Note to Tea Party Folk: Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want Your Support

Tea Party?

As we’ve known for some time, Mitt Romney hasn’t exactly been courting Tea Party support, and Florida’s primary campaign trail is no different.  According to Investors  Business Daily, Romney has basically ceded the Tea Party support to his competitors. I don’t understand what sort of winning campaign strategy sets out to ignore what may be one-third or more of the electorate.  Romney has never been a favorite among Tea Party folk, but it seems foolish to ignore such a large segment of Florida’s voters. Romney is currently leading in Florida, but what is remarkable is the question of “how,” if he is going to ignore the Tea Party. From the IBD article:

“Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson have reached out to us, but not the Romney campaign,” said Everett Wilkinson, chairman of the South Florida Tea Party. “I’ve had someone in my organization dedicated to working with the Romney campaign, but we have not heard back.”

Meanwhile, another Florida Tea Party group has apparently endorsed Gingrich. This doesn’t bode well for the candidacy of Mitt Romney. If he continues to willfully ignore Tea Party folk, not just in Florida, but around the country, even if he wins the nomination, you must ask yourself: What is he really winning?  If winning the nomination comes at any cost, but he’s not willing to talk to the Tea Party patriots, what attention will he pay them if he managed to get elected as President?

The Tea Party patriots in this country seem to be wising up to the fact that Romney’s strategy is to win without them.  There’s only one or two reasons to do so, and one of them is to avoid an association with Tea Party in a general election campaign, and the other is to be able to deal them out if he should manage to prevail.  In other words, folks, he’s either embarrassed to be seen with you, or he has no intention of letting you have a seat at the table if he becomes president.  Or both!

We all know Mitt looks down his nose at Tea Party and conservatives.  It’s the nature of the beast. He’s an establishment guy, and they really just don’t like the Tea Party. There’s no reason Tea Party should like him.


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8 Responses to Note to Tea Party Folk: Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want Your Support

  1. anne oakley says:

    Mark, we are screwed if Romney gets in. Greta had Attny.Gen. Bondi on., and what she said just flawed me. I'll put the link to it.gatewaypundit. I know you have much influence, and I love the way you say it. Would love to get your feedback. I can't see how this woman could defend us 'we the people' on the federal mandate if she approves of romney's state mandate.

  2. anne oakley says:

    sorry Mark, didn't leave you the permalink.

    thanks agein for being a patriot

  3. RebinTexas says:


    I sincerely appreciate all your effort here (and articles) of late. While I still have many doubts regarding Newt – I will never vote for Romney. This is an excellent summary of what you have previously written – just in case any Tea Party patriots do not understand Mitt and the elite GOP. They will NOT work with US, will ignore our many significant concerns and will not turn this ship around as it needs to be.

    Also took a look at gatewaypundit – so sad how many We The People thought were fighting for us are now being bought off by the mittster.

    We CANNOT allow him to be the GOP candidate. I can live with Newt, though I believe there is really only one person who can and will do what my beloved country needs – and that, as you well know, is Sarah Palin.

    Thanks my friend

  4. gengm7 says:

    Mark, Thank you so, for keeping an open forum,open mind,and your daily works, towards keeping America clean and on the right track.

    Here we go again, you surely know, we are in the same spot with Romney as we are with Obama, the facts are awake, Americans say they support the United States Constitution of America: Article 11 Section 1, Clause 5, No person except a natural Born Citizen Or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President, Neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of 35 years and been 14 years a resident within the United states.

    The jury is still looking, however, Mitt Romney's Father appears not to have been, a US citizen, when Romney was born, Now it's just a hunch, The Teaparty is all about protecting the United States Constitution, Not saying others don't ,yet, it does appear, others might be willing to let that article slide. Teaparty is not, for the reason of, National Security, and want to maintain a strict standing for protection of American Rights. Maybe that is why he is not keen on the Teaparty, who seems to be the moral eye for America. Just sayin

  5. Helen says:

    Mark my coclusion to why Romney doesn't want to recognize the Tea Party is simple, he knows right now he has the Republican establishment and all mainstream media supporting him and I think he feels very secure about winning the nomination with "it's my turn" attitude. But in November he thinks he will naturally get our vote because he knows how we feel about Obama. The only thing for me is I cannot vote for him because I feel like the country might be worse with him than Obama, especially if we can keep the House and get the Senate.

    By the way, Obama will not be on the ballot in Georgia this year. He lost by default by snubbing his nose and not appearing like he was suppose to. Our SOS told him it would be to his own peril if he didn't show up. He knew he would never carry Georgia anyway because we have to have picture ID.

  6. Donna says:

    If you are a member of the Tea Party,why would you vote for Mittens anyway? Seeing that he funds abortions with our taxes? And is planning on forcing Robama care down our throats.

  7. Peg Gentle says:

    I think the reason Romney is not cozying up to the Tea Party folks is because the GOP have told him not to do that!!! Romney knows they hold the key to his success. If he ignores their wishes, he's a dead duck!! They have to know Romney is a liar and has cheated many people out of money and jobs. I feel like I don't have a party anymore! Well, at least, not an established political party—-I love the Tea Party and claim to be a member. Are we moving toward a third party or what?