What Will Our Surrender Mean?

Ready to Join Them?

I wonder about some of my fellow conservatives, who at the first sign of trouble, abandon the candidate who they supported only a week ago, particularly since the charges against him were largely out-of-context fabrications drummed up by supporters of the candidate he defeated last Saturday.   In abandoning Gingrich so easily, for those who have openly supported him, what does it say about the state of conservatism that when smeared, rather than fighting the smears, we tuck tails and run away?  Thankfully, those rare leaders such as Governor Sarah Palin won’t take that approach, and while she and the few others willing to stand against the establishment try to rally conservatives and Tea Party folk to understand the true nature of the assault launched against them, we shouldn’t run away from this fight.  We, who say it is our party, and not the party of the establishment, should for once and all times deliver an unrelenting statement of who exactly runs this party.

By heading off for the tall grass in search of a place to hide, since “when elephants fight, only the grass suffers,” we ought for once to realize this is our fight, and this is our time. While Newt was not my first choice, he’s better by far than the apparent leading alternative, and if we don’t rally behind him at this point, that alternative is likely to prevail.  We like to point out that the GOP establishment consists of “RINOs,” but my question for you is this:  If we bow out of this struggle because it has become a little messy, or because dis-entangling the truth from all the lies is too tedious, are we not in fact surrendering the party to them?  Who then are the RINOs?

We conservatives who value our independence of judgment, and our devotion to principle first before party ought not abandon so easily when it becomes clear our conservative candidates are being torpedoed.  I hung in there with Cain until the bitter end, not because I was a big Cain proponent(I had my issues with him on several things,) but because I was unwilling to let the obvious take-down win the argument. On substance, by all means, take on Herman Cain, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the mudslingers acting on behalf of others carry out such a demonic hit.  I’ll not support that, whatever I may think of Cain’s policy ideas.

I remember when the pictures of Bachmann and others were used to bring her down, with a magazine cover portraying her as a wide-eyed, unblinking loon.  That wasn’t fair, but that was the way in which she was butchered.  What about Sarah Palin, and the non-stop three years-long smears of her person, and as I’ve reported, not all of it going back to leftist sources?   I would still walk over Alaskan glaciers barefoot to vote for her, but I’ll be denied that opportunity because even before the McCain defeat of 2008, she was being set up and smeared, but not only by Democrats.

Some have asked me why I am so opposed to Romney, and while some may not have known, and others may have forgotten, I haven’t let loose of the betrayals that began even before there had been a single ballot marked on election day in November of 2008.   You should remember too, since “elephants never forget.”  Those who don’t follow party inside-baseball politics can be forgiven, but the truth is that the Romney machine was angry about not getting the nomination in ’08, and they decided to make sure from the earliest moment that there would be no serious opposition to him in 2012.  In truth, there were some in the Romney camp who would have been happy for McCain to lose in ’08, because had he won, we wouldn’t be talking about a Romney nomination in 2012.  Get it?  Got it?

Clearly then, Newt Gingrich is not my favorite politician, and you, my friends know well who is, but she’s not in the race, and in lieu of that, I am willing to look at who is out there.  Ron Paul remains unacceptable to me, if only because I worry about our nation’s security, coming from a military background as I do.  Rick Santorum has gone home, not officially suspending his campaign, but now completely underfunded and effectively unable to continue irrespective of the official status of his campaign.  This leaves Romney and Gingrich, and while there are a few who suggest there’s little difference, I cannot but decline to agree with that sentiment.

People forget that if not for Newt Gingrich’s Herculean efforts through the late eighties and nineties, we might have had “health-care reform” in the shape of Hillary-care in 1994.  Instead, he used the issue to make the difference that led to the first overturn to Republican control since more than a decade before my birth.  Whatever else you might say about him, this remains an unchallenged fact, and what it implies is that Gingrich has the intellectual wherewithal to create or build upon a movement, rather than simply a candidacy.

In contrast, Romney enacted a health-care fiasco upon which much of Obama-care is modeled, and in fact, which was written in large measure by the same people.  Do you really want to take one of the few issues off the table that has substantial bi-partisan support on your side of the argument for a change?

Ladies and gentlemen, there is one more matter in all of this, and it really gets to the core of why I cannot support Romney, along with the more obvious issues:  Do we really wish to reward a man with victory who has employed the dishonest tactics of every left-wing Alinskyite, in undermining his competitors through smear, distortion, and outright lies, but worst of all through various surrogates who are carrying his water?  I don’t know what you think about this, but in my book, he has become Obama.  If you wonder what has happened to your party, or more importantly, your country, you have no farther to look than this, and there is every reason to state not only in words, but also with your votes and your open advocacy that this is not the kind of candidate who represents us.  If we wish to take back the Republican party, we must do it.  When we run into these sorts of characters, we must be smart enough and wise enough to discern among them, but most of all, we must have the courage to fight them, openly.  I’ve talked about my prospective willingness to walk away, but for now, I have resolved to fight.  Will you?

I hope so, most earnestly. We may not have four more years to reform our party. We must do it now.

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11 Responses to What Will Our Surrender Mean?

  1. WallyPalo says:

    I like Romney even less after the Florida debate last night. Santorum made a good point about the RomneyCare individual mandate looking a whole lot like the ObamaCare individual mandate. Yet, Romney simply will not say that he made a mistake. If Newt had Romney's looks, he'd be a shoe-in. That's one sad part about this whole campaign. The candidates ideas should be deciding this contest.

    I'm very glad that Gov Palin spoke up today. I heard what Mark Levin, Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity had to say as well. I hope it has an effect before the polls open on Tuesday.

  2. bigmamas52 says:


    A couple weeks ago i wrote you about voting for/against Romney. I had a conversation with my sister and she felt brought out points to me about this is a war and sometimes you have to lose a battle but win the war in the long run and that Romney might be the battle we have to lose in order to win the war for the party through the Senate and House. I'm re-telling this just to remind you of what I wrote.

    That all being said….at the time I was torn and really wanted your thoughts, which you graciously gave me. I've been leaning towards Newt for sometime, but I, like Sarah, really want this primary to go on and to vet our candidates fully, but I wanted an honest vetting and this past week has shown that will not happen.

    After this last debate in Florida, I now have to say I WILL NOT vote for Romney, not in a primary or the general. If the GOP loses, so be it. If we don't have much of a country left after Obama wins, so be it. If people are so willing to abandon their principles, or their candidate, just to say they voted for the winner…..then those people would not be willing to fight for this country's salvation anyway.

    Newt isn't my first choice, but as you say, SHE isn't running, and as a second choice, he's pretty good. Baggage, yes….but the man has done more than anyone on that stage to maintain the conservative values of Reagan and worked hard to put them into practice. The fact that the GOP has all but abandoned them is the reason we need an intelligent, bold thinker like him.

    I thank you for answering me a couple of weeks ago. Your thoughts also made me think, just as my sister's did. Ultimately i had to make my own decision and this week has confirmed to me that this IS our last chance to get constitutional conservatives back in the GOP, and it's time for real patriots to take a stand. I pray we get this right!!!

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Thank you for letting me know. I wish everybody would put as much thought into their votes as you and other readers on this site routinely do. We wouldn't be in the shape we no find ourselves, would we? Mark

    • Frank May says:

      To preface, my preferred candidate is not among those actively seeking the nomination.

      For those who think Fox is "fair & balanced" on the GOP nominating process —
      Shortly after 7AM central time on Saturday 1/28 I flipped between regular Fox and Fox Business, and within five minutes the folks on both channels slammed Newt. The Fox trio took Sarah Palin's Facebook posting out of context as a strong endorsement of Newt; Imus on the Business side slammed Newt in a more subtle way (which I won't quote here but will say it was despicable).

      People, we need to pay attention to the message we're getting. It's subliminal. It's often in "digs" about Newt's character; it's about half-truths (or maybe I should say half-lies – but then, isn't a half-lie a whole lie?).

      On another front —
      The primary election in Missouri won't mean a thing, because the rules in place provide delegates being selected by a subsequent GOP caucus. I intend to write-in Sarah Palin to make a statement. It's not a wasted vote, because it won't matter who "wins" the primary anyway. Frank in St. Louis County

  3. kokayi137 says:

    Good Day. On Feb. 7, 2012 (in real time) the Lead Coordinator of the By2015:AMERICA Movement will engage in a hunger strike. This action comes at the end of almost three years of near activism on behalf of a School Meals Bill. The Chairman of the Committee refuses to speak on the subject. Including ignoring the Press. Choose to follow our actions. http://kokayi137.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/the-jun

  4. j.a.agibinik says:

    Up here in Alaska, we have senator moocowski……supposed to be a republican. Ha! Down in Arizona, there's senator Mccain……supposed to be a republican. Sure. Whatever. Snow is a republican? Cristy Creme is a republican? Mittens? Is mittens a republican? Why don't these RINO's just tell the truth and run as a democrat? They are all left of REAGAN Democrats! In Alaska, senator Murkowski has voted with obbummer more than some democrates…..she is supposed to be a republican? I support Sarah, agree with almost all of her beliefs and policies, and yet, we have beganich and murkycowski as senators…..do you know which is a republican and which is a democrate? Not if you look at their voting. RINO's need to stop lying and call themselves what they are…..demoncraps! Sorry to vent, your article made easy talking points for me. Peace and have a good life.
    Palin/West 2012

    • bigmamas52 says:

      Hey j.a.agibinik….just wanted to say hello to a fellow Alaskan and Sarah supporter. you and i know how she's been crucified in the Alaskan media, in some ways worse than Outside, and that has really hurt her here in AK. Because of that I understand her reasoning on not running, but I trust her judgement and my own. I don't vote for anyone unless I've thoroughly researched them, good and bad. Since we aren't electing God, and we need to elect a true conservative, I am throwing my support behind Newt. Have a great day j.a….enjoy this crazy winter we're having:)

  5. BRAVO Mark!

    You are making me reconsider my "neutral" stance on not endorsing anyone.

    You are absolutely correct that this is now a battle between establishment/statism and patriotic conservatives.

    Frankly, if Gingrich would pivot and start attacking the corruption of the GOP elite like Palin did in Alaska – I feel not only would he defeat Romney, he would likely gain the respect of independents.

  6. Gail says:

    You are spot on Mark, Newt is the guy I see as our next President

  7. Clem says:

    What about Mr. Santorum? He is at least running on character instead of "buying" his way in. Why should the person with the most money be able to buy ads to sway us be the method of winning?

  8. Dave says:

    Perhaps it will mean that conservatives will finally rally around the true conservative in this race, and the only Not-Romney candidate who can beat Barack Hussein Obama: Ron Paul.