Remember When Bev Perdue Wanted to Suspend Elections?

Bye Bye

Some of you who have been reading my blog from its inception will remember the story of Governor Beverly Perdue(D-NC,) who allegedly joked(while not seeming to be joking) that we should suspend elections so that Government could continue until the economy was straightened out. I kid you not. If you weren’t a reader of this blog at the time, you may not know what controversy this caused. In any case, it no longer matters, because now, Politico is reporting that facing the probability of a drubbing in the upcoming campaign, Perdue has said she will not seek re-election.  No wonder she wanted to suspend elections.  She was merely looking down the road and drawing the conclusion that she would be better off if she didn’t need to face the voters of her state.

Now she won’t.

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2 Responses to Remember When Bev Perdue Wanted to Suspend Elections?

  1. Gail says:

    Let's get people like her out of our lives. Vote them out.

  2. Angela Hale says:

    I know if I had been her opponent, I'd have run it on a loop on every station. Heh.