Exposed: A Drudge-Romney Connection?

What's His Game?

At the height of the past week’s Drudge Report punishing of Newt Gingrich, many eyebrows were raised.  Drudge seemed to be running an inordinate number of anti-Gingrich hit-pieces, and myself and others began to wonder what might be lurking behind this story.  It wasn’t that it was mere bias, something we’ve all learned to expect from all media outlets, but instead an overwhelming sense that Drudge simply wanted to pummel Gingrich into the ground to make way for Mitt Romney. I received emails from readers asking “what the hell is wrong with Drudge,” but I was at a loss to explain it.  Drudge has always been a somewhat elusive personality, but this afternoon, somebody passed along a story that might help to explain it.  I read the article in fascination, and I apologize to my readers for having missed this when it first published.  It seems obvious, reading this article in retrospect, with a few more months behind us what had been going on, and now it seems clearer than ever given Drudge’s one man war on Newt Gingrich during the last week.

The article from last November over at offers a view of things when Drudge was pummeling Rick Perry, then still in the campaign for the nomination.  While not nearly as exhaustive as his most recent slant against Gingrich, what happened was very similar in terms of his approach.  A number of harsh anti-Perry headlines appeared prominently, and they served their purpose well. Apparently, back in 2005, RNC operatives arranged a meeting between Drudge and Matt Rhodes, a highly placed operative in the Romney operation. Ever since then, Drudge’s links haven’t included headlines that were negative toward Romney, and what’s more, it seems that whomever challenges Romney gets ripped, ultimately.

The article concludes with the following:

“What’s disappointing about all of this, though, is the fact that from Matt Drudge’s earliest days posting Hollywood gossip on Usenet discussion boards, he’s set himself up as the answer to the biased media that refuses to air, and often actively suppresses, information that shows conservatives in a positive light.  Since then, it appears that Matt Drudge has become the new boss . . . same as the old boss.”

It’s not a new article, published last November, but it made clear allegations about a process of clearly biased smears that had not yet been turned against Newt Gingrich, but at the time, was being fielded against Herman Cain, too, if you’ll remember.  Some thought me a bit over-the-top in questioning Drudge, or suggesting that he may well have been blended into the Republican establishment, but given that he was having sit-downs with a high-powered Romney operative in 2005, in a meet put together by RNC operatives, maybe I was closer than I knew.  I don’t claim that Drudge shouldn’t be able to advocate on behalf of whomever he likes, but he should at the very least state it out front so the rest of us have no doubt. Of course, looking at his page recently, it shouldn’t have left much doubt anyway.

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24 Responses to Exposed: A Drudge-Romney Connection?

  1. juneau says:

    Why is this surprising? He, and other media, has been ignoring Ron Paul for months. When RP won the Drudge caucus, the Drudge election and the Drudge debate polls, you never hear another thing about it. And don't blame it all on "crazy Ron Paul supporters" voting over and over again. Only ONE vote per person (computer) is allowed somehow. I tested it.

  2. Natasa says:

    I agree with your thoughts. It seems Drudge had the siren going on the top story over Marianne Gingrich interview – keeping up the suspense – but no mention of Mitt's Blood Money that is breaking news today. I've been checking Drudge faithfully and nothing.

  3. j.a.agibinik says:

    Seems like Michelle Malkin, Tammy Bruce, and Mark America are the only news that is not completely bias. I like the blaze, but, dang if mittens isn't Glenn's choice. Daily Caller seems like a RINO, even though I like it too. Fox News has become liberal land. How about some help? What sites are worth reading anymore?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      You're welcome to hang out here, but bring friends. ;-) Tammy and Michelle are excellent! (I like Levin too.)

      • Sickofitall says:

        I disagree about Michelle Malkin….she is very biased against Newt Gingrich….she is looking toward a brokered convention as far as what I have heard her say about the GOP nominamtion campaign!

      • j.a.agibinik says:

        How could I forget the GREAT ONE? Sorry, I don't have any friends though. I know, sad and pathetic. Tea!
        Palin/West 2012

    • ritwingrEd says:

      Two things.

      FIrst, if you aren't on FreeRepublic, you aren't on the most important conservative site bar none.

      Second, I've found Weasel Zippers quite good.


      • MarkAmerica says:

        It's true, FreeRepublic is a great site, and Weaselzippers is no slouch. I've cross-posted a couple of my articles over there on occasion.


      • Zoney says:

        Oh, nice plug.

        Free Republic is absolutely dismal — last I checked, they're in full-body fetters over there because of their need to defend Republican establishment hacks at all costs.

        Pure partisanry, no substantive convictions, no open exchange of ideas. It's lightweight, INSULAR, gratuitous gabble over at "Free" Republic.

        A couple years ago I, a complete newcomer, had my account immediately and permanently disabled there after DARING to post a single comment about George W. Bush not being a true conservative.

    • Cindy says:

      j.a.agibinik, Glenn, has said many times that Michele Bachmann was is first choice and since dropping out he is more and more in Santorum’s camp, not Romney’s.

  4. Angela Hale says:

    Legal Insurrection is a possibility. He is for Newt, as am I, so it's possible he just seems fair to me. ;-)

  5. Dave says:

    I don't recall anyone here complaining about the obvious Ron Paul blackout. As with Newt, if Ron Paul is sooo bad, then the truth alone would be enough to kill their campaigns. I don't think the media needs to manufacture anything about Newt. There is enough on him in his own words to show he is as big a big government progressive as Romney.

  6. Kathleen says:

    As for Ron Paul, Dave, they don't think he matters. They think he is loony toons I'm afraid to say. The elite don't see he has some good ideas or they just don't care. All the elite care about is seeing Romney get the nominee.

    Herman Cain endorses Newt

  7. j.a.agibinik says:

    Wow, thanks for all the info. I do check all those sites on occasion, also like biggovernment and sometimes jedediahbila. I used to like ann coulter till she became a shill for mittens. Thanks again for the feedback.
    Palin/West 2012

  8. K. Garner says:

    Do you actually read the Drudge Report? There have been many negative headlines focused on Mitt. You are completely off base with this. all of you crying for Newt isn't going to help him with a comeback.

    • MarkAmerica says:

      You surfed in here one day, read this article, and assumed I had never read Drudge before? I read Drudge before Drudge was bigtime. Before making a statement like that, a quick search for the term Drudge would have revealed many references and links from here to his site. But no… ATTACK! So who's your boss over at Camp Romney? And how does it feel?

  9. Rosi Rivera says:

    I have had my doubts about Drudge's real agenda a long time ago when I noticed so many news about Vladimir Putin. Other people on FB also noticed and questioned it. This about Newt doesn't surprise me.

  10. juneau says:

    I stopped reading all news sources with an open mind when I saw the obvious blackout of Ron Paul. He wasn't even my candidate of choice at the time, but I figured if even Fox News (which I used to watch) is trying to ignore him, he must be doing something that makes the GOPE mad.

  11. @Kriskxx says:

    How did Newt Gingrich ever get this 'Big Govt' tag? During his Speakership the budget was balance never after, Newt left office has the budget been balanced again. Newt awareness of America's greatness began at the age of 15. He has founded conservative organization that are today, still functioning. You need to have more awareness in order to make correct statements. I got a place to start your journey

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