Mark America’s State of the Union Address

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, will deliver to you an address on the state of the Union. Let me proclaim to the knowing of the world that our President is a liar.  You need not listen to his lies, because while he would pollute your minds with more propaganda, as has been his habit, and to counter him, I will now tell you the unvarnished truth, and not merely about the condition of our country, but the condition of the government that is running it into the ground.  President Obama will offer you a fantastic stage-show, during which members of Congress will be encouraged to applaud, but you should know that what you are seeing is a spectacle intended to blind you.

The economy of the United States is in shambles.  Despite the best attempts of your government to obscure the truth, the economy is weak and weakening.  Unemployment is far worse than their official statistics are rigged to report. Your banking system has been ravaged and your treasury has been raped.  Programs and other expenditures that you were told would be only a “temporary stimulus” have been maintained in law through subsequent years, and the expenditures continue unabated.  Small businesses now create fewer jobs, and the same is true of corporations, but only one sort of institution creates more jobs, and it is government; you and your children and their children will be held for all times to pay for them.

The financial state of the country is far worse than they will admit.  In the short three years of his presidency, the purchasing power of your dollar has fallen by more than twenty percent.  No lie that he will tell this night could possibly replace in your pocket all the value he has stolen from you and your family.  When you view the policies in total, what you must recognize is that he is committing a grotesque theft, as he robs us not only of wealth and prosperity, but also our precious freedoms.  The Federal government now consumes twenty-five percent of our total production, and this does not include the value they are stealing by virtue of the Federal Reserve system.

Worst of all, on this front, our Treasury has undertaken a policy by which European derivative risks are shifted into coverage by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, ensuring that when the Euro currency goes under, we will accompany them over that cliff.

In the so-called reform of health-care, he has managed to rig the methods by which he will ultimately steal your lives.  Not merely your momentary well-being, but indeed your actual existence.  This President has decided that if you’re old, you should die, and if you’re sick, you should get minimal treatment, as he explained to one lady that “grandma might have to take a pill.”

In education, he is using every leverage of the federal bureaucracy to politicize the schools and propagandize your children.  In the military, he is sheering away whole divisions of the Army and canceling those necessary expenditures that help our men and women survive and obtain victory on the battlefields to which they are sent.

Considering all of these, you might believe that if you merely asked the question, “Are you better off now than [three] years ago,” you might conclude that no person in his or her right mind would ever vote to re-elect this destroyer.  You would believe that while he carries on all of this, nobody could endorse it and ask for four more years of this, but I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken.

The disgusting truth of the matter is that not everybody sees Barack Obama as do you.  You who are reading this are likely literate, engaged, and intelligent, and thoroughly concerned about the future of your family, and indeed your communities and the country as a whole.  You might believe that since you see this, and since everybody you know sees this, it must be self-evident to all.  This is not the case, because not everybody in the country is worse-off than three years ago.  Many are remarkably better-off.

Barack Obama has set out on a course to rob you, but you should ask what has become of the proceeds of this massive, unceasing theft. He has through one form or another diverted the funds to those who will vote for him in November of 2012.  He has seen to it that the unions are the primary beneficiary of all of those continuing “temporary stimulus” dollars.  The dependents who have lived long on the welfare state have found themselves the recipients of new bonuses, and their ranks have swelled.  Even now, he is formulating a plan to pay mortgages for some qualifying individuals, in order to buy even more votes than before. He has taken over the student loans programs so that he can control when the demands for repayment will be enforced, so while the debtors may skate along without scrupulously repaying their loans for the moment, this temporary relief will end once he secures a second term.

He is plotting at every level to purchase votes by any means necessary. He has used power the constitution does not grant to him in order to carry out these schemes, and tonight he will tell you that he will rule almost without reference to Congress.  Ladies and gentlemen, your President is well on his way to becoming a tyrant, and as he postures as a benevolent dictator, and will purportedly tell you the state of the Union, he is instead going to deliver yet another Utopian lie.

Do not take false comfort from the mistaken belief that ridding our country of this villain will be easy.  It will not.  If you want to save this nation, it would be best to make tonight’s State of the Union address Barack Obama’s very last.  Our country will not survive another four years of his malevolent maladministration.  The game is rigged, but only one thing will stop him from winning: You, the American people, loyal patriots and friends, must stand up to oppose him.  You must repel their efforts, from now until the election, but if he prevails, we will be in truly desperate straits.  Our country is on the precipice, and it will not survive a tepid opposition.  We must defeat Barack Obama, and we must pour all our efforts into electing somebody who will replace him and reverse his un-American plans.  We must capture the Senate, and we must strengthen the majority in the House. This we must do because the only alternative will be disaster.  America will die, and with it, freedom for men on Earth.

Do not trust to hope.  Do not expect him to change.  Defeat him. It’s your last chance, and there will not be another before many generations pass into an ever-shrinking post-American history.

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18 Responses to Mark America’s State of the Union Address

  1. Kathleen says:

    I love your state of the union.

  2. dnr says:

    So very true. I use the words "malevolent", "cunning", and "evil" to describe him on a regular basis. Your use of the word "villain" is also very appropriate. This man is nothing more than an enemy of the state. He truly has no allegiance to anyone, and that makes him particularly dangerous.

  3. Thomas Dixon says:

    As I sit here and listen to the President's speech, I simultaneously am reading your post. Mark, the truth I can handle – a speaker at the podium who lies to me while he looks me in the eye knowing he's lying to me sends chills up my spine.

    I foresee a terrible Summer. The Progressives (both Dem & Repub) are pressing forward full bore to overcome the good people of the United States. There will be "no quarter" in their assault and will expend every effort to overcome the virtue and righteousness of all Americans who believe in justice and "the American way."

    He's just said that they will open up gas and oil exploration, but will not "walk away from clean energy…" OMG ~ he's just committed the Dept of the Navy to provide clean energy to a quarter of a million homes. Is that what we expect from the Defense Department?

    Mark, as you said, we're in real trouble. The state of our Union is being guided by an aristocratic group of people who don't care what the average citizen suffers. We MUST convince our American brothers and sisters that their future is on the line ~ and their children's future, ad infinatum.

    Please stay the course. Many are spreading the word. God save the Republic!

    • fred johnson says:

      Mark THANKS please keep it comming. Dan like you said, we are in trouble. The puppet master George just got done saying thay there will be RIOTS in the streets this summer. Wonder who is paying Van Jones ?? I liked what obumma had to say about Congress and insider trading. Send me a bill banning it. Let's see where that goes. All in All it was a good OPEN SOSIETY speech If that's what you want. As for me Please GOD save america.

      • Tracy says:

        Congress and insider trading. What a joke. A couple of congressman have tried to introduce a bill but no one else will sign on. I'm sure Obama knows all about it. Just another lie coming out of his mouth.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Just in case your interested or curious. You can read what Governor Daniels had to say in his state of the union. He talks about Obama.

  5. Fred says:

    Daniels.cannot be believed; Heks another Obama shill!

  6. MaryL says:

    Bravo, Mark! Couldn't have said it better. I refuse to listen to this Prince of Lies and will not be tuning in tonight.

  7. Barry says:

    So having written this Mark, will you still "sit this one out" if Romney gets the nomination? I don't like him either and pray to God he doesn't win the nomination but if he does, I will vote for him, because as you so eloquently point out in this blog, Obama must be defeated.

    • CPB says:

      Barry – Amen –
      I, too, would prefer a non-Romney but it must be ABO (Anybody But Obama)
      The malevolent, evil, villain would be 100 times worse if he gets another 4 years because he would no longer have to worry about getting re-elected. Just imagine the destruction!

  8. Hank says:

    Instead of a message regarding the state of the union I feel as though we were all scolded.
    Again, read Atlas Shrugged and also keep one eye on the other hand.

  9. Tracy says:

    Thank you, Mark , for your address. I must have yelled liar 50 times during Obama's speech. I made myself watch it to keep my resolve going to do everything in my power to stop this man. I am absolutely astounded how he can tell such lies with such a straight face and that all of congress can stand there and clap for him. All of them knowing what this man has done and what he will keep doing. I am sickened beyond belief and cannot stop the sneer on my face even after he's done. Summer is coming fast. We had better all be prepared.

  10. lemonv says:

    As usual, he would be making making promises to the working Americans and then breaking them once his sponsors expressed their disapproval. The only promise he made which he has not broken is his promise for us to hope that everything will be allright in the future. And he has consisitently upheld that promise and will consistently uphold it..

  11. Sue Green says:

    DO YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND HOW OUR GOVERNMENT WORKS???? One man (Oboma) did not creat the mess our country is in , he cannot create laws, bills and other programs without congessional approval. We should not re=elect any member of of the sitting congress, they have done NOTHING but bicker and hold hard to party lines. Until we have a president and congress that is willing to sit down and work on legislation bi-partisiantly for the good of our country it will only get worse. Be you a Democrat, Republican. Tea Party or Independent we MUST work together as citiizens of this great Nation and ask for GOD's guidance to survive.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Madame, I am intimately acquainted with how government works. You needn't SCREAM. It is true that Obama alone did not create all our problems, and I have said as much. The problem is that he does nothing to alleviate them, but instead is happily and diligently working to worsen them. We do not need bi-partisanship. We need patriotism.

      • Sue Green says:

        I am very much a PATRIOT of my country and that is why I feel so strongly that it pays to co-operate in all walks of life. How do get along with your neighbors?????

    • MaryL says:

      First, spell his name right! 2nd, he has, time and time, circumvented Congress to appoint Czars and other unsavory appointments without the approval of Congress. He is single-handedly destroying our country.

      • Sue Green says:

        These appointments Preident OBAMA made were responsible for all of the current economic conditions, HOW ??? Don't get me wrong, I don't think he has done a great job either but in fairness the blame should be spread to alll responsible including us as citizen's of this country . If everyone strived to live within their means and not wald away from their debts and resposiblities and were willing to work hard we could also make a difference. Out of work, try doing any honest work even if it means accepting a minimum wage job to start with. Flip a Burger!!!!