Coulter Flip-Flop Flashback: Romney Will Lose – Video

When Ann Told The Truth

You may remember a time when Ann Coulter was not such a big Romney fan, and well before she decided to conduct her current slash-and-burn campaign against Newt Gingrich.  She was a Chris Christie fan, but now she’s a Romney supporter, but back before it was certain that Chris Christie wouldn’t run, she had some strong opinions on Mitt Romney, including this one.  Remember this?

Here is Ann Coulter’s opinion on February 12th, 2011:

Okay, so let’s ask this question: Since Chris Christie didn’t run, what must we conclude?

That’s right Ann.  We love YouTube.  It’s not only candidates whose flip-flops we’re tracking.

She was against him before she endorsed him.

This was also before she said conservatives and Tea Party folks were emotion-driven oafs.

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8 Responses to Coulter Flip-Flop Flashback: Romney Will Lose – Video

  1. Karen says:

    SO busted. Ann is all about Ann, always has been. Only most conservatives are just now seeing it, b/c she happens to be on the side of a RINO now.

  2. gengm7 says:

    Great Post today, Mark America

  3. j.a.agibinik says:

    Why won't RINO's just admit they are democrates? Here in AK, we have murcowski…..she votes with obummer more than some democraps. She got elected by union memebers and native corps that always vote for the democraps……I am so tired of RINO's!!!!!
    Palin/West 2012

  4. CPB says:

    I really can't listen to Ann any more. She was so shrill – screaming almost – on Hannity the other night about how a Newt nomination would "hand the election over to Obama". She is SO-O-O sure she is right and all of the rest of us are just so stupid for thinking differently. The condescending bias from her and Karl Rove and Dick Morris is so blatant and so obvious. So much for fair and balanced. Fox is as bad as all of the others.

  5. Anne Coulter against Romney before she was for him? Interesting. Well what have we here.

    James 1:8
    "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

    So these people who are trashing Newt, aka all the Republican Establishment….they are all UNSTABLE in all their ways.

    Michael Carpenter

  6. Kevin in Az says:

    Hey Mark, its been awhile. I see the beltway as sort of a 11th dimensional string theory that I think Ann fell into. It doesn't matter if your Democrat or GOP, its like quicksand. I wonder what she has been offered?

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