Sarah Palin: “Annoy a Liberal, Vote Newt!”

Sarah Palin with Judge Pirro

In an appearance on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday show on FNC, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin explained her rationale for who would be the candidate best able to handle Obama in the debates, who would be most likely to prevail over Obama, and how she draws those distinctions.  It was a telling interview, inasmuch as she did not endorse Newt Gingrich, but instead suggested that she wants to see the honest vetting of these candidates go on, and she made it plain that she didn’t think Mitt Romney had been entirely honest with some of his attacks.

This interview began only a few minutes after Herman Cain announced he was endorsing Newt Gingrich at an event in Florida. Here’s the video:

Sarah Palin pointed out that Romney’s negative ads were not merely normal rough-and-tumble campaigning in Florida and reflected the politics of personal destruction.  Palin pointed out that Romney drew first blood with negative attack ads in Iowa, but that Gingrich had tried to run a positive campaign. She mentioned how the tone of the campaign worsened when those in the DC establishment.  She described Gingrich as an “agent of change.”  The former Alaska governor spoke of her dislike of pundits, on Fox and elsewhere, who are “gleefully proclaiming” Romney as the “inevitable nominee.” Among other things, she also defended Gingrich, and describe him as the best candidate to “clobber Obama in the debates.” She said “Rage against the machine? Vote Newt! Annoy a liberal? Vote Newt!”  In addition, Palin went to some lengths to explain that she would like to hear more about how Romney’s Massachusetts Healthcare plan was the model for Obamacare.

Again, while Governor Palin clearly isn’t endorsing a candidate as yet, she seems to be very supportive of Gingrich at this time.  She also seems of the mind that there’s still some honest vetting to do, and while she was clearly disappointed with the dishonest smear tactics that had been used against Gingrich, she did stress that issues are issues, and we ought to welcome that fight.  Lastly, I don’t know if it was just Pirro rushing to make the hard break, but near the end of the segment, Pirro talked over Palin several times, and the segment ended with an abrupt cut-off just as Palin was explaining her view of the establishment.  I don’t know that this means anything, but then again, we’ve learned a good deal about media outlets recently.

Endorsement or not, Palin’s message was pretty clear: In Florida, vote Newt! Rage against the machine? Vote Newt!  Annoy a liberal?  Vote Newt!  (I must admit the last one particularly appeals to me.)


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5 Responses to Sarah Palin: “Annoy a Liberal, Vote Newt!”

  1. juneau says:

    I watched Sarah Palin on Tom Sullivan's show (Fox Business) last night, and from what I inferred from her comments, she was not endorsing Newt. In fact, if you tried to read between the lines, she's endorsing Ron Paul, without saying his name. Who else is anti-establishment, and someone with big ideas who will change the system? She mentioned the GOP Est. as well as news pushing the tea party people toward a particular candidate, and she said that it won't do anything but push TEA folks to another candidate. From what I'm seeing in my little corner of the world, people are leaving Romney, waving to Newt as they pass him by, and heading straight to Ron Paul's camp.

  2. j.a.agibinik says:

    Palin/West 2012

  3. CPB says:

    I almost never watch Pirro – she bugs me. We just happened to catch this show with the Palin interview and I, too, noticed the obvious cut-off just when Sarah was fixing to talk about GOP establishment thinking. Would love to hear "the rest of the story" …….