So Shocking, I’m Speechless – Video

"We didn't do any work with the government."

I realize this is a political ad, paid for by a SuperPAC, but frankly, I’m not sure what to say about this.  I am astonished. If this is substantially true, and so far, after ninety minutes of frantic research indicating that it is, I can conclude only that Mitt Romney shouldn’t be let within sight of the White House.  Setting aside any general misgivings about the Medicare program, this is simply unconscionable, and that he was able to carry this off, and disclaim all knowledge?  Unbelievable!   Watch this, and let me know what you think:

I guess it’s only “crony capitalism” if you’re permitted to do this by sanction of law.  What is it when you do this, but get to walk away, despite the illegalities?

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  1. I agree with you Mark. This was so shocking and unbelievable when I watched it I almost wanted to dismiss it out of hand. It almost smacks of "conspiricy", but it looks like they have resourced it. If this is true he is the snake I have been starting to see him as. If not true though, then this hit piece ad t is just as disgusting as the Romney hit pieces that his people put out.

  2. Marlin Rice says:

    Johnson also created the general fund which is bleeding Social Security.

  3. eyetooth tom says:

    I'll be watching when your research allows you to make a decision as to your opinion of all this. What little I've found is that all this investigation, guilt, and fines all happened around time Romney was running against Kennedy. Maybe dirty politics is useful to expose such corruption?

    • MarkAmerica says:

      Tom, the most interesting thing I've found is something covered in that video seems to be remarkably true: The company in question was sold to Corning in what appeared to be uncannily "lucky" timing for Romney to avoid being caught up in it.

  4. Peg Gentle says:

    Yes, I've watched it too and believe as you do, Mark, that it's absolutely unreal! I was left speechless and angry!!! What is this man doing even running for President of the US? I am encouraged that this stuff is being brought out of the dusty closets and is surfacing. This MUST be put on the mainstream media. I don't know how to make that happen, but hopefully someone will get this to the networks!!!! Maybe they already know about it and won't show it because of their agenda. I'm just disappointed that it didn't surface before the last debate. However, it has surfaced before the primary and maybe something can be done about it quickly!!!! It's got to be the worst statement about who Romney is!!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I don't know what to say about this. It seems so profound yet… Romney needs to go bye bye from the election

  6. wodiej says:

    thanks Mark. Wonder if this was the "bombshell" Bannon has been referring to?

  7. Jim says:

    Mark, thank you for opening my eyes even wider then tehy were regarding the sale of Damon to Corning. I was aware of some of the reasoning behind the sale prior to your video , but it has opened my eyes particularly to the FRAUD perpatrated by Mitt Romney on the Federal Government and the Taxparer (You and I and the rest of the US Population)…..

  8. Now we know how Romney got so rich in a relatively short time.

  9. Steven Holsten says:

    What is it when you do this, but get to walk away, despite the illegalities? Answer: Corporate Capitalism

  10. MikeW says:

    He is being ushered in Mark. They've practically rolled out the red carpet.

    Florida is our only shot to shut him down early and get on to Obama in time to crush him.

  11. Romney seems to always one step ahead of the law. He's a fraud who committed fraud.

  12. MaryL says:

    C'mon EVERYONE! Let's get this VIRAL! Pass it to everyone you know. Romney must be defeated in Florida.

  13. Kristin G. Beaumont says:

    Thank you for your research…it is so vital to have that element engaged :)

    …keep up the great work.

  14. tnwahm says:

    I've been battling the founder of the Memphis TP this week on FB. He is a Mittens supporter and has been bashing Newt. I asked him about this twice rhis morning and his only answer was to Alinsky me.

  15. Jim says:

    You know you are pathetic. If Gingrich or some other party wants to keep Romney from winning…be straight forward about it. Don't be underhanded and dirty. This proves nothing against Romney! Obviously all of you are Gingrich supporters! Pathetic!

  16. flagkeeper says:

    After a few hours of researching I discovered some huge details that are missing from almost everything I could find on the Damon Corp. scandal. I found inside two "scarce" Boston Globe articles. Before we go there, let me clarify that these articles are negative, but they are the only sources of the information mentioned that I could find online.
    It is well known that the BG is no fan of Romney, but with so much on the web about the “Damon scandal”, it is interesting that these details that help to corroborate Romney’s version are missing (I have backups of the doc, just in case). For perspective, it seems that at the time Damon was sold, the common, but questionable bundled billing practices had not yet been determined to be fraudulent. That is, not until after the subsequent industry wide investigations attempting to reduce spending/waste were completed. So, to relate the story as if it were part of the actual scandal is sooo misleading. The fact is, if this had any real teeth, Romney would have never been elected governor in such an left-leaning state, as these very articles were (along with many others) little more than hit pieces during his gubernatorial campaign.
    What we do know is that the federal probe that looked the entire industry over had cast a wide net, yet the feds felt no need to implicate Romney in any way. The board was wise to follow the legal counsel of their lawyers, whatever the actions they took, as they were, apparently, according to law. I am sure the shareholders were particularly grateful about the Damon sale after few years.
    The BG and now NG, as well as OB, DNC, and AFSCME, etc. have to resort to creative implications. They rely on a lack of evidence to THEIR contrary in order to convict political enemies in the court of public opinion (communism 101). Folks, the underlying theme here is , again, “greedy evil capitalists ripping you off”. The only proof you really need is Romney’s wealth and proximity to a problem. Gingrich, what in the HECK is wrong with you playing along with the MSM and DNC??? I hope we Republicans won’t allow ourselves to be useful idiots, too…
    Anyway, here are the most significant tidbits-
    Boston Globe issue 10/10/2002 page A1 article by Frank Phillips
    “…Damon’s lawyer at the time, Stuart D. Freedman, a partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel, said the board asked his firm to conduct a review in early 1993 of the company’s billing practices. He said the review was done immediately and changes were made. Because he no longer represents Damon, he said he could not provide any details of the changes. Asked why the changes and their potential impact on the company’s revenues were not reported to the SEC, Freedman said: ”Obviously we made a determination” of what the company needed to report. He said he is confident the board acted appropriately.”
    “…A spokeswoman for Corning told the Globe in 1996 that her company knew when it acquired Damon that billing practices used by the laboratory testing company would face scrutiny, but added: ”To the degree of detail, we would have no way of knowing.” At the time of the purchase, the federal government had begun to aggressively review billing at laboratories industry-wide.”
    “…It is not clear whether Corning’s knowledge of the Damon billing fraud affected the sale price. Corning purchased Damon for $391 million. In 1994, Romney told the Globe that the sale yielded him $103,000 profit. His venture capital firm, Bain Capital, had an 8 percent stake in Damon. Romney also earned a 5 percent share of the Bain profit, or $370,000.”
    The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
    October 25, 2002 | Frank Phillips, Globe Staff
    “…The law firm Schulte Roth & Zabel of New York recommended that the Damon board change its requisition orders and clarify its policies with doctors, so they do not unknowingly order unneeded blood tests. But the lawyers also said there were differences between the billing practices Damon used and the fraudulent scheme carried out by National Health, and therefore, the lawyers did not consider Damon to have committed any criminal wrongdoing.
    Schulte Roth & Zabel would not provide details of what it found to the Globe. But the minutes suggest the law firm told the board that, compared to National Health, the Damon billing system and its marketing efforts to doctors were decentralized, and therefore the firm was not commiting fraud.
    Romney said the board, based on the advice of lawyer Stuart Freedman of the firm, did not consider the billing problems to be fraudulent. “He told us exactly what to do, and we did exactly what he told us to do,” Romney said during a news conference this week.”
    “…Although Romney said the board uncovered “inappropriate billing” at Damon, neither he nor the board reported the matter to investigators who they knew were investigating the entire industry’s billing practices. The lawyers apparently viewed the changes as not significant enough for the company to report its findings and “corrective action” to shareholders in their annual report or financial statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
    Romney aides argue that Damon’s 1992 annual report was sufficient. It informed shareholders that federal inspectors were reviewing the industry’s bill systems and cited the National Health case.”
    Somehow I don’t think this will be available for long. Google and Yahoo showed only as the only site with this article title.

  17. GreenLeaf says:

    I agree with MikeW…'s all about getting Obama removed and the Republicans are killing themselves.

  18. Kirk W says:

    90 minutes of frantic research ?? Seriously? Romney kept watchful eye? Under Romney? Romney's company supervised hundreds of companies. The most fair statement was "it was unclear whether Romney was aware" – Under Romney's reign? The language and implicating tone of this piece is enough to diminish. Was the fraudulent activity started by Romney, was it known by Romney… and how about the other 90 companies also under his reign. Seriously… this is it? Companies in trouble hide their financing, hide their scandal… I'm guessing the people who were in this company who wanted to get bought and sold by Bain made far more than Romney or his company did.

  19. Kirk W says:

    Shocking and Speechless is what I am for anyone who would believe this trash… seriously look at the lead line of this webpage. After " 90 minutes of frantic research – I can conclude that…" seriously a full 90 minutes of research on a man who has done 45 years of public work and service? I think he might deserve a closer look than that….

  20. IronKnuckle says:

    Mark you're a political opportunist. The fact is that Mitt Romney was never accused of wrongdoing in the case. He was not a manager of the firm.

    You're so desperate to get your preferred candidate (Newt Gingrich) that you'll say anything. Supporting a candidate does not change your obligation to the truth.

  21. Reblogged this on United to Save America and commented:
    We have not been able to find any information to refute this video. Truly it would be a sad day if Romney enters the White House as President. Our elderly and disabled that use Medicare would suffer tremendously.

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