Drudge Distort: What Will Be the Reaction to the War on Gingrich?

The State of Dis-Union

Matt Drudge is making a lot of hay over Gingrich’s alleged anti-Reagan speech, that we know know wasn’t, and he’s clearly sympathetic to Mitt Romney, but why is it that conservatives are reacting badly against this?  The answer is simpler than most will admit, and it comes down to just two things.  First, the conservative base and Tea Party folk in the GOP are beginning to doubt media altogether, and they’re seeing through the obvious anti-Gingrich bias, but more importantly, I believe it comes down to this more than any other thing:  They are sick to death of the media and the GOP establishment selecting the Republican nominee.  I think this explains everything you need to know why conservatives and Tea Party folk look at these exaggerated, out-of-context headlines and stories, and just say “No.”

If you wish to know how dishonest Matt Drudge has been on this story, up in the top-left of his site all morning Thursday were three stories agitating against Gingrich’s alleged anti-Reagan sentiments, but the third of these, from 1988, has already been debunked. Why didn’t Drudge take this down?  No, he waited until it was thoroughly debunked, but the damage of the lie was done. He left it up in exactly the same way he allowed his anti-Newt stories of last Wednesday and Thursday to remain up most of the day, despite the fact that it had been revealed most were over-hyped re-hashings of old stories.  Drudge has relocated this a bit, but this is how it appeared just more than an hour ago:

NEWT 1986: ‘The Reagan administration has failed, is failing…
NEWT 1988: ‘If Bush runs as continuation of Reaganism he will lose’…

How do I know this is dishonest?  The link to the video is a Youtube link to a highly edited clip, taken out of context, and therefore made to look as though Gingrich was anti-Reagan.  When you watch the whole video selection, in its complete context, the lie becomes obvious.  Drudge is doing this purposefully, and if he will lie to you in this instance, there is no doubt he will lie to you in others.  I don’t really care what his motive is, or why he’s doing it.  This moved his recent activities from “suspicious” in my view, to reprehensible.  Thanks to Dan Riehl for exposing the truth, and providing a link to the original, full-length C-SPAN video, with the interesting portion beginning around 2:30.

Limbaugh talked about this extensively on his show today, saying the following, among other things:

“It was everything you wish was happening today, is all I can tell you. It was everything you wish the entire Republican Party was doing today. It was led by Newt Gingrich, and what was he doing? He was defending Reagan. Now, all of this stuff that hit Drudge and everywhere else last night about Newt telling everybody the country goes to hell if they continue Reaganism and that Newt insulted Reagan and that the Reagan administration failed and Iran-Contra… I never heard any of that. I started doing this particular program in Sacramento in 1984, and I was just as immersed in national politics then as I am now, and I could honestly tell you this.”

There’s a reason Rush can’t remember it the way Drudge is broadcasting it:  It didn’t happen the way Drudge’s site would lead you to believe, and this is simply a desperately disgusting attempt to do to Gingrich what has been done to others with the distortions.  A year ago, if you had told me Drudge did things this way, I would have scoffed at it, but now…

I’m clearly coming to see Drudge in a different light.

I realize that many people have many reasons to be unhappy with Gingrich on one issue or another, and I’m inclined to be annoyed with him too, but this has gone too far, in my view, and I’m not inclined to suffer it any longer.  If Drudge is going to be a media participant in this smear-fest, let him, but I won’t be adding much to his page-view statistics any longer.

The simple truth is that American conservatives and Tea Party folk are tired of the media and the GOP establishment leading them around by the noses.  It’s not that people are so infatuated with Gingrich so much as it is that they are disgusted by these tactics, and they’re simply disenchanted with the GOP establishment controlling the outcome of our primary system.

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15 Responses to Drudge Distort: What Will Be the Reaction to the War on Gingrich?

  1. Kudos to your article. I am so PO'd with Drudge that he would stoop to the lame stream media tactics. I used to visit his site for the broad spectrum of news.

    But no more.


  2. eyetooth tom says:

    Yes Drudge is doing distortion, like most media including internet now and glad to find out. I can't find anything except biased, distorted information on any candidate. This website excluded.
    You pay your nickel and takes your ride. Future not guaranteed .
    Still I'll take the family guy, Mexican relatives as well. And two weeks ago I said you gotta choose or it will be picked for you, and vote Newt.
    So I'm still in the choosing! Early vote in Fl. tomorrow.
    I may have a "hanging chad!"

    • MarkAmerica says:

      I try not to distort too much, but I do offer my opinion. I never disguise my opinion as news, however. Good luck, and hopefully no hanging chad for you!

      • eyetooth tom says:

        Never seen distortion here, your opinion certainly, but always gives both and many, perhaps all sides.
        Know you didn't miss from above…"this website excluded."
        Tomorrow is another day, my chad may be hanging differently.
        But in the end it will be punched effectively. I'll be chewing the remains, so no question, I can spit it out.

  3. I quit Drudge several months ago and just recently I quit GBTV and the Blaze for the same dishonest rhetoric. I've learned to research on my own and don't trust anything ANY media says. Just my opinion.

  4. j.a.agibinik says:

    This just makes me wonder…..who can I believe? Drudge? Fox News? I guess this is why I visit https://www.markamerica.com so much. Where can I find the truth? Keep up the good work, Mark. Thank-you for all you do for our GREAT country!
    Palin/West 2012

  5. WallyPalo says:

    yes, I was surprised at Drudge's new anti-Gingrich theme. This morning, though, I heard a very nice compliment to Newt from Nancy Reagan. It was recorded in the mid 90's, and Nancy said something to this effect: Barry Goldwater started the conservative revolution, and Ronny carried it forward, now Newt has the baton. Newt should get that recording and just run it in commercials. Nothing could better show his association with Reagan's ideas.

  6. Bill99 says:

    Here's a special message for Matt Drudge: SHUT UP!!! I have absolutely had it with article after article on Drudge's website slamming Newt Gingrich again, and again, and again. I am not a big Gingrich fan, but I simply cannot take anymore of neocons like Matt Drudge pulling out all the stops to win the Republican nomination for Mitt Romney. It's not that I want Gingrich as the nominee; it's that all of Drudge's links to articles like this one are aimed to get us Romney as the nominee, and Romney is awful. I wouldn't have a problem with it if Romney were a decent conservative candidate, but he's terrible. Day after day, week after week, Matt Drudge continues to highlight Gingrich-bashing articles with bells and whistles (he may as well take out a Superbowl ad), and it is all geared toward one end: to ensure Romney wins the nomination. Maybe in another week or so, the link to Drudge's website will simply redirect to the Romney Campaign Headquarters site; it's basically functioning like an arm of the Romney campaign now. Sometimes Drudge even has multiple links that end up going to the same exact article. It's pro-Romney propaganda. Attention Matt Drudge: Romney stinks. And guess what, moron? I and other real conservatives won't vote fo him. We don't need the Republican party to give the nomination to John McCain again… errr, I mean Romney. We don't need yet another typical establishment Republican, status-quo, big-government, RINO, loser neocon like Romney as the Republican candidate. The Repubs do this again and again thanks to morons like Drudge. We are currently sitting on one of the worst presidents in U.S. history, and he will likely win re-election no thanks to folks like Matt Drudge who will put up a losing candidate like Romney. The Democrats just got perhaps the most liberal president in American history elected into the White House, and the only thing the Republican establishment does in response is look to put up yet another neocon (Romney)….. once again. I, and a great deal of other REAL conservatives, will not vote for Romney and will vote third party for a candidate who actually deserves our votes. I have had it with the Republican establishment and their worthless RINO candidates, and I have had it with morons like Matt Drudge going all out to ensure it happens again by getting Romney the nomination. People like Drudge can get lost and go start their own neocon kingdom.

  7. I just hope that all those who are anti-Obama won’t get so discouraged as to sit home on Election Day.

    I won’t as I never miss a chance to vote. But I’ve got to say that I’m disgusted with politics right now — and that includes BOTH parties!

    • eyetooth tom says:

      Wish I had the choice of real conservative like M.A. wants…really a reactionary (what was before). But…
      Won't sit home…will vote for Obumma-lite if necessary in order to maybe hold ground and fight another day down the road (kicked can and all).

  8. Dave Binder says:

    Good info MarkAmerica. I agree.

  9. CPB says:

    The only reason I'm supporting Newt at this point is because I don't want the MSM and GOP establishment tell us what to do like we are too stupid to know better or something. We let them do that with McCain and it got us Obama. I think they need to be put in their place and quit with the whiny "but it's HIS turn" business. I got an email this morning that said Mitt Romney admitted that he voted for Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale. What? Really? REALLY?

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