Drudge “Off The Hook” in War on Gingrich:

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There’s really not a great deal more to say about this ridiculous war on Newt Gingrich by Matt Drudge. To call his coverage “lopsided” is an understatement, at the very least.  I consider it pure media sabotage. He is now making all-out war on Gingrich.

Take a look at all the Anti-Gingrich stories now on Drudge.  Count ’em up. What? 13?

You decide:

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13 Responses to Drudge “Off The Hook” in War on Gingrich:

  1. Gail says:

    Drudge is a drudge…I don't go there

  2. j.a.agibinik says:

    Well, I still think Palin/West 2012. Drudge is goin' with the money…..mittens and obummer. Mark, why is Rubio and Haley backin' mittens? If wilber is the nominee, how does he attack obummer on health care? Isn't that what we are all against? Just askin'.

  3. Karen says:

    I left him a note in his news tips. It's on the right hand side, scroll under all the headlines and the search. Yeah, he's gone…..

  4. MaryL says:

    I'm BOYCOTTING Drudge. I suggest we all do the same.

  5. Dave says:

    Drudge is putting out the news… and there is plenty on Newt. I am still amazed at the folks that are defending him. I have read the news stories, but I have also seen the video and heard the audio in Newt's own words. The guy is as much a narcissist as Obama, and shares the same slimy credentials as Bill Clinton.

  6. CPB says:

    j.a.agibinik –
    Reportedly, Mitt (or his SuperPAC) contributed heavily to both Haley and Rubio's campaigns to get them elected in 2010. I'm guessing there was some arrangement for "repayment" in the form of endorsement expected. A logical conclusion.

    I still don't like these games…..

  7. If ever there was a candidate that deserved to have his dirty laundry dragged through the media, it would be Newt Gingrich. Best known as a dead beat dad and for his adultery, draft dodging, crooked book deals and the ability to take money from anyone legal or not, Newt Gingrich pokes his head up out of the slime and suddenly becomes the leader in the Republican nomination for President, as a family values candidate, on his third wife after leaving the first two while they were sick in bed?
    Is this not the Same Newt that Supported a Marijuana Death Penalty Bill in 1996?
    The same Newt that sponsored the drugfree workplace act of 1998, that not only allows employers to discriminate against large culturals groups, but demands it!
    Americans have a short memory, and I guess it's been about 14 years or so since his last ethical lapse, that we know of… Drudge is doing it's job to remind America what a pompous, hypocratical, lying fat cat he is.

  8. C.A. Bamford says:

    Mark, I think the progressive establishment has discovered your site. They are making the comments section quite shovel-ready.

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