Dan Riehl Exposes Out of Context Gingrich Clip

Blogger Dan Riehl

Exposing another lie, Dan Riehl exposes how Gingrich’s remarks are being taken out of context to create a false impression. The forces of Romney are desperate, aren’t they?

See the full story here, at Dan Riehl’s site. He also has a link and embed of the original C-SPAN video in question.


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4 Responses to Dan Riehl Exposes Out of Context Gingrich Clip

  1. JohnInFlorida says:

    No doubt about it, if you listen for an additional 90 seconds beyond the short clip that is making the rounds bashing Gingrich, you see that there is no bashing at all but a statement that you cannot just march in place with Reagan's accomplishments but must move the ball even further down the field. Sounds to me like "Reagan got us started, lets keep going and 'win one for the Gipper:' … and America"

  2. eyetooth tom says:

    I be early voting in Fl tomorrow. Got brochure in mail today from Romney. Three vows;
    – Cut federal spending
    – Balance the budget
    – Repeal Obamacare
    Hasn't come about of course but promised.

    Newt vows:
    – To have and to hold until death do us part
    – To have and to hold until death do us part
    – To have and to hold until death do us part
    One out of three holding up so far. At least for campaign purposes.

    Ole eyetooth been there, done that, think family record of Romney trumps all. Been thinking on this a long time. God, country, family.

    Politics is nasty business. Let loose!

    • Deb in Texas says:

      I would agree with you if I was looking for a husband. But I'm looking for a leader with real ideas and real solutions and that would be Newt! He has asked God for forgiveness and that's good enough for me. Plus if only 18% of congress approves of this guy, that's ALL I need to know why he is the man for the job.

  3. If this isn't a shape-shifting primary, I don't know what is!