Flash: Romney’s Florida Spokesman Sabotaging Allen West?


LegalInsurrection.com is reporting that Congresman Allen West’s seat will come under severe challenge because of the way it will likely be redistricted by this the Florida legislature, and the person leading that effort is a Romney spokesperson Representative Will Weatherford. Legal Insurrection‘s conclusion is that while they’re using the excuse of complying with law, what they’ve done is draw a district in which Allen West will no longer be able to win because they’ve given some of his areas of greatest support to other districts in redrawing the boundaries of his.  Indeed, the district could have been drawn differently, and what LI is inferring from all of this is that West’s failure to endorse Romney is going to have significant consequences: Allen West will likely lose his next race there, and it’s being seen by some as punishment by the GOP Establishment for his failure to support Romney.

Is this possible?  It is the kind of political garbage that frequently occurs, and it is the preferred methodology for the establishment to rid the party of somebody who doesn’t toe the line.  That the politician responsible for leading the effort in Florida to draw the boundaries for the redistricting in Florida happens to be a Romney spokesperson certainly does raise eyebrows.  As LegalInsurrection reports, there was a website set up, SaveAllenWest, but as they point out, it may be too late. The point to be understood in all this is important, and it is that this is the dirty methodology by which people are punished by the establishment, and you can bet if Romney gets the nomination, such tactics may yet visit a redistricting near you.

Congressman Allen West, freshman superstar, and retired Army Lt. Col, gave a speech on Saturday night at an event that culminated with Herman Cain endorsing Newt Gingrich, who then made some remarks.  Newt Gingrich is in an all-out battle with Mitt Romney for the Florida Primary on Tuesday.

For me, the question is: Why would the Florida legislature sabotage the district of a popular freshman conservative republican in Congress?  Ordinarily, they would seek to tweak the lines in other ways, but the fact that they’ve settled on this approach suggests to me that there could well be a political vendetta at work here.

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18 Responses to Flash: Romney’s Florida Spokesman Sabotaging Allen West?

  1. Batmo Beal says:

    Mark, it will be a moot point when Newt wins the Republican nomination and Mr. West becomes his VP candidate. :)

  2. TheEBL says:

    A Romney supporter is helping to redistrict Allen West out of a seat. All Romney wants from West is an offering… An appropriate answer is owing to him.

  3. Gail says:

    Romney is nothing more than Liberal dressed up as a Republican

  4. Mr Cage says:

    Dear Admin, this is urgent. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can.

  5. You can't blame the establishment, West is a threat and why not get rid of him amongst all the fog of this primary in Florida. The house leadership somehow have it's hand in this powerplay. West is more a problem nationally than local Florida politics.

  6. j.a.agibinik says:

    Why is it that the GOP establishment only come to the aid of RINO republicans? I often wonder if the gop elite would rather have a liberal democrate than a republican conservative. This is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party…..the elite gop want RINO's who want to cross the isle and sit with democrates during the state of the union speeches like sen lisa murkowski who is a republican did this last week. What a joke! Are we not battling for our FREEDOM? Are we not fighting for our RIGHTS? All RINO's hurt the TEA PARTY message and hurt the Republican Party. Senator Lisa Murkowski, time for you to admit that you are a democrate in the republican party. Aaaarggghhh!
    Palin/West 2012

    P.S. Please excuse my rant. I live in Alaska and we have to put up with two of the worst senators…..Begich and Murkowski. Peace and live well.

  7. C.A. Bamford says:

    In the interest of preventing this kind of abuse, perhaps re-districting should not be allowed in a presidential election year. It's worth discussing with our representatives, and their response would be a good indicator of their character and future behavior.

  8. stevethird says:

    The disenfranchisement of the Tea party and all connected to it may well spawn a 3d party or independent run. Newt's a loose cannon but I admire Him. If it isn't gonna be Palin then my plan B is Newt. I don't think we can reject the idea of an Indie run involving the ever growing list of Conservatives who increasingly feel they have nothing to lose. It's the "nothing to lose" aspect that will push us over critical mass that will overcome the Inside the box notion that a 3d party automatically gives the election to President Foodstamp. I don't think that's true, as these are uniquely volatile times, and so many are SO disgusted with BOTH parties. BTW I left the republican Party after voting in the Primary.


  9. Thomas Dixon says:

    @ a.g.agibinik

    First, I live in Washington State ~ two Dem Senators plus a Dem Governor. Two thirds of our land area is red, but the elites live west of the mountains and 'take' every election irrespective of vote count. I'm originally from Texas. Chose to move up here to be in my granchildrens' lives. So, I feel your pain.

    Second, I spent many years in military service believing I was helping to protect our sovereign nation, swearing every four years to "…uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Problem is, until three years ago I couldn't conceive there were American citizens who truly hated our Constitutional form of government. True, I'm a child of the 60's and lived through demonstrations on my campus, riots of '67 in the streets of Wichita, knew of the Weather Underground, Black Panthers, and SLA (Simbionese Liberation Army). But, in my heart I believed 90% of Americans truly were just like me ~ red-blooded, goosebumps when the National Anthem is played, proud that our parents won World War II that made us leader of the free world, who else had the way of life we enjoyed?

    Mark, I and over 21 million living veterans pledged the same oath as every Senator, Congressman, and President. But we, the honest, truthful believers couldn't fathom that there were some who lied when saying those words. I only learned of 'flexible values' at my last duty station in California.

    These last three years have been a real bummer for me. Both economically (unemployed for a year-and-a-half) and emotionally (biased media, Progressive goals, gov't overreach). What my friends died for and I put my life on the line for is being manipulated and used against us to fashion a socialistic society run by aristocratic ne'er-do-wells and political fiends.

    Sorry for MY rant ~ I truly know where you're coming from. Thank goodness for Mark's blog to keep us abreast of the array of events that impact this political curmudgeory (is that a word? in my mind it's the actions of curmudgeons. If not, it should be).

    Anyway, I've got friends in Florida. We must ensure they are informed of the political tomfoolery going on around them. They're honest Americans too and will do everything in their power to "muck up" the works. Remember, the political class and aristocrats believe we're just unintelligent fools who care more about emptying the catbox or watching Monday night football.

    Thanks Mark for helping to keep us informed and aware!

  10. Aaron says:

    Absolutely nothing new under the sun folks. It's a filthy business..politics. It's simply ashame that this is the way the TRULY good folk are targeted by the establishment for termination. Tells me everything I ever needed to know about Romney.

  11. KarmaIshere says:

    From what I have heard the notion that romney had anything to do with Allen's redistricting is a rumor started by a Florida blog, Shark Tank! His blog is full of rumor and attacks on innocent people. I am told by reliable sources that the redistricting came from the GOP in Florida because Allen will not conform to the establishment!

    Please be careful what the "source of information is"!!