Flash: Florida Tea Party Coalition Goes Newt

Meeting Tea Party Patriots in Florida

In another setback in relations between Mitt Romney and Tea Party folk, news now comes from Florida that a coalition of Tea Partiers has endorsed Newt Gingrich, first to beat Mitt Romney, and then to beat Barack Obama in November.  This is another repudiation of Mitt Romney among Tea Party patriots, and it’s important to note that Mitt has largely brought this on himself.  A candidate seeking the GOP nomination simply cannot afford to belittle, disparage, or ignore the Tea  Party.  They are a bold and refreshing, rejuvenating segment of the conservative electorate, and it’s been clear all along that Romney has been ignoring them at his own electoral peril.  On Tuesday, we’ll get some indication of their relative electoral strength in Florida, but indications are that Tea Party folk are tending to break in Gingrich’s favor, much as was the case in South Carolina one week ago.  It’s tight, but we’ll know for sure Tuesday evening.

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14 Responses to Flash: Florida Tea Party Coalition Goes Newt

  1. Gail says:

    That is good news and makes me very happy

  2. Kate Thomsen Gremill says:


  3. patriotsoul says:

    I thought we did not endorse candidates!
    Florida has had a big problem with fake Tea Parties in the past.
    I also recall the mention of Tea Party leaders on Twitter.
    That is not available either!
    We are ALL the leaders.
    I find this highly suspect.

  4. patriotsoul says:

    Wow. Bad typing…so glad I am taking a keyboarding class! Ha!

  5. Helen says:

    Tea Party Express was going to Florida today to visit several cities today and several more tomorrow. I pray it gets Newt a lot of votes. Also Patriots For America had sent a letter to Santorum backers in Florida explaining that he wasn't going to win and asking them to swing to Newt so that Rominey would be defeated.

    • patriotsoul says:

      TP Express….not the real thing! It's another Republican arm designed to throw off the true grass roots.

      "Founded by Republican strategists Wierzbicki and Sal Russo, memos from the early days of the movement portray the group conveniently latching onto the Tea Party name to help raise money for their Republican political action committee. And local activists have spoken out against their endorsements, saying they’re stepping on the toes of local Tea Party voters."

      Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/07/20/bad-blood-among

      I knew this before this article.

      • Linda Archer says:

        Please put your jealousy side and help Newt
        defeat Romney and Obama. If the different Tea Party groups will pull together, we can accomplish great things and turn America around.

        • patriotsoul says:

          How in the hell did you ever get jealousy out of that?
          Don't push your choice on me either.
          I will support the last man standing, for not a single one of them is our savior.
          Grass roots rule.

  6. Reblogged this on United to Save America and commented:
    Mitt's Newt bashing seems to have backfired.

  7. PatriotSoul sounds bitter. It's ridiculous for us to NOT try and pick the BEST nominee to go up against Obama.

    If someone like them wants to advocate for Romney, and smear one of the most prominent Tea Party organizations, that is THEIR CHOICE.

    But this might upset them to hear, but the rest of us will be siding with Newt alongside Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michael Reagan, Art Laffer, Judson Phillips, etc…

    Go Newt! Imperfect? Yes. Better than Romney? Hands down!

    • patriotsoul says:

      "Them" never said anything about Romney, as you imply, but I know Rino supporters when I see it.
      If the name-dropping, political endorsees, as you seem to be, knock the views of the grass roots, you show true colors.
      You would rather argue than discuss my challenge.
      I have no preferred candidate, and putting on the pressure to side with one over another, seems better spent on fighting against Obama, when the time comes.
      If there is ANY purity behind this so-called "tea party" stance (I am Tea Party Patriot, btw), we would join together to get a better candidate altogether, instead of playing two establishment GOPers against each other.
      We need a better choice!
      Any ideas?

  8. patriotsoul says:

    Reblogged this on TurnRight.

    • patriotsoul says:

      Since posting this, I must acknowledge the
      sovereignty of local tea parties over national.
      It makes a difference on perspective.