worry that Romney is simply too liberal, a characterization they attach also to the media.

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3 Responses to The Myth of Gingrich “Unfavorability” Exposed

  1. Exactly and don't forget the woman exit polling results, he so won them in SC :D A landslide compared to romney. The exact opposite of what supposed polls showed or media pushed. :D

  2. Sharon Livingston says:

    Romney is like a Stepford wife, to perfect to be true. Every time I see him I think of that movie and how perfect those "wives" were, made by the men to their specifications. yyuk.

  3. Dr Yvonne says:

    I'm for Newt-remember 1994.

    Some of the GOP estab does NOT want capitalsim in USA.
    A few GOPers shut down Senator Joe McCarthy, with commi media's help.
    GOP estab wants to do the same to Speaker Gingrich. I hope they fail.

    Why is Ann Colter is losing it, big time…not very bright historically speaking.