Gallup: Gingrich Leading Nationally

New Poll: Gingrich Leading Nationally

Despite millions and millions spent on attack ads against him in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and now Florida, Gingrich is holding onto a lead in national polling. Of course, the problem at present is in Florida, where millions of dollars in negative ads are hammering him relentlessly with many out-of-context quotes, and again seeking to attack him personally.  I realize the advertising game goes both ways to some extent, but let’s be honest enough with ourselves to admit that when you look at the amount of cash being heaped into media buys in this race, only one candidate has the sort of resources necessary to flood the airwaves. Gingrich leads 32%-24% over Romney.

Of course, at present, no place polled is quite as important as Florida, with the impending primary about to kick off in that state, but the truth is that due to early voting, it’s been underway right along. If conservatives in that state don’t band together to defeat Romney, the media will paint this as more momentum for Mitt, and the talk of “inevitable” will begin anew.  I don’t think that should happen, but will happen may be another matter. One thing this poll point out is that Gingrich may be doing well nationally, but the influence of such overwhelming establishment manipulations as have been ongoing in Florida may make it insurmountable.

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4 Responses to Gallup: Gingrich Leading Nationally

  1. The grass roots revolution is watching and know why the establishment DEMs and REPs are pushing Romney so hard. Without a change, all of us and our country will fall to unfathomable direction. I am glad to see that these attack ads are getting blow-back against them. The public is tired of politics as usual, much more knowledgeable and less prone to believe "I saw it on tv".

    I will vote for Newt

  2. MikeW says:

    In the Art of War, a Palin endorsement will come if and only if Newt loses Florida.

    The pollsters are trying desperately to depress turnout by giving the "inevitable" talk play in their polls and or providing fodder for the press to beat that drum.

    Newt has a plan beyond Florida if he gets beat. …Palin will keep him ahead while he continues to connect the dots w Romney and liberals.

    Santorum will bail too! Be nice if he did it today :-)

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    Between last comment on previous article..voted early…'tween then and now. Voted for guy who will colonize Moon with house and senate.
    At least not Romney, who I previously called "family guy"…realize now it is his family only that counts.
    Anyway chewing my chad now 'til November. Good luck all USA.

  4. Jim says:

    Hey, I'm not if the Sunshine State, and by the time the primary here in my state comes along, the nomination will likely be sewn up (California), but I am praying that Mitt Romney goes down in horrible flames, so to speak, in his campaign, and that Newt can get to the business of directing all his attention to Obummer, for the election in November.