Jeffrey Lord: Elliott Abrams Lied About Newt Gingrich

Jeffrey Lord

In what can only be called a stunning, face-slapping rebuttal, Jeffrey Lord has discovered that Elliott Abrams’ story about Gingrich’s alleged criticism of President Reagan were not only erroneously characterized, but almost certainly indicates it was an intentional hit-piece by Abrams, that Abrams must have known was dishonest.  It points out the problem going on with much of Romney’s campaign of destruction aimed at Gingrich, and it points out how thoroughly damaging such a thing can be when amplified almost infinitely by the roaring link-fest of the Drudge Report.  Abrams’ hit-piece stayed up on Drudge for more than twenty-four hours, and there will be no rebuttal.  The only way the truth will be distributed at this point is for you, the public, to undertake this chore.

Lord used the more charitable word “misleading” to describe Abrams’ piece, but to me, once one has read Lord’s piece, there can be no way to conclude that Abrams had been anything but intentionally dishonest.  At that point, the question of motive is brought sharply into focus, and it is clear that Abrams is part of the establishment wing of the GOP out to destroy Gingrich in order to shove Mitt Romney down our throats.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is no longer an issue of electability. This is an issue of integrity, and whether you like Gingrich or hate him, if you claim to be a conservative Republican, you must not tolerate this from the party.  If the party machine  is permitted this scandalous behavior, there is no point to the party, and you must come to recognize that this has been the root of the smears of all the other conservative candidates too.

What this demonstrates all too clearly is what many conservatives have long suspected: The establishment is intent upon shoving Romney down our throats, and any foolish enough to fall for that deserve the just results.

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6 Responses to Jeffrey Lord: Elliott Abrams Lied About Newt Gingrich

  1. Phil Bakkler says:

    I am disgusted with Emmett Terrell, Mark Stein and the many other "conservatives" who took part in the organized quick hit assassination of Newt G. immediately before the last Florida "debate" .

    Surely CNN's question re candidate wives was part of the assault by Washington insiders who really don't want any more of Newt's patriotic revolutions, thank you.

    (What the hell is a Gravatar?)

  2. Allison says:

    I'm so sick at what has happened in this campaign to knock Newt out of the race. Praying Rick gets out but I don't think it will happen. He's going to be a spoiler.
    Keep fighting the good fight though. With Pam Bondi and the others from the lawsuit she claims are supporting Romney, I know feel as if we've entered the twilight zone.

  3. Reblogged this on United to Save America and commented:
    Abrams story a hit-piece. Read it for yourself.

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