The Truth About Newt Gingrich and His Ethics “Fines”(Updated)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...On Tax-Payers' Dime

Governor Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie repeated the dishonest line about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich being chased out of office due to ethics violations, and that he had been forced to pay a fine, in his Meet The Press interview Sunday.  Let me state this unambiguously to any who may have been fooled by this line:  Chris Christie is lying.  Period.  The truth of the matter that Chris Christie won’t tell you is that David Bonior, once the Democrat Whip in the House, filed charge after charge as a matter of creating a nuisance.  The Democrats knew that Gingrich was not particularly wealthy compared to many members, and that they could bankrupt him in legal expenses.  This was their way of hounding him from the Speakership, but it was ultimately his own party that did him dirty out of fears they couldn’t explain this to voters. As Christie sits there gulping air and spewing garbage, you might want to consider his ethical lapses, flitting around as he does at tax-payers’ expense to attend his son’s ballgames.

I’m not going to suggest to you that Newt Gingrich is a perfect human being, or anything approaching it, but just as when I defended Governor Romney on the matter of capitalism and Bain Capital, I am going to tell you the truth.  The facts are clear: Bonior and the Democrats conducted a campaign of phony ethics claims against Gingrich in order to tie him up legislatively, undermine his moral authority as Speaker, and to drive him deeply into debt.  The ‘settlement’ reached was essentially aimed at putting it to bed so he could get on with his life.  This should sound particularly familiar to those of you who have followed the attacks on Sarah Palin near the end of her term as Governor.  Gingrich was almost a prototype for what was later done to Palin.

Chris Christie sits there pompously talking about this information as if there is more to the story he’s suppressing by way of doing you a favor, and there is more, but his concealing it wasn’t intended to do you any favors.  The fact is that the sole charge that wasn’t tossed by the ethics committee was investigated by the IRS and in 1999, they concluded there had been no wrong-doing on Gingrich’s part. Of course, that story got little or no play in most media outlets, and the humpty-dumpty donut-horker in New Jersey wouldn’t want to “regale” you with that.

Of course, there are a number of things ‘Krispy Kreme’ hasn’t told you, including what Palin revealed on Monday night’s Hannity show, where she mentioned an episode in which the New Jersey governor used a state helicopter to attend his son’s ballgame.  The point is that while this man goes on about Gingrich, but omits all the important facts, he’s out there doing things that I consider entirely unethical.  I suppose he simply forgot those things.  This line of attack by Romney’s New Jersey surrogate is dishonest, and they know it, but then again, they’re now desperate. Nobody should be surprised.

Mark Levin covered this story on his show Monday evening, and you should hear his take on it.  He gets it exactly right:

(Note: You can check out more of Levin’s show archives at

Update: Byron York carried the same facts about Gingrich on Wednesday.

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9 Responses to The Truth About Newt Gingrich and His Ethics “Fines”(Updated)

  1. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone… Well, I guess Gov. Christie is not without sin.

  2. Cheechako says:

    Politics, my friend….politics. Like in a civil court case – its not who's telling the truth, but rather who tells the best story.
    In a perfect world – ALL these s.o.b.'s should be tossed out, on both sides of the aisle.
    Kinda reminds me of the line from Johnny Cash's "Sunday Morning" where he rummages through his laundry to "…find my cleanest dirty shirt."

  3. just-a-guy says:

    The truth shall set us free.

    perfect tone on Gingrich…

    But you neednt worry Gingrich was any thing like off his game, the post debate analysis by the participating Florida correspondants captured his tone and objectives quite well – for those that hang around to watch the initial spin …

    The worry here in fla was that Gingrich would come off as a hot-head if
    he lost his cool or went for unearned standing-'o's…that he needed to present as Presidential in at least this first Presidential debate appearance to polish his image with the older generation here, which is
    the largest block vote here. The reporters thought he did well by defending Medicare part D – got to remind our elderly population how well that program works for them and his part in initiating that program, which is mostly supported by private enterprise.

    Romney came off as the Vulture he is – he didnt express an actual threat to the program, but using it as a weapon to try to make Gingrich look bad was a window into his Hollow Nature. It displays
    no consideration on how the seniors here feel about the program, and Gingrichs counter punch shone a light, brighter than you can imagine, on the fallacious nature of the Romney attacks.

    Many here remember things exactly the way you state in your article.

    Its right on

    By the way – watching the debate off the msnbc server was an unpleasant experience – the streaming live servers continually froze,
    during Gingrich Paul and once even during Romneys ramblings.
    I thought it extremely unprofessional and poorly designed site in the way they decided to handle the streaming…even though the images at full screen were the best of the debates so far -they werent that great,
    not pixelated – but in a fuzzy way.

    have a good day, mark

    mchill/tampa fla

  4. IwjwI says:

    Yes, they did to Palin what they did to Gingrich. Looks like it came from the same DemonRat play book of piling on the bogus ethics complaints.
    Romney has, through his surrogates, done some very down and dirty things to Sarah Palin in the past.
    Her comment about Chris Christie was a twofer. Christie & Romney both were owned with just one swipe from The Momma Grizzly.
    No matter how big Christie thinks himself to be, he can't hide Romney's ugly way of playing dirty politics.

    The old way of playing doesn't fit well with the new paradigm of alt media sources, lightening fast fact checking results, and an informed majority of the populace who are more than happy to help the truth spread like wildfire across our nation.

    Romney's being guided by an older model of politicking, tells me that the GOPE, (GOP Elite), are ancients who haven't grasped the fact that We The People will not tolerate their blatant and deliberate manipulations of the facts.

    2012, We The People have united to "Throw Them All Out."
    Sarah Palin is leading the charge to return the government back to We The People. We will clean house from top to bottom, at all levels of elected positions.
    "Thow Them All Out" ought to be the leading Conservative Mantra for the 2012 elections. Followed with, "Sudden and relentless reform."
    The topic of, "Crony Capitalism," ought to be one of our main conversations.
    Sarah Palin's vision to "Re-awaken, Renew, and Restore," the United States Of America is well on it's way to fruition.

    "United we stand; divided we fall."

  5. DonAlpharetta says:

    Mark, what do you think Pelosi know's about Newt? She seems to think that she can destroy his campaign. Seems to me newt would be ready for anything pelosi would have to say.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Don, I have no idea, but Pelosi may also be bluffing. It's more dirty tricks stuff here.

      • Alex says:

        Oh come on Mark, you do not know. A simple google search will show you what the establishments knows and are terrified if Newt is the nominee. The Ethics Panel, that had Pelosi as a member, never disclosed the more than one million pages with evidence and witness testimony they had to the IRS. When Romney asks for Newt to allow for the full report to be released, that's what he means. Pelosi is legally not allowed to do it herself that's why Newt told her to show if she had anything. Do you think that Obama and his Chicago cronies will have any hesitation to throw an October surprise?

        On its face, the IRS finding seems unequivocal. The 74-page document systematically examines the facts in the complex case and determines that the foundation "did not serve the private interests of" Gingrich or the GOP and did not play a role in any campaign.

        However, in an unusual caveat, the IRS said that its conclusions were based "upon the facts available to us" and the agency did not have access to transcripts of witnesses' statements before the House Ethics Committee, which the panel refused to provide.

        "It is possible that if the Ethics Committee had rendered full cooperation with our examination, the transcripts might have affected our conclusion," the IRS memorandum said.

        It still is not clear why the ethics panel did not provide the IRS with the transcripts.

        There also have been debates over whether IRS supervisors really examined the evidence fully or simply took a bow in hopes of heading off a clash with a powerful figure.

  6. Rob says:

    Spin it any way you want Fact Ethics Committee Chaired by Republican vote 7-1 against Newt House controlled by Republicans voted 395-28 against Newt call it any thing you want he paid $300,000 and you can believe he didn't do anything wrong . After all expertise is rewriting history

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