Oakland Occu-Pests Riot (Again)

Spoling for a Fight

It’s ridiculous. This is nothing but another sorry attempt to create civil unrest to the degree that the feds will have an excuse to become involved.  This is all being directed from the White House or its surrogates anyway, so there shouldn’t be any surprise. Isn’t Oakland the home turf to one Van Jones?  Yes, I think so, and I believe he was the one who told us that those at the bottom needed to rise up so that those at the top could clamp down, or something to that effect.  In any case, the Occupiers are rioting in Oakland again, and this time there was tear gas and more than othree hundred arrests.  Apparently, the scum burned a flag they stole from City Hall, so automatically, we can identify them as lefties, because only they and the Jihadists really go in for that sort of thing.  If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s an occupier.

This collection of mind-numbed dolts who fancy themselves some sort of latter-day French revolutionaries forgot their guillotine, but more than that, with their improvised shields, I think we should be up-front about their intentions.  You don’t cobble together shields or armor for a peaceful protest march, so let’s just knock off the pretense.  These dim-witted useful idiots still don’t understand that they’re going to be the sacrificial lambs, the patsies, in Obama’s move on freedom.  These morons think there is still something to discuss, but what they don’t understand is that most of the country would love to see them get busted up badly, and at this point, there are those in power who would love a good excuse for a crackdown.  These brainless drones of the left will be the immediate object of that crackdown.

As they spoil for a fight in what is likely to be Obama’s version of the burning of the Reichstag, these tent-dwelling morons are creating a dangerous situation.  I hope the local authorities contend with this before the feds get involved, but as it turns out, the feds may soon have operational control over Oakland PD due to a previous ruling against it.  That will be a recipe for full chaos. Perfect.

Here we go.

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4 Responses to Oakland Occu-Pests Riot (Again)

  1. mannadelight says:

    Are they still around?

  2. You know I have said many times that I hope we get to the elections. All that is needed to postpone or delay the elections is for martial law to be called. It is already known that the National Guard is being expanded by troops coming home from Afganistan. It is already proven that there is internment camps ready for processing large numbers of people. and..

    It is detestable that news of the US activities needs to be gotten from other countries. Shows so much of our MSM.

  3. MaryL says:

    You're right, Mark! "HERE WE GO"!!! I have been saying this from the very beginning of the occupy movement. It is all well-orchestrated and will ultimately lead to martial law and the suspension of elections, and then we are finished.

  4. j.a.agibinik says:

    I always wonder, why do people who are citizens of this country, that want either socialism, communism, or marxism…..why do they want this country to be that way when they can get on a boat or plane and go to a socialist, communist, or marxist country…..why?